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  1. Thanks! And you are welcome, too. haha.

  2. Good observations. I hadn't caught some of those in my own writing. Thanks for putting so much time and energy into it! :)

  3. I realize that I haven’t been very active on this forum and that I am late in coming in on this discussion. I want to establish that I am not going to attempt to address each individual argument as it has come forth, but I also want to establish that I have read the 8 preceding pages of posts before deciding to comment and in the reading of them I have come to the conclusion that it’s hard to type a person online, even with a video. We rarely see the “real” person online and as for me, I know that the minute I realize a camera is on me, I can no longer be natural. Still, I do believe that enough evidence has been presented to clearly put jndiii in the INTJ arena. Let me present the evidences: The purpose of this thread…He stated, And later he said, jndiii apparently realizes that many people don’t see him as the stereo-typical INTJ and therefore he wants to know which part of the stereo-type he defies. Our answers actually reveal more about our understanding of type than about whether or not he is an INTJ. He gathers the info we put forth and decides which of it contributes to his database of understanding, but he does so with a purpose…a finite goal. He intends to establish a conclusion as to his true type. This smacks of Te, whereas Ti would gather just to gain a deeper understanding with no particular goal. NiTe…always has a goal in mind…somewhere down the line. When asked what would make him feel shame, he replied: This is as Ni Te Fi as it gets! He’s not worried about what someone else thinks or says or feels. He is concerned that he has been inefficient. He has let himself down, missed his own standards. ISTJs are that way, too, but the very wording in his opening post smacks of Ni as opposed to Si. I’m close to an INTJ and an ISTJ in real life and this has been a life-long issue for BOTH of them. I’ve heard them BOTH make this exact same lament. Now, both men are in their early 50s, so this isn’t the kind of thing a 20 year-old INTJ would likely say. It’s the kind of regret that one has when looking back on being 20 something. It’s also a great hope that inexperienced jerks can eventually grow into considerate human beings without anything to prove or an ax to grind. This does not smack of Fe, but rather of a man who has learned from his mistakes. It speaks of wisdom and growth. In one reply to Uriel he said . This again verifies Ni and clearly establishes jndiii as a system builder and the following statement is a prime example of Te at work. He isn’t trying to “sound” like he’s using Te here. He IS using it. Again, the following post is a clear example of Ni Te. He is in essence, saying, “I’m a system builder. That’s why I do it.” In the following example, he helped another learn her type. It is no different than an INTJ instructor helping a student to understand an equation. He had knowledge. He shared it. She learned. He felt satisfied and like he had achieved something worthwhile. She felt grateful and there was mutual appreciation. Mission accomplished. Still, very much in the realm of Ni Te Fi… Here is another example of Te… . (A dominant Ti WOULD nitpick. In fact, I’d say that an INTP would kind of get a kick out of ferreting out the exact language and nuances. Jndiii’s communication style indicates otherwise. This seems to irritate him, not energize him. Which, in my mind, clearly rules out INTP.) jndii has a keen interest in not only understanding cognitive functions but in applying this knowledge to his personal life. (Ni) He tends to use it in his real life communications.(Te) Every person’s internal concepts are individualized, that includes INTJs. Yes, some INTJs are going to be more peaceful than others, some are going to be more patient than others, some are going to be better listeners, etc. As for Enneagram 9, 5s often mistype as 9s and 9s as 5s, but I do believe he is probably an E-9 I believe based on observation of jndiii and an INTJ that I’m very close to irl life, that it is entirely possible for an INTJ to be a 9, not common, but possible. Here’s my reasoning behind that: I think that the reason I can see an INTJ as "possibly" [i never set anything in stone] being a 9 is that the ones I know and have come to believe are truly INTJs don't thrive on conflict; debate and discussion--yes, but conflict--no. A healthy debate is merely an exchange of ideas, but a conflict is energy-draining and time consuming. It's an inefficient expenditure, and that is very anti-INTJ. Efficiency matters. So, in that light, an E 9 with a strong wing 1 seems quite possible. I know there’s more to be said, but I’ve already spoken so long and I’ve been crafting this reply for the better part of my morning. So, I’ll leave you to it. Ultimately, people are going to walk away thinking what they want to anyway. For some reason, as King Solomon once said, “Every man is right in his own eyes.”
  4. In school my two great loves were art and life sciences. Teachers would repeatedly tell me that the arts and science didn't go together so I would ask, "Then who illustrates the anatomy books and medical books?" and "What about George Washington Carver? Wasn't he both an artist and a scientist?" So, my questions to you fellow Ni domains are... Are there other INTJ visual artists on this forum? and if so, What kind of work do you do? [i mean describe your results. Is your work detailed or more abstract?]
