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  1. You sound like you're doing fine! Keep us updated ;)
  2. Sounds like you guys just don't fit. To me it would be strange not to talk to my SO for a couple days. I talk to close friends every day. He's not being passive-aggressive, he is, as someone else precisely put it "being vulnerable in desperation". If it's not worth it to you to compromise and try to understand where he's coming from, you probably should just forget it. You're young. No need to waste time forcing a relationship that isn't working.
  3. Lead? Yes, I don't think introversion has too much to do with whether someone can lead well or not. I think it has to do more with being able to make good decisions, gaining your team's trust, and being accountable. I am naturally the leader among my colleagues, only because they recognize my capacity and push me into that role. Do I like being a leader? Not particularly. I'm comfortable in the bushes, but anyway, there it is.
  4. What JB417 said, completely. I'm actually naively shocked that you find nothing offensive about dating multiple girls at once. As an INFP, I would definitely be offended. Sounds like you should probably just drop it or slow down and just get to know her.
  5. Surely you must have some advice for us? :) It makes no sense to receive relationship advice from those who are unhappy.
  6. I think it's true that your inability to sympathize hurts more because you're her boyfriend and she doesn't expect you to treat her badly and not care. To an NFP if you can't sympathize with her pretty terrible situation it's very hard for her to want to open up to you. My guess is that you probably point out all the obvious ways she could fix her problems and that's why she feels inadequate. She wants to be able to know that you trust her to do that on her own and obviously there's a question mark on that, otherwise you wouldn't be here asking if this relationship can grow or not.
  7. As for the space thing, I would say yes give her space, but don't disappear completely in the name of giving her space. Stay present and communicate but try not to put pressure. Most of all, if you're going to air your feelings, be authentic but be gracious and accepting if she isn't where you are yet (chances are, she isn't, since you are, classic intj 'all-in')
  8. I think it's okay to say that certain things about her are fascinating, but maybe not an inclusive "I think YOU'RE fascinating", because you don't really know her yet (from her point of view). I'd say keep it light so as not to scare infp away. As others have already pointed out, the push and pull, very normal.
  9. Not to burst your bubble, but it sounds to me like you don't really know her and she doesn't really know you and she's not really interested in much either.
  10. What about when you go into discussion mode? Is the affection all gone because it can't be seen in your tone or other expressions anymore? As an infp I dislike conflict so when an intj goes into discussion or argument mode I tense up a lot.
  11. Well assuming that you don't tell someone that. Unless you would?! And is that it? I just take your word for it? What about actions or other words?
  12. I guess the better question would be, how do INTJs show they care? Since they aren't so good about it verbally it would seem?
  13. (See title) How do you INTJs show that you care? I'm guessing it one depend on one's particular love language, but maybe there does exist a type bias?
  14. What does an infp do with feeling intimidated by the lack of enthusiastic response? I feel insecure about having my thoughts stomped on. JK or anyone else do you mind posting your story?