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  1. Just started playing Mass Effect for the first time. It's a neat little game so far, shame you can't sprint outside of combat.
  2. Other than english I speak portuguese and spanish. I'm able to understand french to a certain degree but wouldn't consider myself proficient. I vaguely remember learning english from cartoons and videogames. But I was so young that I don't remember learning the very basics. I just recall always knowing some english.
  3. Just playing some videogames. I actually thought V-day was yesterday.
  4. Edit: How the fuck did that happen. I didn't even open this thread. Although I FULLY AGREE that police shows are stupid.
  5. Liking 80's music is no shame.
  6. Cashback is on my to see list. It was recommended to me and its supposedly good in a weird way. If you want an obscure production you probably haven't heard of you can see Captain Falcon.
  7. Communion wafers. And chocolate chip cookies. Among other cookies though, I really liked cookies. Still do, but I eat healtier ones nowadays like oatmeal.
  8. I keep missing you in chat - you seem to log out right before I log in lol. CONSPIRACY!?!?! WTF EMMY, Y U AVOIDING ME?!

    But really, we should chat again soon! Been a while.

    1. eminentThymine


      Maybe you're monitoring active chat users and log in when you see me log off. CONSPIRACY?

      I'll still be around, but classes start tomorrow so I might not be on as often on certain days.

  9. I haven't tried fire mage, but Sleep + Waking Nightmare is the bomb.
  10. What a coincidence, finished it yesterday. Playing through Awakening right now. Absolutely loved/loving it. The combat gives you the right combination of action and strategy, your companions have personalities and actually feel human, especially And the quests give you nice, meaningfull decisions. Overall a great game. I hear Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition aren't as good. But apparently Inquisition puts you in a role in which you can gain a lot of strategic power to do different things? I don't know, I'll have to look into it before deciding whether to play it or not.
  11. The title confused me, I assumed we were talking about taken as in kidnapped. I was prepared to storm into the thread just to say of course, if there was a way to communicate with the outside world people would have to be idiots not to do it. Now that I see what the thread is about I think it's pretty conceited of people to feel the need to verbally inform others that they are taken. If the other party is displaying obvious signals then yeah, sure. Maybe bring your partner up in a nonchalant way so as to not make things weird. But if not then I don't see the point. Just carry on with the conversation as normal.
  12. This is gonna be good.
  13. It's February and as such the time for submissions is over. Thank you to everyone who participated this month, we had several great entries! Now it's time to unravel the winner. And the winner is:
  14. I've only ever had oven pizza, never even considered doing it any other way, but that just looks amazing. If I had one of those kamado grills I'd try it myself. I might not consider it for the final judging due to it being a few years old, but it's simply terrific. Well done.
  15. Looks good. We used to make homemade pizza when I was younger but then we got lazy.