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  1. You may come back... So I'm leaving a hello, and hope you are well, wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. ♥

  2. You're encouraging people to just "ignore" the haters as if things are going to go away by themselves. It couldn't be further away from the reality and I've mentioned many of the dangers felt by the LGBT community caused by bigotry. Bigots don't disappear because they are ignored. It took the Stonewall Riot to finally oppose decades of attacks on the LGBT community by police forces, amongst many other examples that can be raised. Sodomy laws comes to mind. And good for you if you went to a parade and didn't see any. That doesn't change the reality. Please, for the good of your children, don't have children. If you think you can "raise" a kid to be "heterosexual", you are seriously going to seriously damage that child in the off-chance that he is gay. You are not heterosexual because you have sex with women. You are heterosexual because you are sexually attracted to women. The latter leads to the other, not the other way around. The same goes for homosexuality, you are gay because you are sexually attracted to men. It's what you identify as that leads to the behavior. However sexual orientation is not binary, but a wide spectrum which makes it possible for someone who identifies as heterosexual to become attracted to the same gender, and for someone who identifies as homosexual to be attracted to the opposite gender.
  3. 3 points: 1 - Current scientific research does currently point towards sexual orientation being biological or defined at birth. Studies on Twins, Number of Brothers, Epigenetics in particular. So there "is" some validity in the claim that homosexuality is biological. 2- Homosexuality was considered a mental disorder in the past (up until the 80s) until credible studies that didn't use mentally ill-patients who happened to be gay were made. Studies were made showing no psychological differences between the brains of heterosexual and homosexual patients, and so homosexuality was removed as a mental disorder in the DSM. Regardless of what anti-gay opponents may say about it being a mental disorder, their claims have already been proven to be wrong. Evelyn Hooker was the psychologist to make that study. 3- Whatever evidence may come up in favor of homosexuality that will discredit opponents, they will always fall back onto a different set of arguments, or ignore the evidence entirely. The evidence is simply useful for the judicial and educational system. Hell, they are still using the same arguments they used against blacks and interracial marriage.
  4. You found one occurrence supporting your point, but you also have to take note of the other side as well. http://grero.com/ Sort of a compilation of many of gay relationships (or implied) between gods or gods and mortals, or between morals, although the site comes off as a little sensationalistic it does mention its sources. This doesn't come off as an issue of sexual orientation, and there has been no mention in the wiki of McCray having "no desire to go back", but merely a case of finding an ideal partner ("the love of my life") and staying with that partner. That's like saying to a bisexual that he's choosing to live a "homosexual life" or a "heterosexual life" based on his/her partner's gender when the reality is that neither are true or relevant. The gender of the partner does not suddenly change and categorize the orientation of a person into a "Straight" or "Gay" category, and the same goes if the person identifies as either "Gay" or "Straight" to begin with. McCray also states that she hates "labels". You're twisting the story to fit your own beliefs.
  5. It's because you're speaking on something you have very little, if any, knowledge of. "Ignoring" isn't so easy when there are cases of violence and death threats made towards the LGBT community, or when you have legislators passing or attempting to pass legislation that would make the LGBT community second class citizens or promote dangerous organizations pretending to "convert" people. You can't go to a parade without having to face some morons with "God hates Fags" or "Repent or else" signs. 25% of homeless youths are LGBT youths abandoned by their parents after coming out. Suicide rates are higher in the LGBT community due to persecution. I could go on and on. There are gay couples who don't hold hands or show affection in public because they are afraid of getting attacked. That's how bad it actually is for the LGBT community. So yes, that you can come here and say: shows how ignorant you are on the subject.
  6. Ignorance is bliss. I'll leave it at that.
  7. Of course I haven't acknowledged the possibility because sexuality isn't a light switch that you can turn on or off at will. Sexuality is not something that can be "changed" because you want to. Again, there has been no evidence being presented of successful conversion. "Best dealt with by ignoring them" unless they are the ones drafting the laws. Ignoring them doesn't solve the issue, rather, in such cases it'd allow these legislators to get away with it and actually pass those laws. It is because their attempts are not being ignored that such ridiculous attacks on the LGBT community can be stopped, although then again, it's not always successful and Mississippi is one such example where the bill was signed into law and it pushed businesses to start using window stickers saying "We don't discriminate" in support of the LGBT community.
