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  1. The line dies but its significance lives on.
  2. I'd draw a line in an area around myself and strongly suggest that everyone else stay on their side.
  3. Humans are omnivores so, no. As a species we've been eating meat for thousands of years. Special diets and non-medical exclusivities in regards to food are a very recent invention. However, a meat only diet would definitely be a social construct much like a vegetables only diet would.
  4. Iceland sounds like a great place to see. A lot of other european countries and cities have quite a bit of charm too, just stay away from major turist traps like Paris, Rome etc.
  5. None of them should be right, the weight of the typography is killing me inside.
  6. I won't stop reading if a post is long, I'll stop if it's boring.
  7. With a silly straw, obviously.
  8. Step to the side so that there's room for both of us.
  9. Ok here we go all birthday themed. Happy almost birthday, dweeb.

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    2. eminentThymine


      What? Changing my avatar for your birthday? That would be so odd :confused:

    3. ButterflyPsyche


      LOL I'm glad you think so! Your avatar gift will suffice though.

    4. eminentThymine


      Great, because I really didn't feel up for making another one. Happy full birthday, dweeb.

  10. The original uploaders will mind. And even if they didn't; odds are almost no one is going to see your videos. It's an oversaturated market.
  11. Despite whatever it might have been, it's a safety finger now.
  12. When drinking Whiskey/Scotch or anything that is held in a similar glass how do you hold it? Do you live life on the edge and hold it with confidence and an assured grip like so: Or do you play it safe, by holding it with a well calculated safety finger, like this: Go ahead, no need to lie. This is a safe space. (Unless you two-finger it. If that's the case then this thread isn't for you.)
  13. Just give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Presto maestro, problem solved.
  14. If I'm getting a robot servant I want it to look like a robot.
  15. It's a pretty good management game from what I've seen. Everything you do or make seems to have a biproduct so all decisions can have some positive or negative future impact in gameplay.