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  1. I need help understanding INFJ men. Has anyone experienced them as being women magnets?? I don't mean in the sense of going after women but I am asking because this guy friend of mine is literally a magnet for women - especially women older than himself. And, he seems almost oblivious to it (or is he??), because I can tell her really just enjoys talking to them (or at least acts like he does). In the job he has, he comes into contact with many people from young to old and he works in a front area which means he is meeting new people all the time. I have worked with him for seven years and over the years, it just keeps getting worse to the point that there are always women stopping by to "talk" - but its more like pouring their hearts out to him. He is very charming and I believe has this way of making every woman feel like she is special (well, at least thats how he made me feel), but its starting to get to the point of annoying. He is now hugging many of these women (old and young) and I guess it bothers me because I used to feel special to him but now I just feel like one of the bunch. Deep down, I know I am one of the few he has allowed in his inner circle (as INFJs seem to have), but I don't understand his need to be SO friendly to all these women. I admit that I am jealous. On top of that, he has a long time girlfriend and I wonder if she has any idea and if she does, how she copes with it. Is this a trait of INFJ men? Has anyone seen this with other INFJ men they know? I honestly don't think my INFJ friend has a clue about how he comes across and I think he leaves women feeling depressed because they can't be with him. I've seen it happen with a few women because I can tell how they are feeling about him. Also, he recently sent out this email with a photo of him and his son to like 20 females and 2 males (at work) -- his purpose was to show his little boy to everyone but the email actually got me angry because there are SO many women on the list. Why does he think that everyone wants to see his son or cares that much about his child? I don't get it. I want to know if he is aware of what he is doing? And, why he feels the need to be so friendly to EVERY person that walks in the door? What is this about? HELP.