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  1. Now that you're gone, I guess I can follow you without having to worry about stream clutter or whatever.

  2. Would it make you more comfortable or less comfortable with the idea of gay men being murdered and beaten if they were not kept in concentration camps? Or if the author of the article had not evoked the exact idea of concentration camps, even though gay men had been murdered in concentration camps due to Nazis? Like what part of this really raised you to post? The idea that hey, it's ok if gay men are rounded up? That part is ok? I just have a nit to pick with the reporter's framing? That part got you? Want to compare numbers about who has been killed in concentration camps? Want to make it some fucking competition? Yes or no? Who the fuck are you?
  3. Equality for everyone, a meditation: Free speech for all. Concentration camps for some.
  4. It's pretty funny that you talk about validity and reliable measurement, and then immediately turn around and discount "bulky scientific analysis". It's clear you don't know what you're talking about. How do you measure cognitive functions? How do you define validity? How can you prove reliability? Oops, you don't know. LOL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Changing1989, a good place for you to start is reading through the facet descriptions of the MBTI Step II. They are easily found on Google by searching for "Descriptions of the MBTI Step II Facets" (be sure to keep the quotes). These descriptions come from the official MBTI Step II manual and should help you get a sense of the important features of each dichotomy.
  5. The short answer is that cognitive functions are neither valid nor a reliably measurable concept. The 4 MBTI dimensions (I to E, N to S, F to T, and P to J) are valid and reliably measurable, however. If you are interested in determining your personality preferences, you should ignore the cognitive functions entirely and type yourself on each individual letter-pair separately. This is the scientifically valid way of approaching MBTI, and it's also less convoluted or full of ambiguous nonsense.
  6. Apparently you as a "T" just can't understand why framing is important, why, in some sense, framing is everything. Just "T" things, I guess, to lose sight of all that is actually important and just masturbate yourself to one idea. One idea that vaguely involves nazis being persecuted, but still... Masturbating to that one idea of purity, of the one-true-argument, without taking any time to understand the context of that idea.... how short sighted!
  7. Here is an annotated library: http://cirp.org
  8. @terraczy Yeah that was a bit much, wasn't it. Sorry.
  9. Wrong. I already did. For some reason you still want to try and build up that strawman, though, because you just don't get what I'm telling you. It was you, not me, that decided that the best way to make your case was to argue that nazis are the real victims of unfair treatment by a group who has been persecuted and killed by literal nazis. SAD! Low energy!
  10. Wow, if only non white working class people had a drug crisis. Oh wait...
  11. I am not sure I fully agree, @Major Chord, with regard to the banning of speech, but I do agree with your discussion of cowardice. I think that acurately captures a lot of "free speech" discussion that happens these days online. Lots of cowardly people are afraid of what's going to happen when they can't say the N-word any more. I mean when they can't call fags, fags. I mean... well... you get the point.
  12. Wow. I could have just "@"ed you and not quoted this whole mess, but I think this deserves some special preservation, like some historical library archive material. So stupid on so many levels. Let's start, though, with dispelling this dumb-as-fuck idea you have that somehow you got baited into agreeing that queer folk are no better than neo-nazis. Go back and read this thread, mr. sensitive pants. That's not how this went down. What happened was that I pointed out that the OP was asking if queer folk were "no better than the neo-nazis", and you asked me to point it out directly, and then when I did you responded "absolutely". I didn't make you agree with the OP. I didn't make it blindingly obvious you didn't even really read the OP to this thread. All I did was point out what OP wrote and quoted it for you when you asked. No one forced you to post what you posted. You did that all on your own. Maybe it's time to take a step back and really reflect on that. Really own your words. If this is all about free speech, then maybe it's time you own your own speech, no? Speaking of... It's pretty damn amazing to me, and it should be revealing to any fair-minded individual reading this thread (although I doubt that there are many interested in reading to this point), that instead of expressing concern about the policy goals of literal nazis -- such as killing LGBT folk among other groups -- what really sends a chill down your spine is not the oppression of historically marginalized groups like queer people, but the idea that queer people could even be merely offended by people advocating for the wholesale slaughter of LGBT persons. Just even offended at the idea of beating and killing queer folk. Wow. That's what offends you? Hmmmm..... That's what really stokes your ovens, so to speak. That's what gets you going, is the idea that maybe, just maybe, a nazi somewhere might not get to intimidate and bully a gay kid. That's really the bloody, disgusting hill you want to plant your flag on. "So long as we can call them queers "faggots", I'll know I'm free! The slightest hint that I might have to stand outside the Pride festival while wearing my Kill all Fags shirt? Bone-chilling evidence of totalitarianism!!!!" Do you even read what you write? It's so fucking ridiculous I have a hard time making parody out of it. But, then again, somewhere, in some place, there could be a nazi whose fashion choices are being critiqued by gay men, so... you know... go ahead and plunge yourself on that sword if that's how you really feel.
  13. The pdf viewer in chrome fucks up all the fonts so they are unreadable. IDK why it does that now.
  14. If a nazi wears a shirt, that's free speech. If a queer says, hey, that's really rude and hateful, that's intolerance. Lesson learned!