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  1. Presumably, anyone discussing a "core" property of X within a set of same-type elements.
  2. The relativistic aspect is necessary to address: a culture's level of selfishness (or altruism, etc.) can't only be measured against itself. There has to exist at least one external point of reference.
  3. From the perspective of individualism vs. collectivism, I couldn't say with certainty. All I can say is that whether psychological expectations--that is, for how to think; behave; and so on--come from without or within is not what selfishness is really about. I might expect the least selfish/most altruistic culture to encourage a proper merging of these two 'sources'...
  4. I think the OP's reply is too simplistic, and likely somewhat unfair. It isn't clear that the U.S. has become more selfish over time. As a counter-example, the welfare state didn't exactly exist until around the Great Depression, and it has strengthened considerably since. Is the U.S. more individualistic than other countries? Almost undoubtedly, according to various cultural scientists. Does this reflect greater value placed on autonomy and individual freedom than on collectivity and group cohesion? By definition, yes. Does being more individualistic necessarily mean that we Americans are more selfish? Perhaps to some extent; but it has to be noted that collectivistic cultures can be quite selfish in their own ways. To attempt to disconfirm this thread's hypothesis, ask: "Are Americans altruistic? How and how not?" After also applying these inquiries to other nations, one could next move on to measuring comparative levels of selfishness or altruism on the international level.
  5. @lor6 and I just watched Toy Story 3... I liked Ken's handwriting.
  6. @Suraj: "Is he a giant tool, tho?..." @lor6: "Eh" *iffy/on the fence about it hand-waving gesture*
  7. Experience, intelligence, then love
  8. a math. framework for computational anatomy (I think @slade19 will quite enjoy this)
  9. It isn't likely that we'll be destroyed by human-created A.I. during the foreseeable future. As for the possibility of an A.I. takeover which turns out to not favor our species' continued functioning: we have significantly more deciding influence than the pessimists whom I've encountered have acknowledged. For anyone who wants to know how A.I. will figure into the next 50 years of human civilization--esp. what work and tech in general will look like--I recommend that you investigate this project's current progress.
  10. Words, shmurds--amirite?
  11. sent in an app to WordAds for my personal WordPress site
  12. I don't really have enemies, but envy and mystification have been relatively more frequent attitudes (on the negative side) that some have evidenced toward me.
  13. Yes. I've never dated an (ethnically) Indian woman, and have dated women of a number of other ethnicities.
  14. I would like this...
  15. quantity theory of money