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  1. eww, never.. i have a hand sanitizer for use after stop at the gas station..
  2. competition for love?.. no.. If I see person has doubts me or the other I lose the interest.. Forever.. With that being said, even if he is single after while, I would not look at this person as a possible match ever again.. That is just me :) He should be awesome enough to see at first place that there is no competition for me
  3. About an internet by the way.. I would consider not the dating sites but something like a professional forums..
  4. Trust me, as women we do :) Gym could be an option... rocketball is game for 2..
  5. It depends how old you are... And Dasterlyn gave you a good set of examples Not all the time.. Sometime I see someone similar to INTJ, but in a deep conversation I feel like screaming and running away from the lack of intelligence
  6. might be, slightly :)
  7. INTJ prefer to be ISTJ attracted to INTJ... (not surprised on this one...)
  8. And that's the good way! It will take a while to clear your mind from all the dating craziness... Someone told me you should stay single for at least half of the time of your previous relationships.. I was shocked first.. Now I get it, it works. Enjoy your life! :)
  9. when I think of a calendar it looks like a circle in my imagination, with the winter in a top part, anda summer on the bottom. Also it's more of an oval than circle. I already met two people who thinks almost the same way of a calendar
  10. I can look in the mirror for a long time thinking about this meaning... I know I am unique, but what is my mission in this world..
  11. Carla Alexandar - É Assim