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  1. Yeah that was a worry of mine. Thats part of the reason i wanted to use the push-reel mowers, because with them you have to be pushing the machine to make it cut. So it'd take a major idiot to hurt themselves with it, because that would mean they reached into the blades while it was moving. I'm thinking that a 16 yr old is smart enough not to stick their hands into moving blades. I haven't researched all the laws but isnt there a law that protects employers from employees acting completely stupid. (Sort of like if a teen working at a burger place sticks his hand on the grill, then the employers should be protected from being sued)
  2. I'm 19, in community college and have never had a job, although I've been looking for one for the past 2 years. This is my idea: I live in a growing large quickly growing slightly above middle-class community that is full of kids(we even have a new high school specifically for our neighborhood that will be finished next year). My idea is to start a lawn mowing business for the neighborhood, in which the neighborhood high school students(im not sure what the minimum age will be but im thinking a MINIMUM age of 15) cuts the yards of people in the community. This hopefully will motivate the homeowners to work with my business, knowing their money is going to help the teens of their neighborhood. Also it will help kids who cannot find employment and also allow them to have something on their résumé. I will have several push reel and other environmentally friendly equipment located in various, secured locations around the neighborhood. If a family requires a cut they can simply call, Txt or email a number and state their address and what they would like done to their yard. I'm estimating the cost for a cut to be 15$ for single family homes and $10 for the town homes. I will take 50% of each homes pay, leaving the employees with 7.50 a cut for homes and 5$ for town homes, which dependent upon the speed at which they work can potentially be more than what they would make working fast food. Their will be no mandated work days, however, if one of the teen workers goes a period of time without working they will be released from employment. I also am thinking of contacting local pawn shops and lawn mower repair/seller stores, and having a system where if a homeowner sells their lawn mower to the store the homeowner will receive a percentage more on their lawn mower if they sell it. This way the home owners are actually able to make money from selling their old lawn mowers in order to "potentially" pay for our lawn mowing service. And by selling their lawn mower the homeowners will no longer be burdened with paying gas and other maintenance cost. Also of course I will expect a percentage of that companies sales with customers i sent to them, for their increased business. As I said earlier I don't have any money since I'm not employed I was going to contact the owner of my neighborhood seeking finance. My motivation for them will be the idea that having my business that keeps the teens of the neighborhood employed and ALSO will attract potential homebuyers knowing that their teens will be able to find immediate employment if they move into the neighborhood. This creates the idea in homebuyers that moving into the neighborhood not only where their kids will go to school, but also a place where the kids can be developed and learn skills applicable in adult life.(I'm also thinking of having motivational speakers who VOLUNTEER to speak to the workers about things like business & responsible living.
  3. It’s a game, dear man, a shadowy game. We’re playing cat and mouse, the professor and I. Cloak and dagger. 10 points for whoever can name the movie
  4. Eyes like a tiger that was born in the wild, yet now is on display in the zoo. With a deep longing to "be what I was born to be" instead of just putting on a show for people. But knowing that if I were to do that bad things would happen.
  5. Take over as like a King? No Be Secretly in control of 10 powerful people who carry out your orders? Yes please
  6. Well I have always been gifted at math and history so I never really paid attention in those classes. But for the other classes I would pay attention to what was being taught, it's just that if I see something once I pretty much learn it . And no I never cheated
  7. As a man I am obliged to say that I am never lost
  8. But I don't want a puppy I want a wolf :P
  9. Well it's a good thing I don't plan on working FOR anyone. Also, what you are saying is the people who did homework but struggled on test are like workers who are great at training(ie. homework) but fail on actually putting that training to good use(ie. actually completing the job once training is over). Are going to be more "productive" than the person who doesn't pay attention during training(ie. homework) yet still has the highest test scores(ie. actually completing the job)
  10. Maybe it does but I am on my iphone, which has a cracked screen. So trying to fix all of those errors would be extremely tedious. ---------- Post added 03-05-2013 at 09:40 AM ---------- LOL No :(
  11. While I don't think excellence at mathematics is the only indicator for intelligence. I was taking the same math class that High School senior take, while I was still in Middle School. I had actually fulfilled all of Marylands high school mathematic graduation requirements before I had even reached High School. So I technically wasn't required to take Math in High school. Not to mention that I also was doing middle school math in 2nd grade. I know I'm not one of those wonder children you hear about on the news, like a 2nd grade kid doing advanced Calculus, but id still say I'm pretty smart. I also was friends with the girls who were ranked 2nd&3rd in our graduating class and we all agreed that I was smarter than them overall. Sorry about my poor spelling Im doing this on my iphone and trying to fix every little sentence would take forever. Not to mention the screen is cracked
  12. Pretty much all my life I was abused, told I was hated or just generally not treated well by people. My dad once hit me in the chest when I was little, I was beat with a belt a lot, my mom tries to push me backwards down stairs, she once sat on my chest and just kept repeatedly punching me in the face, and my uncle pretty much acted like a school bully except he weighs almost 300 pounds. Not to mention the punishment my dad would give me. Where around the age of 12, he would make me go outside and move these large piles of bricks to different corners of the yard(some of the bricks weighed about 5 pounds but the larger ones weigh at least 80). And I would do this til 1-2am, no matter what the weather. To make it worse he wanted the bricks arranged in a specific pattern. And even if I did get the pattern right he would occasionally decide to change the pattern he wanted once I finished. Plus my mom who regularly told me that she can't wait for me to leave and that I'm "Going to Hell". I was just wondering what happens if an INTJ child is abused? I'm 19 now so that was a couple years ago. Oh and I don't need your sympathy.
  13. In HS I was probably the smartest person of my graduating class. But I also had a 1.7 GPA and had been in trouble multiple times. The reason for the low GPA was quite simply I didn't do homework. I just dont understand the purpose of making homework such an important part of the grading system yet test were only 20-30%. I never studied for test either but always received A's. Then when it came time to take test that compared me with other students of my grade from around the country I ranked in the low 90s percentile, but once again that was without me even attempting at studying. As far as behavior I wasn't in with the wrong crowd or anything.The majority of the time I only broke the rules to see if I could get away with it(I managed to get away with it almost 99% of the time). There was even a time where I had gotten all the students in the Computer Department to have class vs class, matches of Halo which I had downloaded onto the computer. It had gotten so bad that even the Principle had said once she finds out who started it, that person would be expelled. Needless to say I was never caught. I did all this while being known as the shy loner with only 2-3 friends. I was just wondering if there are any other people like me out there?