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  1. Well, I'm private person, but, I used to have the same type view . I didn't see there is any problem when people gave there name, country, age...etc. It's only meaningless things. Because a person is a person. Names, country, gender are formless things just like words. But, no. Some people will treat others differently by using these information. The world have different opinion on that. And that is how the world is I guess. Also, many things proves that actually culture have big effect on people personality. I recently watched a video about a Japanese female gamer who won against a male. One of the people comments was "He let her win because she is a female". With this word, you can try to compare it with the possible result that might occur from Knowing a person's gender. That depends on the community but, better be prepared for the worst. Country might give bigger effects, so, that is one of the reasons. Well, that's life. *shrug*
  2. That will be quite a challenge. Yeah, that is the reason of this topic. Well, regarding the drink. This rarely happens. And I use this method to know what I want to take. In the end I make the decision. Because I got the feeling that I wanted the other drink. The TV is another thing. I wanted a good TV. 1- Support HDMI. 2- Big screen 3- Have two ports of HDMI. I planned to buy one after 3 month. For my gaming needs. These were my demands. I found out that Sony and Samsung have them. I asked around and found out that there is a new LED TV. That was better and cleaner screen. because my need was a good TV. I didn't know what the difference between Sony and Samsung. So, that was the only Information that I didn't have. However, when I decided that I will buy Samsung after the tossing coin action. The seller there told me about another Samsung TV. Since I already decided that I will take the Samsung TV before. I didn't change my mind and eventually my decision was right and the TV is good. So, now I can use this current information for my next purchase If I wanted to get another TV.(for some reason in the future) I would have preferred it more, If the shop provided a way to test console on TV, to know if it's good or not. I might have it easy for me to make choice through testing than information only. I was surprised that I did something like tossing coin, when I didn't do it before at all. I actually need to improve my side on knowing more about items in the world, like TV, PC and so on. Because, when I want to get a dress, I only care about getting something comfortable, I don't usually care about color or looks. As long as it's not feminine color(pink). Everything works fine with me.
  3. Well, it depends on what. Usually when I predict that something will happen With logical explanation. people around me oppose my prediction. Like one of the times When I said "this will happen", they told me no and you are just pessimistic. I told them, I don't see myself being wrong. People used facts and Things like "person said" and so on. I left them and in the end I was right. But when it comes to things that I don't know. And I sense that I'm bad at it. Take for example computer hardware. The many pieces and the overwhelming sensing information. I find myself in weak spot and I'm usually not good with details information. However, my will is strong and I managed to pass that course. But in course classes, usually I have this strange feeling that I don't know how to explain it. Something like anger when the instructor kept criticize my ways of handling the computer, putting the parts and so on. Also, when it comes to things that I know, criticism to me is something like "impossible". I know more and I tend to get in arguments. Eventually winning them. But, when people want the memorized facts. I get really annoyed by that. I mean, the meaning is clear but I remember context easily more than the words. My Instructor explained that to me, that I'm a visual learner. That's why I tend to use diagrams, tables or even drawn-idea to explain my memorized information. I don't know much about types of learner though. But, If I found what others says is true, I accept it.
  4. I don't much about the science view to emotions, but, this might help me with my emotion analyzing.
  5. I managed to complete xenogears in my holiday. I tend to play old games sometime. I still like Syphon filter in ps1. I rarely play gun-related games but this game was different. Also, I played Castlevania symphony of night, sometime I return to play it again. In PC though, I still prefer to play Red alert 2. Many times I returned to play this masterpiece.
  6. Depends on If I deserved or not, person possess threat or not. But either way, I don't feel anything from praise,compliments or gratitude. Thanking people is the best social option that I must take.
  7. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, because I actually rarely care about buying things. And I rarely go shopping. So, If it was about something I know, I avoid using this method. Yeah, that is what I usually do. My passwords are easy to remember for me. I just felt like my mind was not here when I changed the password/locked the door. It was like "I'm not here". And to remember things, I usually put them near something I "must get". For example, I put my car keys over course papers to avoid forgetting them. Yeah, I don't know what should I do to measure "pain". When I see others do that, I find it odd that I can't. Even Wikipedia didn't have what I want to know. Yeah, it rarely happens. But I found it odd, because seeing my two brothers know how to choose what they like. Made me realize that maybe it's a problem that I need to fix. But, when it comes to what has more benefits, it gets easier for me to chose. I always want to improve myself and I believe the first step is to accept the problems.
  8. I don't know any INTJ, I have ... ENFP : I enjoy spending time with. ENFJ : Not that much. ISFJ : Not that much. As for now, I respect few INTJs here. I might call someone idiot for fun and I might test my theory on them. Like one time I used Reverse psychology on ENFJ and ISFJ. Their reaction was interesting. It was different than The ENFP. I might as well try to find other types to test on them. I still want to understand... But, I avoid hurting anyone of them for no reason.
  9. - Focus Issues - While reading a book, I find myself losing focus on what I'm reading, and to solve that, I tend to summarize the information in tables and diagrams. When I was changing my college ID password, I forgot what I wrote completely. When I went outside and lock my room, I tend to forget the keys ON THE DOOR of my room. - Sense/feelings Issues - When the doctor asked me about my knee pain, which is painful, right or left leg. I just shrugged and said I don't know. When someone ask me what do you want to drink, between two things I might like to drink, I toss a coin to choose one of them. Why is it hard to pick a choice between two things you like? When I wanted to by a new TV between Sony and Samsung, I had to toss I coin, because both of them had good Specifications that fits my needs. When my teacher praised me for my learning abilities, I didn't feel anything, it was like something normal just passed by and went on. I felt pity to a robot character in certain game, but, I didn't do the same to a living human. When I heard my neighborhood news of death and his mother was crying over his lose. I laughed, because it was funny that his mother was the cause of his death (having an accident) and she is crying now after he died. When someone ask me something he already know, it somehow makes me angry and I tell him THAT HE ALREADY KNOWS THAT. - Others Issues- When I learn something, I feel like I still know nothing. Despite my usual calm and collected self, sometime I have insanity time. I feel angry when people are not in time for meetings. When I'm in the car waiting for someone, I imagine what I will do if someone tried to steal the car with many options of responds. Like pushing his head on the window and then repeatedly press it in the edge of the broken window. == Conclusion, how I can fix these problems?
  10. I don't like it when people touch me, I don't know why. I actually kicked someone after moving his hand away in school because he tried to touch me. It was a reflex movement. Most likely I build it up when I used to grow beard and most people wanted to touch it. Well, I was parrying all the attacks.
  11. Nope, I don't really care about credit that much, I prefer seeing the idea alive. And I'm sure I can improve my ideas and makes them better If I want.
  12. The past hunts me sometimes. However, I never regretted any choices I took from before. But, yeah, sometime it's annoying, so, I usually distract myself by future planning. Always look forward and learn from the past.
  13. I feel suffocate when I'm sitting with others for a long time. But, If I'm sitting with my current Japanese teacher. I'm enjoying it more. But, in the end, I still get that kind of feelings again. So, in conclusion, I prefer my time with myself more.
  14. In normal definition for friends, then yes. They did and managed to turn all others against me I didn't try to protect myself, because, I didn't care. I needed a reason to care, but, I found none. So, I was like "believe me if you want". However, thanks to them, I managed to attain a great skill in life.
  15. You got 16 out of 20 correct I was looking at the eyes, because most of the time the truth lies there.