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  1. That video is the dumbest shit I've seen in a while, and remember, the GOP "race" is going on, for context on how dumb the shit is that I've seen recently. Here's an excellent rebuttal that says it far better than I ever could. http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/thinkfluence-man-pretends-to-think-empathy-is-bad-1766435507
  2. The irony here is rich and hearty, like a good stew.
  3. No. It is simply an artifact of the basic human need to believe there is order and balance in the universe. There is not. And there never will be. The sooner you accept this--truly accept it--the more content you will be. Hope that helps.
  4. This made me laugh so hard I got a cramp. To the original question: I find people who are fixated on "right" and "wrong" to be not only extremely unpleasant to be around, but they're almost always intolerant, and it's very likely they're religious (whether "official" or "personal" is irrelevant to me, because no matter how many flavors there are, fanaticism is always bitter), so when this topic comes up, I know there is no better tactic than to avoid them. Don't engage. Ever. There is no upside with that type of person.
  5. None personally, but I don't have wealthy people in my social circles.
  6. My pleasure... but (if it ain't too nosy to ask) what happened to Keith? Seemed like y'all were gettin along like a house on fire there. :)

  7. As ever, thank you! I nearly just sent this question straight to you since I knew your feedback would be spot on.

  8. Try "I enjoyed hanging out with you, but I'm not really feeling it, and our last outing made me uncomfortable. Good luck in your search." If it were me in this situation, I would very, very much appreciate being told directly "hey, I'm not diggin you" as quickly as possible so I could stop wasting time--I ain't gettin any younger, after all. If that's too harsh for him or he takes it poorly, well, then you know your instincts were good.
  9. At best, it could be said I participate in Christmas. I put up and decorate a tree, hang lights, give and receive gifts, do the Christmas dinner with relatives, etc. I don't celebrate it, though. It's a holiday like, say, Labor Day or Independence Day--one with certain expected activities. It doesn't have any residual or additional meaning.
  10. I'm male, and this is how I define them. I imagine women might define these differently. Hot: Visceral, subjective sexual attractiveness. May or may not be objectively attractive. Only used to describe humans and, in my case, only women. Beautiful: Clinical, objective attractiveness. May or may not be sexual. Used to describe humans (men and women both), non-humans, concepts, or objects. The most overused and diluted-meaning term in this group. Cute: Categorical, adolescent or juvenile attractiveness. Pre-sexual attractiveness, largely, in humans. May be used to describe humans, non-humans, or objects. A mildly diminuitive or dismissive term when applied to humans.
  11. The transgender part has nothing to do with the neurosis. Making it part of the story unnecessarily conflates the two, which is as troubling as it is predictable.
  12. Agreeably random, yet insightful.
  13. None, sorry. I don't require arbitrary dates to effect change. "What is your June 26 resolution?" is equally relevant.
  14. Their flexibility.