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  1. where did you get that "enneathough thing?"

  2. Your Type Five EnneaThought for October 13th— Allow yourself to hear your Lost Childhood Message today: Your needs are not a problem. (The Wisdom of the Enneagram, 34) I'm subscribed to Enneathought, and this hit like a hammerblow! Look back at your childhood - is yours also a story of suppressing your needs - all work and no play?
  3. My current plan is to become a translator. I'm only on my first year of studying German, and have 4 and a half to go. I want to move and work there when I'm done. Though I'm skilled enough at learning things that I could really pick 100s of things and do them all well. Such is the INTJ life, I guess. Apart from that, I want to do something with my singing skills. At the very least, I want to be in a great band on the side of work. But doing that involves a lot of networking - which is terrible. I also have to deal with other people, so I have to find geniuses to work with musically. On a side note: we need INTJs to study political science and some other subjects and solve the fundamental problems about the retard structure of our society. Society has a weird and stupid basis, and we are the ones with the ability to fix it.
  4. I made two videos on Youtube regarding the ENTJ and my experiences with them. I was hoping we could create a discussion on the ENTJ altogether, and how they work socially with the INTJ. I've had mainly been in three different social situations with ENTJs: mother-son, big sister - little brother and ofc. friend-friend. Positive traits: Negative traits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZR7Pddo5kM Some questions to get started: Do you find the ENTJ helpful? Do you sometimes find them too assertive/controlling? What relationships do you have with ENTJs, and what are your impressions of them?
  5. A good supplement for bodybuilding, then? Ha! [sorry bodybuilders - you're not necessarily dumb, just 'cause u're strong ;)]
  6. I haven't been on this forum for a while, but while talking about the feeling of being in love, and how it affects your motivation, I found it was interesting, and want to know more about what others think. When I'm in love I feel super-motivated to be my best self. I feel passionate about life. My usual apathy is gone. I am more productive than ever. How's that for you other INTJs out there? How does it feel? What does it do with you behaviorally?
  7. Do you really need to be together with this guy? There are plenty of other people out there whom you'd also be compatible with. My point is why take that chance when you don't have to?
  8. The more substance (information) I fill my mind with, the more awesome connections my mind is able to make, thus the more the constant buzzing in my mind actually gets me to walk around in life and enjoy constant revelations, great ideas and strategies :D:D
  9. I've been pretty intense with personal development for some periods of time. Intense to the point where I ruined myself and totally lost control of my life. I've also been intense with trying out some stuff I've learned about being charismatic (Youtube: Yourcharismacoach), and I scared people away. Like hell. And then I got back to acting introverted and just ignoring everyone and they loved me more than ever before. Kinda out of topic, but still funny... I've been intense with working out and with eating, as well. Either way, I think intensity has most applicability to intellectual endeavors. In other words, being intense about researching and learning about something you're passionate about, more-so than being intense about implementing this. Mostly: being intense about stimulating your mind by constantly absorbing new information through books, youtube videos, art, anything, really.
  10. Eye contact is kinda weird stuff. I've gone through phases where I tried always looked people in the eye, but now I have pretty much abandoned it. This is where I'm at, currently. BENEFITS OF EYE CONTACT: Intimacy Being able to show interest and enthusiasm about what the other person is saying (showing your excited eyes, smiling, nodding, etc.) DOWNSIDES OF EYE CONTACT: Intimacy - yes it can suddenly get too personal and too intense, and a discussion can suddenly feel weird because you look at each other as if you wanted intensely to go to bed with this person, holding gazes for long periods of time can get a bit intense, and this is when it starts getting confuzzling, and also draining because of our introverted nature. Occupation of mindspace - I want to use my brain capacity on thinking about and visualizing the content of the conversation and not the act of conversing itself. I like to look off into the distance when talking to some people, allowing me to enjoy some daydreaming whilst also participating in the conversation. <3
  11. I've had some different experiences with extroverts, and while I don't have all of their types confirmed, I'm confident in my guesswork. Either way, it's just to make it possible to separate these people I've had experiences with. I like their ability to put theory into practice, and actually do stuff, instead of just theorizing about it, as I often do. Getting out there in the world and helping people solve their problems and using their good people abilities is something I really admire about them. A bit like the above - but I admire their ability to bring about actual, practical solutions in the world around them, and I like how they actually care about people and what they think and do with their lives. (Personally I have just given up on changing anyone or anything and instead just let people go about in their mediocre lives with their ignorant views. Stupidity is their choice, and I have given up trying to influence them directly.) I dislike it when they place judgement against my believes("you're wrong"/"you can't think that way", etc.), and go around acting like thought police. It's ok when they do it to people who are more stupid than them (in a particular area), and could use their insight, but not when they do it to me, unless I appreciate their insight, and genuinely believe they have something to contribute. I dislike their inability to understand truth as internal, and not external. Meaning that they think that if they can - "objectively" - out-reason me (or if others would say that they are right), they believe it proves that they are right. They also seem to not understand how much more information is within an introvert than what they manage to express in a simply, understandable way. In other words, they underestimate my actual intelligence, and in making their judgement, placing too much emphasis external factors. They place too much value on the opinions of others. Shallowness. Not having that much more to offer once you get to know them. Also just getting excited about commercials and TV and other pretty shallow stuff. (Huge generalization on this one, I know.) Lack of independence. Do you really need to look for the opinions of experts and find quotes and external help for everything? Really? Have you ever tried making up your own mind about stuff? There's terribly much more you could learn that what is out there and available to everybody. Impatience. Also: problems dealing with silence, or problems dealing with INTJs need to think things through and get the big picture before they express themselves. Disrespect/misunderstanding of introversion. ("There's nothing wrong about us, dammit!") People-talking (ENTPs especially). No, I don't care what you think about every single person around you. And no, it's not due to the fact that your teacher doesn't like you, that you got a bad grade, it's because the paper you delivered, sucked. Loudness. No you don't have to shout everything you say, a lower volume is sufficent, and more relaxing to listen to. Shouting everything out does not make you seem charming/energetic, it just annoys me and drains me. My mom (ENTJ) does this quite a bit too often. And when she's stressed and blows up, it's just waaaaay too much. Constant need for reassurance/compliments/insight in others thought about themselves(especially ENFPs). What I think about you is not unbiased, and therefore, it is no good measurement of you as a person. And therefore, it is meaningless to try and get my sympathy all the time. ^The opposite of the above. Not a big problem, but still. I place little value on what you think or feel about me, because it says very little about how I actually am. Besides, your biased. I trust myself to make good, objective judgments about myself, with which I am totally content. ^Long lists, basically poured out all I could think of. Some points are bigger than others, thought I haven't arranged them that way. Some are very generalizing, others aren't. They're all based on my subjective experience. Either way, I hope this list brings some new blood to the discussion.
  12. I hate that too. Glad that people are focusing on this.

  13. This is a place where our different personal perceptions clash. You see it as a choice between either being serious and committed in a relationship, or just messing around. (Excuse me if I'm wrong here.) Unless you bond with people quickly and easily (which you obviously don't), then you need to "mess around a bit" until you feel totally comfortable and relaxed around people. Do you have any siblings? Think about how much you messed around with them while you were smaller, and then how close you get to them later, because you're so accustomed to them. Hope some of this helps. But also: I don't think most girls will be as bad as you think they will. Oh, and when it comes to "messing around", you need to try different relationships to get experience as well. The rational, theoretical part of your mind is limited, even though your blessed with the INT trait ;)