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  1. First match, and I just decided that I hate this system. How am I supposed to decide if I feel like texting with someone without a tiny paragraph of self-description to disqualify them with? I suppose I'll collect a list of matches to look at photos of. I don't have time to talk to strangers without even basic self descriptions.
  2. I suspect I'm a -drama particle which unfortunately attracts +drama particles. To my right, I've got a Taiwanese woman with a Chinese boyfriend and they fight regularly. She tells him to move out, he just yells "No", and she doesn't understand how he can be so disrespectful of women. Sometimes they start at 2am. Sometimes they have loud sex. To my left, I've got I think a South African. An aggressively extroverted friend of his came over one night and got all miffed because he assumed I was lying when I said I worked at night and couldn't hang out. Either he or the loud friend of his (or both, 2 different handwritings) were leaving creepy notes under the door for my roommate. Last week, after finding a vibrating dildo at our door, we assumed we were being harassed. My roommate, in insulted-Chinese fashion, escalated the situation with a nasty note under their door. Cut to a second confrontation with my neighbor and his 2 friends who left the dildo, and my roommate losing his mind with 3 black people yelling at him, and the neighbor saying he wasn't gay (not knowing photos of his grinder and conversations with locals have been making their way around Shanghai social media networks). Literally, all I did was throw out a dildo. I think they were already moving out. I hope. Across the hall, there is the couple of Brazilian models. She came running over for protection at 5:30am a while back after he beat her up for the third time and hit their dog. We called the cops, who did nothing. We braved the athletic model/martial artist boyfriend to get her passport and phone. Then I stayed with her for most of the day after he left and then returned and broke the door to get some of his stuff. A few days later, I see on wechat that she is posting sexy photos of them on the beach on vacation. So, yeah. That's a healthy situation. Everyone else on my floor seems fine. I just hate when they cook stinky tofu with the door open.
  3. I dreamed that was somehow assigned to accompany HRC on her campaign. We went to some rally in a secret district of NYC that no one knew about, just for the rich and powerful. It was like Wall St meets Disneyland. I was sicked by her and the opulence around me, but I was like "Yeah, I could live with myself if I got to live here full-time."
  4. Never changed mine on the old forum. Gold star for me.
  5. Well, you seem rather agreeable...

  6. I'm seducing an AI:
  7. Wondering how many mistakes I can make before the universe has a fatal error and resets.
  8. The regard for human life here is a lot lower. Someone literally just shared this in an expat chat: Chinese schoolboy dies falling four storeys after grandparents told him to climb down to their locked home from the rooftop on a ROPE A few weeks ago we had to call the cops when our neighbor across the hallway came over with bruises on her neck from her boyfriend choking her. The bf was in the shower when the cop arrived. The cop used that as an excuse to not bother the bf. "Maybe it would be ok in a few days". It's a completely different world, and many of the differences are not good.
  9. No, it wasn't directed at you.

  10. I just took some Chinese medicine that says I can't get in a bad mood while I'm on it. #science
  11. I could come up with some overly literal justifications, but that's basically on par with "The sun isn't a star. That's why we call it the sun."

  12. Sounds like she's orchestrating situations in which you are the bad guy, then she's proceeding from those situations acting as if everyone knows you're the bad guy that needs to be managed/mitigated. She's the martyr that holds the world together. I'm familiar with it. To listen to past ESFJ roommates, I was the devil. Though, all their arguments against me exist only within a set of standards that they believe that I never agreed to. All of the 'accommodations' that they 'suffered' through to appease me were things that I never asked, expected, or required.
  13. Please address the rest of what I posted, twice. Specifically, this: Please educate us in how to psychologically change a physical brain structure. Try to keep it above a 3rd grade level, we all had to say we were 18 to join this forum. If you can't, then imagine: Your belt is too tight. Instead of loosening it, you get intensive psychotherapy to make you think that your midsection should be constantly uncomfortable. But that belt is actually unchangeable physical brain structure.
  14. If your arguments are formed and grow at the cognitive level of a 3 year old, then that explains why you haven't disseminated the below: We post this stuff over and OVER again. Sometimes, I really hate being right. This topic is one of the big instances I see supporting the assertions of studies that suggest that conservative minds think more simply and do not process complication. Anecdotal evidence, but there is plenty of it when it comes to any issue where hard science and sociology overlap.
  15. Unfortunately, ^probably true. I did the equivalent once as an undergrad. 23 Teachers Reveal The Most Ignorant Things Students Have Ever Said To Them.
  16. I'm overwhelmed with the expression of "Seeking Truth" and ignoring an abundance of research in brain structure showing that there IS something going on other than mental illness. WSJ - Caught Between Male and Female We post this stuff over and OVER again. There are willfully ignorant, there are those that just haven't bothered to Google something, and I believe there are those that just have darkness in their souls and want to hurt others with insulting accusations of illness and mutilation. It's over, now. The above article is the most simple, most basic explanation of findings that even the most unenlightened and malicious nature can understand. You can remain a mean person, but you cannot be intellectually honest and continue your malicious and inaccurate attacks on the trans community. You can be a belligerent asshole who relies on your assumptions about how someone was born, but you cannot call yourself a Seeker of Truth as there is an abundance of facts that are easily accessible and are contrary to what you assert. I recently posted about the intentional imposition of a gender binary on the indigenous peoples of the Americas who believed, in some cases, in up to 5 genders. Your arguments exist only in the realm of Christian-orchestrated sociological beliefs. You would be the raving freak causing disharmony if you'd spontaneously developed these opinions while living in the Western Hemisphere before European conquest. Your opinions are not science. Your opinions are a sociologically-programmed response contrary to science. You're an disgrace to NTs.
  17. I think you have it backwards, and a trans woman identifies as a woman. I feel more threatened by college students majoring in design and charging 10% of my freelance rate than I am by someone born physically female who feels male and intends to conform to that as much as possible.
  18. For the simple-minded who cannot or will not spend an iota of effort to wrap their brains around the concept that there is something complicated going on that deals with a myriad of genetic, biological, physiological, and psychological factors... what's so friggin' hard about calling someone as they present themselves? I refer to someone as they present themselves with clothing and hairstyle. If someone asked me to address them otherwise, I would. Being Conservative on this issue is the more complicated of the two options available.
  19. Update: Dan Price, the ‘$70k CEO,’ prevails in lawsuit filed by his brother and Gravity Payments co-owner And, regardless of his motives, the Almighty Fist of Capitalism doesn't seem to have smitten Gravity Payments, yet. Employees just bought a Tesla for their CEO because he raised minimum salaries to $70,000 I imagine employee engagement and retention are pretty high.
  20. Thanks to Instagram filters. ;)

