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  1. Sorry Braco beat to you to it.
  2. Well, i thought, how long does it take to trigger and F or P. According to your posts not long.
  3. You can buy dinnerware like Royal Doulton and Royal Crown Derby on Ebay and such places for a lot less than buying new. You can buy new dinner plates for $25 a piece and they will last awhile, or you can buy a set of Royal Crown Derby for half or a third the price and it may last over a hundred years. I have a set of RCD from 1840( which I paid $45 for at auction). My mother-in-law has a set from 1860's and it's still going.
  4. Is this?
  5. Isn't it funny that through human history we have been told that Utopian state is a " natural" state. Maybe that's why we spend so much time trying to get as far away from nature as possible.
  6. Is this the point we hand out the Participation ribbons for all the F's and P's. Though they failed as usual and didn't score they at least deserve to be recognized.
  7. When you can convince your victims and the general populace that you are giving them a good deal and call it something other than plundering. If you're very good at it they will even thank you for your plundering.
  8. When I was 20 I worked for an ex cop doing remodeling work. He saw I was a people watcher and he said," I used to be a people watcher once, but I lost interest years ago." Well 27 years later I understand why he lost interest."
  9. And part of the problem is that society won't let you go out and eat on your own. Try it. They will insist on dragging you to the table, and if you don't eat with them they label you as defective. Yet they still insist you eat with them and take part in their little games. Is it virtuous to have this society that won't allow others freedom to do their own thing, to say to everyone you are free, free to follow our rules or else?
  10. Maybe part of that tragedy is that the younger generations are so sure they and their attitudes are the only right ones that they classify and generalize those who don't agree with them with various names. Thus doing just what they accuse others of doing, grouping people so they can discriminate against them. Racist and sexist is not clear cut, as you pointed out, the OPINIONS change over time. For instance your hippy grandparents…….
  11. You're the closest so far. Maybe try, " you're just like everybody else."
  12. picking berries?
  13. Son, when I die just have to dig up that map I left under the house, it will lead you to the secret treasure of the Masons. Then at last you will know the truth of your origin.
  14. An unorganized community where people have to worry about whether they'll survive going up the wrong driveway.
  15. Sometimes I wish I didn't have enough money to miss a paycheck. Or maybe bury myself in half a million dollars in debt after I pass my six month probationary period. Or be stuck in a job I hate, or live in a place that is giving me cancer and can't afford to move somewhere else. Oh the freedom one would have!