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  1. Good idea Brynja. I hesitate to post pics on Instagram or FB knowing people will roll their eyes but here the people who want to see, will. Also, I always forget to take progress pics. Looking forward to more posts!
  2. That sounds like it would be a good coleslaw dressing!
  3. The cologne counters at departments stores always have free samples. Go to it young grasshopper.
  4. I let my dog sleep with me but he isn't allowed in the bedroom without me there. Once when he was mad at me he peed on the bed and pillows while I was out.
  5. This is GREAT!
  6. Ever had smoked olives? I die!
  7. Sounds like heaven! I have yet to experience table side Caesar salad. I make my own dressings all the time. Olive oil Whatever acid I fancy for the salad, I have a quite a collection of vinegars. a bit of sweet, usually maple syrup, sometimes honey or jam if I want to fruit it up. a spludge of mustard. salt and pepper. VOILA...always tasty.
  8. super cute video @irini!
  9. Yes
  10. Yea no dog for you. Why would you even consider it?
  11. Front 242 was my youth. Listening to that since it's posted.
  12. Micellar water is pretty good for removing make up.
  13. I've been trying to find a recipe like this! I have the raw shea butter and also some kukui nut oil. I was wondering how to mix it, sounds like I should melt it first. And that I should get some cocoa butter.
  14. I've been using Aveda Exfoliant forever. I don't use a toner, this exfoliant is the gentlest ever. I cleanse etc at night and in the morning I splash water on my face, use the exfoliant and day moisturize. Get the small travel size and give it a go. That should last at least a month.
  15. did you use whole eggs? i notice that happens to me when i use whole eggs to make a custard base. what i did to fix it was to run it through a sieve and then whisking it. my custard base always turns out better when it's just egg yolks.