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  1. laws come and go i think being unwilling to try something for the sole reason it is illegal is just as ignorant as believing some magicians can saw people in half without leaving a mark. although legal, i do not drink because i believe being drunk isn't worth the damage to your body. i do not smoke tobacco for the same reason. but i do smoke weed, quite often. i love the effects, and in lacking of any distinct evidence of harm i see no reason to obey a law dictating what i do by myself or in good spirit with friends. i have also tried cocaine once but i found it meh, not worth it's price.
  2. i believe to understand the "crazy dreams" people have it is a must to understand the person. anyone can tell you it's one of the hardest things to do to learn the way a person thinks and behaves. when someone you can understand shares these ideas it's a lot like looking at a painting imo; the ideas are brushstrokes, enthusiasm is the palette, and the canvas is another mind entirely. you don't judge the painter for any of these and even though you have your own opinions on what could have been done, you should be encouraging to so many possibilities. focus on what can be and help people achieve some of their crazy dreams. a mind should compliment another not destroy. we don't mean to crush dreams we just don't fully understand why they were made
  3. peter you sound so much like me right down to the gpa and high test scores it's a little creepy. i was not so concentrated on escaping punishment but getting in trouble for breaking a quite few arbitrary rules made me furious(taking an obviously still valuable broken cellphone from a school trash can is theft apparently). you are not alone man, but i think we should share some regret for not applying the little effort that was needed for high school. there isn't much room in the world for smart people who don't conform, crowded by cookie-cutter obedient robots(not to be that guy).