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  1. For relationship material, there has to be attraction at the intellectual, emotional and physical levels. I would guess that for INTJs, the physical side would be slightly less important (but not unimportant!) compared to others on average since we value intellectual simulation. But I am certain that there are INTJs that are shallow as @#$!.
  2. I'm slightly below average for males. I'm 5' 5.75" (I usually say I'm 5'6" on tall days) Many women friends say there would never go out with men who are shorter than them when they wear their heels. When you look at upper management at many companies, its mostly taller than average men. Presidential candidates - Dennis Kucinich was made fun of because of lack of height (5'7"). G.W. Bush 6'0", Obama 6'1", Clinton 6'1", G.H.W Bush 6'2" Reagan 6'0" and Carter was the most recent president under 6 feet. There is an advantage to being (perceived) taller. What boggles me is when a short women (say 5'3" or less) say they will only go out with guys that are at least 5'10" or taller. Personally, I find it best when someone is within a few inches either way. To make it fair, guys usually get hung up on weight. So it's lose-lose all around.
  3. Both my wife and I are pretty smart (both have PhDs) but in different areas. So it's hard to say who is smarter in a general sense. Neither my wife nor I have ever had our IQ measured. I learned my lesson early in life (high school) when I tried going out with this gorgeous girl, who lack anything in the brains department. I couldn't take it, couldn't have interesting conversations. Engaging my mind is one important component of a relationship for me. Luckily there are many smart girls who are also attractive (to me at least).
  4. Hello! Hope you are well.

  5. Greetings, and welcome to the Forum!

  6. yes, please take a statistics class. You don't need a really large sample if you have a truly random sample of the population you care to make inference about. A volunteer sample of undergrads is never sufficient to generalize to the overall population even if you used every student at the university. Also, always be weary of a self-selected sample.
  7. Me thinks the TSA person has some issues. That girl was dressed pretty tame by todays standards.
  8. Welcome! I grew up in the NOLA area but left the state for school then job.
  9. posting to delurk (why would an INTJ ever just lurk on a board and not post - unthinkable!) Grew up in the NOLA area, now live in the hive of corruption.