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  1. We're most similar to chimps and bonobos, genetically; behaviorally, we're more similar to bonobos in a number of ways (including having multiple mates). A lot of people like to pick chimps as the model to compare humans to (though the nature of the comparisons is often questionable anyway), due to genetic distance, but bonobos are an equally good option. I blame the agricultural revolution. For most things.
  2. This may be one of the more reasonable outlooks thus far. If only everyone thought that way ...
  3. Another thing that came to mind: long ago in high school a jock I knew, when asked if he preferred male or female friends, answered female. "Because there's always a chance."
  4. Certainly people can think about multiple things in a given period of time. Why do people develop friendship? To simplify: because friends are fun. One thing that can make a person fun is being attractive. You might not be expecting sex, but (the perceived) mutual acknowledgement of attraction is a nice fantasy.