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  1. I remember most dreams. I also remember dreams I've had as a child. I sleep at least 7 hours, decent health, I drink a lot of alcohol though.
  2. Congrats Swamp Yankee! Wish I could take a bite out of one.
  3. My Chinese is a mix of Cantonese and ToiSan so it gets ugly :D
  4. That's amazing pizza!
  5. Ooooh dude, that's the extent of my Chinese phonetic Chinese slays me though hahaha
  6. Ho ho. Chicken yesterday. Chicken today. Chicken all around.
  7. Gung hay faht choi
  8. Darn it I made a yam gnocchi last week but forgot all about this.
  9. Good on you for starting this up again! This is a toughy! Will think on this one and hopefully have a submission.
  10. Yea...if you didn't feel it was a date, then it wasn't. Even if she thought it was a date, the fact that you didn't think it was a date, it wasn't a date.
  11. Did she feel you up? Did you feel her up? If no to either, then no, it wasn't a date.
  12. I'm a baking machine this year! Started a couple of weeks ago and still at least this week to go...mostly cookies. So many cookies.
  13. Just give them a project to keep them occupied. Preferably something that benefits you!
  14. That crown royal northern harvest is smooooooooooth
  15. Durian fermented soy bean paste, the chinese version fermented black bean actually anything fermented.