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  1. Macbook Pros specs suck when compared against Alienware for the same price-point. Though I have to agree Macs are shiny (polish/finish/mag connectors/less weight etc..), I have to go with the specs every time, especially when I want to for example use OpenCL on a high-end graphics card.
  2. I've never been able to get into threesomes even when they were offered, nor polyamorous relationships..I prefer my emotional and/or physical encounters one-on-one.
  3. Alienware all day, the sweet spot for me being the m17x.
  4. Monogamy for me is effortless when in love and a struggle when not.
  5. Been listenting to this on repeat.. My favorite verse:
  6. Drunk girls are disgusting.
  7. A wolf sees a sheep and he kills it and feeds, there's not much reason involved. Some of us feel like wolves among sheep, and have to resist the very urges that come oh so naturally.
  8. Love to me means: * putting another before myself, * with every action, thinking of them and their needs, not just my own, * accepting them as they are with no desire to change them, while at the same time supporting them in their endeavors to grow as a human.
  9. There's a time and a place for everything under the sun. As long as you are in control and it doesn't control you, have fun :-)
  10. Fear is anathema. Meditate on your own death in the most horrid ways imaginable and watch it fade away.
  11. A willingness to do whatever it takes combined with an ability to make decisions based on statistics/data with no emotional input. And not letting anyone fuck with you, regardless of who they are.
  12. Money and Power. I have all the family and friendships that I need, though experiencing love once again would be nice too.
  13. Yup. I've continually experienced the urge to rape (and other things) since hitting puberty. Never given into the urge to rape as I understand logically it's wrong, and my logic is strong :-) Remaining urges are occasionally expressed against people who wrong me; that is my moral compromise. I will never harm an innocent.
  14. Thank you.