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  1. Sorry, didn't know any of my staff were members on this board. No casual Friday for you.
  2. So she's a butter face. She wasn't bad from the neck down 13 years ago.
  3. Ever feel like Kevin Spacey's character from American Beauty? And I mean more than having a chance to fuck Mena Suvari. Like establishing an amount of wealth that you could get a loser job and not give a shit about the morons around you? Why do I simultaneously have the desire to lead and foolishly expect those under me to share my philosophy and work ethic?
  4. I think that I am just trying to moderate myself and make my expectations more realistic. I get very frustrated when my students do not follow the rules or take the proper steps to prepare for exams or projects. My tendency is to become more and more distant the more my students disregard my expectations. I should make more of an effort to reach out to them at these times. I don't lose my cool and throw kids against the wall or anything, in fact I probably become much more sedate and collected when I'm angry. Much of it is because of the 'stimulating' moronic banter that a group of 6-7 graders typically exibit. Maybe if I surrounded myself with individuals who actually think about the future and the repercussions of their actions it would be different.
  5. I decided to become a teacher of all things after college. I was filled with vigor to change the world through our children. I don't want to give away anything about my personal life, but I quickly became a principal and thought I might truly now be able to make a difference. Been a principal for 12 years now and in my mos recent setting am becoming depressed at the state of our youth. I don't profess to be 'better' than anyone. God knows I do my own share of immoral shit. Starting to think I am wasted on the 'lowest common demoninator' though. I wish I could teach students that actually care about anything beyond their own limited view. I have so much to share but no one who really cares. Sure, I can do my job, get a paycheck, and show up each day. Does anyone else get the distinct feeling that. . . no one else really gives a shit anymore?
  6. The mouse/elevator story sounds hilarious. Here's the thing though. It's not like I stand around laughing like a psycho (the no offense) when shit goes down. I make my best effort to appear normal in everyday society because I know that if I reacted the way I would like to I would most likely be taken away by the nice men in white coats. My fantasy is to be completely invisible so that I could see EVERYTHING that happens. Not like I would just sit around watching women take showers (well ok I would probably do that too) but I really love observing. I silently take such pleasure in seeing how others fuck up. I know I'm not perfect, but really. I don't think I'm in the top 1% but knowing my own limitations makes me fear for humankind. There are such idiots in the world. I can learn more about myself in one solitary hour than I think most people stop to realize in their whole lives. So many things makes sense if you just shut the fuck up and listen.
  7. Watermelon seeds Get stuck in my trachea and choke me to death. -- actual haiku that I wrote in 5th grade --
  8. I enjoy pretty off color and offensive humor. Here is my top 5 list: 5. Patton Oswald 4. Daniel Tosh 3. Bill Burr 2. Lewis Black 1. Anthony Jeselnik They just connect the most with how I view others and the world.
  9. O K I'll Keep That In Mind.
  10. It's hilarious. Basically, he says he is walking around this bake sale with his wife and sees a lady selling muffins. He imagines what would happen if he just walked over to the table and started punching the muffins and what the lady would do. I know that doesn't sound very funny, but if you have a rhapsody account or something you should download it. I'm not sure what album it's on, but the track title is 'punching muffins' I think.
  11. My entire life I've known that I think and behave differently than most of those around me. I remember taking the MBTI instrument in college and being identified as an INTJ but didn't really think about it much and went on with my life. I became a gradeschool principal and until I had to begin working with faculty members and staff and the general public I didn't really realize how stupid most people are. In one of my graduate classes, the topic of personalities came up again and I remembered some things from when I had taken the MBTI test so long ago. I took it again and it made so much more sense to me now. Reading basically every write-up and INTJ description I can find I keep on thinking 'this is me' exactly. I do have one bone to pick, however, with one thing that most descriptions state, and that is the tendency of many INTJs to call out errors of others and the 'Doctor House' type of syndrome. I find myself almost completely opposite of this tendency. When an opinion or attitude that conflicts mine arises, even among my faculty, I realize that my first reaction is not to oppose them, but rather to see where their opinion leads them. I find great pleasure in observing without interfering, even if I can see something disastrous about to happen. I know that sounds really diabolical, but there is just something in me that loves seeing how actions interweave to produce end results. I find myself sitting in my car in a parking lot and watching a car back out of a stall without being able to see another car approaching. Instead of cringing or honking my horn to warn them, I just observe to see what will happen. It's not that I necessarily want bad things to happen to other people, but I just want to see all the angles on a situation and it makes me feel comfortable to know that I can see the whole picture when others may not be able to. Does that make sense to anyone else? I love sitting in the back row of a classroom, not so that I can screw around and not pay attention, but so that I can watch others interact and get in trouble for messing around. I don't set up situations to get people in trouble, or try to 'bait' others into problems, but there is a dark corner of my mind that is cheered up by witnessing the misfortune of others. Not that I like watching people suffer or die or something really twisted, but it's kind of like I can see a few steps ahead and predict what will happen in a given situation and it is fun to observe and see if that pans out or not. If a kid is wandering into traffic, I will certainly try to help, but if a guy on his cell phone walks into a pole, I will wet myself laughing. Also, I have the darkest sense of humor of nearly anyone I know. There are SO many times that I have to stifle my laughter to the point that I am literally shaking. There is a Bill Burr bit about 'punching muffins' that is EXACTLY HOW I BEHAVE IN PUBLIC. I am not even close to kidding. When I listened to his routine, and the audience is laughing, I was just sitting there like, DID HE JUST READ MY MIND.