  21. I used my puppy as a dick magnet, today. Now, I'm jealous that my puppy got to lick the Christian Grey look-alike.
  22. Like anything, most people only see the positives of being a famous actor. The fame, money, glamour, parties, awards shows, free $10,000 gift bags for just showing up to something, etc. There's a little bit of sympathy when there's a serious paparazzi problem, but I think it usually pales in comparison to most of the other things people see more regularly. Getting followed and cops dispersing a crowd while I was being fitted for a shirt in rural India freed me of any misconception I had about wanting to be famous. But I don't think most people get even a taste of what it's like to have no privacy. Also, schedules are not focused on. I remember an interview with the blond cheerleader chick from Glee. She was talking about shooting a big popular musical scene until like 3 in the morning, then she had to race to the airport and didn't even have time to take off her zombie make-up for the plane. That just sounds like a ridiculous lifestyle. High cost, and high benefit (If you're lucky).
  23. Back when the Recession started, I had to job-search in multiple states, as there were no jobs in mine. I got very few replies, even considering how few openings there were. A friend who had twiddled his toes in the world of HR said that in an Employer's Market, they'll often just dismiss anyone not local to avoid wasting time with someone who'd want moving expenses, delays from moving, or even problems with a long commute (traffic jams and weather). It seemed horribly unfair, but that's US employment for you. He let me use his mailing address in a suburb of Boston, and I started getting replies. So, I have to think he was right. Having been in NH, I maybe 1 or 2 replies from NYC in a year and a half of unemployment, and none from Cali. Even after moving to a 'burb of Boston, HR screening calls often confirmed that I lived within a short distance of Boston, so there was more evidence that they were using location as a filter, even verifying addresses on resumes. #bootstraps? I know it may be hard, but I suggest you somehow find addresses to use closer to where you're looking for work. If you don't have friends or relatives there, I never found a way to find someone, and I wouldn't ever totally 100% lie about an address where I couldn't even crash on the sofa. Good luck.
  24. For the past 30-or-so years of my life, I've been hearing the rhetoric that no civilization or religion has ever condoned homosexuality. While that's obviously untrue as 'everybody' knows about Greece/Rome, this lie persists even into online forums for critical thinkers in 2016. More recently, trans people are getting more air time and recognition, and the new lie is that being trans is 'new'. Like, somehow liberal thinking has invented a way to make someone want expensive surgeries that will hold them up to public spectacle. Thankfully, there also is a small but growing awareness of how accepting, and even valuing, some Native American cultures were to trans and homosexual people. Here's a great write-up I just read with more information than any of the other articles and references I've read: So, if we're going to study history for thoughts on gender identity, here we had an active and intentional religious campaign to force gender-binary, traditional gender roles, and sexual conformity onto an accepting culture. Resulting in new bigotry and suicides. Seems to me that no one should be using the always/never statements in terms of gay or trans acceptance or existence. Seems like 'we' should also confront forcing conformity for what it is, hateful and damaging. Native Americans accepted that nature produced this diversity and that it was a gift. What arguments are there that forcing someone to act or be against their nature is better than what the Native Americans did?