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  1. I suspect I'm a -drama particle which unfortunately attracts +drama particles. To my right, I've got a Taiwanese woman with a Chinese boyfriend and they fight regularly. She tells him to move out, he just yells "No", and she doesn't understand how he can be so disrespectful of women. Sometimes they start at 2am. Sometimes they have loud sex. To my left, I've got I think a South African. An aggressively extroverted friend of his came over one night and got all miffed because he assumed I was lying when I said I worked at night and couldn't hang out. Either he or the loud friend of his (or both, 2 different handwritings) were leaving creepy notes under the door for my roommate. Last week, after finding a vibrating dildo at our door, we assumed we were being harassed. My roommate, in insulted-Chinese fashion, escalated the situation with a nasty note under their door. Cut to a second confrontation with my neighbor and his 2 friends who left the dildo, and my roommate losing his mind with 3 black people yelling at him, and the neighbor saying he wasn't gay (not knowing photos of his grinder and conversations with locals have been making their way around Shanghai social media networks). Literally, all I did was throw out a dildo. I think they were already moving out. I hope. Across the hall, there is the couple of Brazilian models. She came running over for protection at 5:30am a while back after he beat her up for the third time and hit their dog. We called the cops, who did nothing. We braved the athletic model/martial artist boyfriend to get her passport and phone. Then I stayed with her for most of the day after he left and then returned and broke the door to get some of his stuff. A few days later, I see on wechat that she is posting sexy photos of them on the beach on vacation. So, yeah. That's a healthy situation. Everyone else on my floor seems fine. I just hate when they cook stinky tofu with the door open.
  2. First match, and I just decided that I hate this system. How am I supposed to decide if I feel like texting with someone without a tiny paragraph of self-description to disqualify them with? I suppose I'll collect a list of matches to look at photos of. I don't have time to talk to strangers without even basic self descriptions.
  3. I dreamed that was somehow assigned to accompany HRC on her campaign. We went to some rally in a secret district of NYC that no one knew about, just for the rich and powerful. It was like Wall St meets Disneyland. I was sicked by her and the opulence around me, but I was like "Yeah, I could live with myself if I got to live here full-time."
  4. Never changed mine on the old forum. Gold star for me.
  5. Well, you seem rather agreeable...

  6. At the very least, tax-deductible.

  7. Awesome truth-telling.

  8. I'm seducing an AI:
  9. Wondering how many mistakes I can make before the universe has a fatal error and resets.
  10. The regard for human life here is a lot lower. Someone literally just shared this in an expat chat: Chinese schoolboy dies falling four storeys after grandparents told him to climb down to their locked home from the rooftop on a ROPE A few weeks ago we had to call the cops when our neighbor across the hallway came over with bruises on her neck from her boyfriend choking her. The bf was in the shower when the cop arrived. The cop used that as an excuse to not bother the bf. "Maybe it would be ok in a few days". It's a completely different world, and many of the differences are not good.
  11. No, it wasn't directed at you.

  12. I just took some Chinese medicine that says I can't get in a bad mood while I'm on it. #science
  13. i would have just stated the obvious. if the sun was in the sky at night, it would be so big and bright that it blocks all the other stars out, just like it does during the day.

    that is, after a very long fit of uncontrollable laughter like the first time i read that question.