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  1. The angry elf thing comes from my little sister. I'm nineteen years old and barely 5 feet tall. She's twelve and already 5' 6". There's a scene in the movie Elf where there's the midget that Buddy insults by calling an elf. He then says something along the lines of "Wow, you're an angry elf." As soon as my sister saw this scene every time I got frustrated she'd say the same thing to me. The nickname stuck, and it fits pretty well. I'm probably more annoyed than angry most of the time though.
  2. I'm new. I've been reading through INTJ forums for months and finally decided to actually join one. I love personality typing and think that if we could label people with their personality my life would be a lot easier. That's one thing I would hope to do if I ever rule the world. I decided to join because it's so hard to find other INTJs in person and thought it'd be nice to talk to more people that think like I do. So, hello.