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    46 chromosomes.
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    A 21 years old Italian narcissistic biology student. Oh, don't worry, I'm a fluent English speaker.
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    Biology Student, Restless Thinker.
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    Photography, Psychology, Science, Nature, Vegetarianism, Reading, Writing, Running.
  1. Hey, I just read your comment - did you know you can also have carob? There's no theobromine in carob. I've made my own carob "chocolate" and it can taste so good/close to chocolate.

  2. Check your email :p

  3. Che Cosa??? XD LOL.

  4. :D Welcome! I'm P, from Italy!
  5. Yes, I still have it!

    We could chat every now and then! I graduated last July, by the way, and now I'm starting with Molecular Biology, to get a second degree. How about you?

  6. Long time no see! How's it going? Still have my email?

  7. Hey, hi? :) Do you remember me? :)

  8. :D Hey, there!

  9. I've just checked your mail and answered ... let's go for the time you suggested me. :) Around 6 PM (my time). I prefer istant messagging, it's faster!

  10. Heya... check your email. Think that's going to be our best bet, with time change.

  11. Try to sleep more or eat healthier and more energetic food. I felt better since I switched to a vegetarian diet!
  12. I'm very sensitive to caffeine, so I just avoid drinking coffee or tea. It makes me very anxious and nervous, and this doesn't belong to my INTJ nature.
  13. My score was a 144 ;) Once I scored 131. Does this mean I'm a genius? Well, I've always been brilliant at scientific subjects, and I think this test only measures one's logic and intuitive skills. Personally, I think mine are pretty good, I understand everything immediately and most of the times my intuition allows me to go even further. However, I'm not good at all at coordinating my body, it took years to learn playing my drums or playing team games decently. And I lack emotional intelligence too.