  8. Personal observation or testimonial holds the lowest credibility in the scientific field. Evidence must be put forward to show that conversion is possible, and yet even "ex-gays" have come out saying that conversion does not work. There are far too many reasons for people to go back in the closet due to societal pressure, even more so from their family and friends. And no, I didn't meant to twist your words by talking about conversion therapy. I was simply using what is perceived as being the most 'credible' mean of sexual conversion to show that even that has shown no success whatsoever. Going back to this part since I just came across this story: CA pastor orders Christians to 'isolate' LGBT kids and 'turn them over to Satan' This is just one of the many other attacks on LGBT folks. Worth mentioning were also anti-LGBT legislatures that were attempted to be passed in a few states under the guise of religious freedom.
  9. How can you say with certainty that it makes no sense? Sure, a gay couple cannot procreate naturally, but that does not stop them from taking other roles in society nor does it remove "sense biologically" as they may just have other purposes than procreation. A hypothesis considered by some scientists for example, would be that considering our massive world population, homosexuality could very well serve as population control. The problem is that it is not "rare", and in some parts of the world, homophobic attacks are far too common with some countries even having prison sentences and death penalty for being gay. You do not see this because I assume you are not part of a minority, or at the very least not of a sexual minority. C'mon. You're essentially saying "I don't like you for who you are, but we're still friends." You shouldn't have to make any effort to change him because there is no reason to in the first place. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. There have yet to be any evidence of a successful "gay to straight conversion". Even the previous leaders of EXODUS, a major gay conversion therapy center until it closed down last year, admitted never having seen a successful conversion and that they, "ex-gays" themselves, were still attracted to the same sex despite being in a straight relationship. Sexual orientation is not something that you can change. You may deny who you are as much as you like, pretend to be someone you're not, but you'll never manage to successfully change your sexual orientation. Here's a documentary following a (gay) doctor trying some of those conversion therapies. Worth nothing that the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organization, amongst many others, all condemn conversion therapy for not only being extremely damaging for the individuals, but for also showing no scientific results.
  10. How would you define "normal" and "abnormal"? From what we can learn from both history and biology, homosexuality seems pretty "normal" even if it doesn't and never will represent a majority of the population. I mean, we can trace back older civilizations where homosexuality was not only acceptable, but not uncommon (Ancient Greece and whatnot, even their Gods took part in this). We also have observed over 1,500 species in the animal kingdom exhibiting homosexual behaviors. Hardly makes homosexuality "abnormal" in my book. The LGBT community would LOOOOVE to be able to get over it and put this all behind. But homophobic people just won't let it go. (all different links of very recent stories) Bold mine. Can you truly say that you see him as equal when you hate the very thing he is, even if you are still friends? I don't quite believe the "get treated like you treat women" thing to be true. There is this whole conflict between what homosexuals are perceived as (weaker, effeminate, submissive, emotional, etc) and the male gender role (no emotions, strong, dominant, etc). Their negative reaction to homosexuality is as if to prove their "manhood" and not be seen as gay, not because they are closeted but because they were raised with the notion that being gay is bad and the opposite of what a man should be like. Which is complete bollocks, but how would they know when they're stuck in their small little world. But as you said, it's mostly an issue with education, or lack thereof.
  11. I have a preference for fit guys, but I find myself attracted to both skinny and very muscular guys. I can be attracted to guys with body hair if it's well-balanced and not excessive, otherwise I prefer hairless, but still. We're talking strictly about sexual attraction anyway.
  12. : Suddenly I want EG to win... but then again, I really like Na'vi. Dendi is such a troll :p
  13. Not sure I agree on the 100% part. It's a difficult thing to gauge because how do you define what falls into the spectrum or not. I mean, for all intent and purposes, I'm strictly attracted to men (I'm a guy as well), but if I can find a woman attractive physically (as in, she's very pretty), but not sexually attractive, would that fall somewhere on the spectrum and put me at maybe 95% gay rather than 100%? To answer OP's question, if I had been asked 5-6 years ago I probably would've said I was somewhere between 50-60% straight, albeit I was only attracted to girls physically/emotionally but not sexually. Nowadays I'd put myself at 100% gay, 90-95% if we consider finding someone of the opposite sex to be attractive in a non-sexual way. At the very least, that's how it is at the moment, doesn't mean I won't move somewhere else on the spectrum in a few years time.
  14. Does your INTJ acquaintance know that you are gay, and were you told by him that he was gay or was it through those mutual friends? If he doesn't know, the best bet would be to come out to him and see where it leads.
  15. Homosexuality ≠ Personality. Homosexuality = Sexual attraction to the same gender. Why is that so hard to understand for some...