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  1. Why make threads about her, if this is just a FWB thing and over? At any rate, I married into a family of INTJs with genius level IQs (my own is in the lowly 130 range) and while they can be argumentative and insufferable, not one has the superiority complex thing going on that you do, Mr. Guppy. I hope that life and life experiences shape your character to where you can appreciate those who are not in your 1% level. I don't think you seem to be deliberately cruel, but understand that not everyone who agrees to a FWB is able to keep from catching feelings and getting hurt. It just seems a cop out to say that 'logically it is their own fault they are hurt because they knew the score,' and walk off with a clear conscience. Along with intelligence, etc and the other qualities you take pride in having, empathy is one that you seem to need some development on. Good luck to you.
  2. I think she's a lot more invested emotionally than you think or what she is claiming. It's obvious that you've rationally and logically have written her off, and why you keep hanging around and torturing her I don't understand. You are also the one who refuses to spend the night, which is your privilege...but do her a favor and let her go. She needs somebody to appreciate what she is trying to offer and obviously you're contemptuous of it. She deserves somebody who will give her what she needs, not someone who thinks so little of her that he goes on websites and coldly announces her imperfections. Move on and find somebody who doesn't need or want your approval and approaches relationships in a detached way like you do...but I doubt you will ever find anyone you regard as an equal.
  3. I am an emotional, sentimental INFP who usually wants to see a relationship succeed, but Intrinsik is right on the money. Let this chick go. It is hard to detach but she's not worth all this energy, trust me. I promise you, cut her off and a year from now you will be wondering why you wasted time with her in the first place. I wish you good luck, truly. You deserve better than this. And personally she sounds like someone with borderline personality disorder.
  4. Some women do have midlife crises. My cousin was used to being the hottest chick in the room, had guys falling all over themselves over her. When she hit 35-40, she started losing her looks (too much tanning, too much partying) and it was a hard knock to her that she didn't have men after her anymore, at least the type she wanted. She got pretty bitter about it and was hateful to any female who she felt was competition. She tried flaunting herself to my INTJ husband, he flatly told her she had a smoker's voice , and she flounced off pouting. I love my INTJ man :) .
  5. I guess this is an old thread, but wanted to add my two cents. With my INTJ man, he admits that it was my chest area that attracted him first, but when I could go head to head with him intellectually was really a turn on. Then when he got cold feet and hid out for three weeks without calling I gave him his space...he was really having a hard time deciding whether to let me get under his protective shell. Out of the blue he calls and it was full speed ahead. He likes the fact that I have my own solitary interests, he plays his computer games and I'll read or whatever. Both of us are such introverts that extrovert partners would probably exhaust us. And he may seem aloof and cold in the outside world, in our private sanctum he is NOT. Nuff said, lol.
  6. My INTJ and I dated for three years before marriage. One thing I figured out was give space, which was fine because I need mine too. Never play head games or be dishonest because he will be out of there. And like others have said, INTJ's say what they mean and mean what they say. Don't worry about mixed messages from them. If you get to the relationship stage, the loyalty of an INTJ is amazing. I can't imagine being with any other type. <3
  7. Bikers Against Child Abuse is a wonderful organization. Whenever I can I donate to them. http://www.azcentral.com/news/azliving/articles/2012/07/13/20120713bikers-against-child-abuse-make-abuse-victims-feel-safe.html
  8. She was ISTJ

  9. Just out of curiosity, was she an INFP? I've had to work on the same kind of thing, but I wouldn't get pissed, I'd get hurt feelings and withdraw.
  10. I can empathize. My INTJ husband can get on his computer and stay there from the time he gets up on Saturday morning till the wee hours of Sunday morning. When he comes home from work the first thing he does is flip on the computer. I knew he was a gamer, but didn't know to what extent till we were married and living in the same house. However if I ask him he'll turn it off and help with the kids, hang out, and watch a movie with me. We've compromised. I think you might hold off on the marriage though...I once read that when something is a thorn in your side before marriage it becomes a bone in the throat after. I hope he agrees to look at his gaming behaviors and understand where you are coming from.
  11. Maybe as a teenager narcissists seemed attractive, but now that I'm older and wiser I find them repellent and pathetic.
  12. I have four kids and I am proud of them and love being a mother. That being said, I respect those who don't want children and choose to be childless. Nobody should feel obligated to reproduce.
  13. People who rape children and babies should be euthanized. I hold no lower contempt for any living creature than for a pedophile.
  14. I haven't had any recent dating experience being married for 13 years, but on our first date he paid for dinner (I left the tip) and our movie. I offered to split it but he insisted. Next date I took him to my favorite place and gladly paid.
  15. I'd like to live a day or two in the court of Henry VIII.