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  1. Had this happen for myself, recently. It was more of a heavy and compelling suspicion that a dark figure was in the room (behind my back) than a belief
  2. pixelating my laptop bag
  3. So much better than Nickelodeon's movie! I'm really liking it; can't think of any negatives, so far.
  4. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix rendition)
  5. 1. Introduction to Immunology 2. The Cell 3. Neurosciences 4. Illustrated Biochem. 5. Intro. to Genetic Analysis 6. Dev. Bio. 7. Campbell's
  6. white icewine, courtesy of my Canuck housemate
  7. watching Obama's farewell address
  8. I'll also mention social activism (as an offshoot that most people seem to have trouble making pay well), if you're at all interested in the continental side of philosophy.
  9. I would be happy to suggest readings (from science, philosophy, or the humanities) dealing with consciousness. My main academic area is theoretical/philosophical psychology, so I could do anything from there more generally (maybe @Junk would be able and willing to field experimental psych?). It's possible that I will have enough time this semester to at least start a discussion on theoretical/philosophical psych--an abbreviated history, its current state, and potential future(s). If not this semester, definitely over the summer (or maybe spring break)!
  10. Thinking about breeding
  11. reviewing and updating some pre-beta site diagnostics