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  1. I enjoyed your left wing, right wing, political correctness discussion. It came up when I was searching on the internet.

  2. I love the thin, vinegar based, tangy sauces. I can also appreciate a plain dry rub on a well-cooked rack of ribs. I've also had some delicious Texas BBQ with the sauce on the side. I think the sauce was pretty similar to the Carolina vinegar style. The mustard sauce is pretty good too, but only on pork. I've never tried the white Alabama style. Sounds weird. Unfortunately, around here the BBQ is exclusively Kansas City style: slathered in thick, sugary sauce. Even the grocery stores don't carry any other varieties of BBQ sauce.
  3. I used to use it on my S2 and it was great. Loved the customization options. I tried it because that phone was very slow and buggy running whatever version of Android was out at that time. Cyanogen ran much better. It did have a strange issue where most builds would not connect to most wifi networks. My network at home worked fine, but when trying to connect to my university's or most public networks, the full bars would change to a single bar as soon as it started trying to connect and it would fail. I think I finally found one older version that didn't have this problem. That was my previous phone, I got an HTC One last year and decided to just keep Android so I wouldn't void my warranty. Android hasn't given me any problems since I got the HTC, the only reason I miss Cyanogen is that I wish I could uninstall the bloatware.
  4. I thought it was weird that I hated it and struggled with it, because I am also a very visual/spatial learner. I felt like it should have been easy to visualize, but it was all very abstract to me. Maybe I just didn't have a good teacher.
  5. I don't think there's much need to know Calculus or any other "continuous" mathematics if you're not in a science/tech field. For basic programming, which just about anyone in any field can make use of, you need discrete mathematics. At my university, there was a class called Finite Math that all non-STEM majors had to take, and it was the only math class required for them. I took that class before I started my engineering degree, and it is to date the most generally useful math class I've ever taken. There was a lot of probability and statistics. You can apply that stuff to everything in your life, from winning at poker to understanding what makes a scientific study valid. I think you could benefit a lot from a course in finite and a course in basic statistics. Try MIT OpenCourseWare. They have a lot of free online classes. Some are basically just old lecture notes, but many include lecture videos and homework assignments. The courses you are interested in are likely to have good content. You might consider an online course in basic C or Python programming after that, if it interests you.
  6. It's a chain in Arkansas called US Pizza.

  7. wow! Thats sounds good! where?

  8. I thought Cal II was only somewhat more difficult than Cal I. I got a B in both, though I probably could have made an A in Cal I if I had worked harder. I didn't take any Calculus in high school and hadn't taken any math in six years when I started Cal I. Cal III was what kicked my ass. I barely made it out with a C. A lot of people had told me II was more difficult than III, but at least for me, it was not even close. Cal II was challenging, but III was one of the hardest classes I've ever taken.
  9. I own all of Radiohead's, and I'm pretty sure I have at least five Beatles albums. I think I have owned at least five REM albums at some point in my life, but I don't have any of them anymore. I haven't really messed with that stuff since Spotify became a thing. Well, really since torrents and mp3 players became a thing.
  10. Stevie Ray Vaughan. I even installed gold hardware and a black pickguard with my initials etched into it onto my first electric guitar, a Strat copy with a sunburst finish.
  11. A local pizza place makes a specialty pie topped with chicken, spinach, anaheim peppers, jalapenos, squash, tomatoes, feta and pepper jack. Outstanding stuff.
  12. Just thought I'd return to this thread and revive it with a picture of my modest collection.
  13. I ended up making a mulled cider for my party. A gallon of cider from the grocery, an apple, an orange, and a lemon, and an infusion of whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. Oh, and of course, a couple of bottles of dark rum. It turned out pretty goddamned good.
  14. +1 for texas flood.

  15. Nobody even knows the original. Same here. Like a lot of blues songs, it was an old staple before someone really made it their own. Speaking of which... and The Sky Is Crying He made that song his bitch. Who knew a Nine Inch Nails song could actually sound good? Rod Stewart and the Faces - I Know I'm Losing You Original is good too, but I love this rocked out version. They could probably cover anything and it would be better than the original.