  5. flannel shirt over a tank top, bagauzhang symbol [jade necklace], nerd glasses, straight-leg jeans and suede boots. Except for the necklace and nerd glasses, I look like the perfect redneck:)
  6. Your result for The Supervillain Archetype Test ... The Megalomaniac Ambitious, Intelligent, Calculating
  7. And don't forget your avatar....check. I like cats. And dogs, too. And turtles. Thank you, Bluelotus. I also prefer the first two. Jokes are my favorite.
  8. I realize this thread has had many responses already, but hey, what the heck? I'll throw in my $5 worth [used to be 2 cents but you...inflation] Is there any average IQ INTJ in this forum? The only way to really find out would be to have everyone report their IQ score, then find the average. I have taken four IQ tests in my life, because I was doing research on them in grad school in order to do a presentation on the validity or lack thereof of IQ tests. One was an actual timed test done on paper and I scored 136 on it. I later took another one and scored 140. I took another and got 135. I took a fourth and scored 140 again. Have any of you ever heard of the theory of muliple intelligences? [if it's been mentioned and I didn't read it...sorry.] I believe that IQ tests can only measure logic/problem solving [and not even real life problem-solving, at that] types of skills. They can not measure innovation, musical giftedness, creativity, interpersonal intelligence or any other type of intelligence. I think that they should only be considered in conjunction with many other factors to give an overall picture, but they should never be used to include or exclude. The people in the IQ society that I joined during my research don't seem any more intelligent to me than anyone else I know. They may be intelligent in certain areas, but in real life, being able to go about your daily life and contribute to the world in a real way, means more. I think the difference in a genuis and just another smart guy is that the genius makes a difference in the lives of people, or rather contributes something historical to the world. My cousin has an IQ of 165 but he lives in his mom's green house and smokes pot all day. He can't hold a job and his ex-wife has beaten the snot out of him more than once. He has a high IQ but he's not a genius. My aunt had an IQ of a borderline genius and worked as a bartender in Arkansas and then as a hair dresser, but she was not a genius. Yet, as someone already pointed out there are those with a 120 that have changed the course of history. Thomas Edison who flunked first grade...genius. Michealangelo who flunked Latin, genius. Good grades and high scores are not the mark of genius. Contribution, imagination/creativity and determination, in combination with a certain amount of innate ability, there's the genius. Intj's usually perfectionist when it comes to grades so how did you cope up if your grades are not high as other people? I'll admit. I had to try harder, but as a little kid I had a rough time in school. I got punished a lot that first year, not because I wasn't smart, but because I was stubborn and wanted to do things my own way and I would correct my teachers. They really, really didn't like that, and most, being very concrete sequential type of people who were bound to a system, didn't appreciate my "smart little mouth," so in time, I learned to close it and just do the assignment even when I did think it was stupid. or did you get any failing remarks before? how did you handle it? I didn't realize I was that way until I received a 93 in grad school on a paper and I had to fight the urge to argue with my professor. That's when I realized that I had been placing too much importance on grades. That's when I decided not to go for a Ph. D. I was afraid of loosing a grip on the real world. I didn't want to end up like some of my professors, alone and staying in my office until five a.m., living off bagels and coffee with a pot belly and a hair piece [okay, I'm a female, but you get the picture! haha]
  9. It's functional and I can find things, but it's not control-freak organized.
  10. trevarthan, Thank you for that. It means something to me to know that other INTJs also have discalulia. The number crutch thing is exactly what I do. I write them down, too. I have not read about disorientation reflex, but you can bet I will. I understand the thing about codes snapping in place like leggos. It makes sense. Also, thanks for the welcome, my fellow 'discalculate'. Deconspire, What a cool name and also, it is interesting to find two more people with discalulia on one forum. It makes me think I'm normal! Cooper, Thanks for the welcome.
  11. Teleportation 100% Healing ability 93% Florakinesis 86% Telekinesis/mind control 71% Animal morphing 61% Impenetrable skin 58% Self Duplication 44% Pyrokinesis 44% Hydrokinesis 21%
  12. I also believe an INTJ could be a good pastor and an especially good theologian.
  13. "Hmmm....Interesting."
  14. Oh, no, if I see you coming at me with a jar, I'm going to blend into the shadows and disappear, stealth technology:) Monte, that is so great that you guys discussed the ideas. It is so cool when you read something and someone discusses it with you.
  15. Thank you, Monte.

    I greatly appreciate it!