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  1. I miss kotor, there I said it.
  2. Dude please don't go all gamergate re: mass effect. You're not a victim any more than anyone else. Come down off that cross.
  3. I have the same problem with mine! I have tried everyone, nothing. Except for dudes, including the engineer, are REALLY driving hard for the goal. Cora, Lexi, none of them seem even slightly open. Dudes tho, all over my shit,
  4. I have really enjoyed this. Other than some of the tasks are a little tedious like the glyphs. I need an overwrite asap. The relationships come across a LITTLE shallow, so I am hoping they flesh it out in the long term. The combat is pretty spot on, for the most part. I do like crossing talent trees too.
  5. And yet people fuck trailer trash like it's going out of style.
  6. Yar
  7. Do you just spout off whatever bull shit you feel like without actually doing any research? There have been NUMEROUS cultures that liked larger women.
  8. There isn't for the most part. It's something largely pushed in the fashion industry. Most studies seem to indicate (as much as you can with individual preferences) most men typically prefer a fuller frame on women. You may also enjoy this thread. https://intjforum.com/topic/111690-whats-the-skinny-on-being-skinny/ Further there are certain cultural and sociological impacts at play. For starters being fat, for instance, is viewed as a moral failure in some circles and associated with poverty. You may enjoy this as well. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2016/10/victorian-values-fitness-organic-wealth-parenthood/
  9. Not quite. We did do the whole, "had a great time, we should go again," blah blah blah But no sex happened, sir.
  10. That is most dating now. It's a shopping mentality. Didn't you upgrade from your last boyfriend when you dumped him for the aspie guy?
  11. I would argue this still takes place everywhere, it may just be a little more polite in other public spheres. "This client has no faith in your abilities and cannot justify the cost of employing you."
  12. This kind of categorization is ubiquitous in Western society. It's present in everything from workplace evaluations (meets expectations, exceeds), to dating (hot, uggo), to talking about a whore (high class escort, or streetwalker). Sports, credit score, even grading in schools debasing to some extent. I am not sure why, specifically, you're the least bit surprised. Our entire lives are degraded on the basis of this metric, or that one, independent of subjective, or arbitrary grading systems.
  13. No and no. We have talked since. She even messaged me this morning asking about something. But no. See, I didn't think it was.
  14. I am OK with crabby. And people who shut the hell up. And beseech children to vacate their lawns. As far as this goes, we hung out, had fun. I actually enjoyed Rogue One? Surprisingly. Had a good time. Still not sure it was a date.
  15. Naturally.