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  1. No, but I do change my shirt so that it doesn't smell like the food I'm about to cook.
  2. I just finished eating the last of my homemade avocado ice cream. noms!
  3. A cheery one. The first couple of weeks I started using it, I was humming it for quite some time after I was awake.
  4. My body. Nervous system disorder that will always be a chronic thing.
  5. My MBTI tests go all over, but as of now, I tested INTJ-A 1w2 Libra/earth horse Big 5- Conscientiousness
  6. Age doesn't make a difference. It's what surrounds it that does.
  7. Mirrored reflections covering partial recognizable memories.
  8. A little, but it depends on the situation. I generally don't trust people, so if they come across as liking me, I question what their angle is. Usually within enough time I can get an idea of it. Not often, there are those few people that are genuinely nice and we become friends. For the most part, I don't get close to people because of not only their behavior, but a hunch/vibe a get that's beyond their seemingly nice exterior. I work with someone like this and although she seems very nice, my gut literally gets me to remain distant and cautious.
  9. Voldemort. Ha, so I guess my secrets out.
  10. Rum and coke. Not bad.
  11. I get irritated at the sounds of food in mouths incredibly quickly. Depending on the intensity of it, I will either leave the area or try to focus on something else that doesn't make me want to scream. It's not just people, it's a variety of sounds that get my skin crawling and patience thin. Perhaps I'm just sensitive to particular noises, therefore it's my responsibility to have a constructive outlet for it. By no means is it easy, but I find the quickest and most effective way to resolve those types of situations is to leave the area. Then, if it's a person and they ask why, I can happily explain.
  12. Yes, it happens when I write sometimes. It's as if the words simply come through me and I'm here to type them out. The middle person perhaps. Everything fits together smoothly and perfectly. Often times, when I read what I wrote at a later date, it surprises me that I did it at all. If I were to try and duplicate it, I could't do it.
  13. To ignore requires both reaction and purpose. Because each person and situation is unique, there is no black and white. It is gray at its finest. There will be no solid answer unless there is a specific situation and with that, it can not be compared to another. I have ignored for both constructive and frustrating circumstances. With each of these times, I felt it was needed and appropriate.
  14. They don't look the same to me. Maybe my eyes don't perceive it like others may. I'm aware of the sky and clouds, it was simply an example of a general agreement of the public. Scientifically, yes, that is correct in how you described it though.
  15. It makes it seem like color isn't real and is subjective to who and what is looking at it. So then, what is the true color of something? It makes it impossible to know. Most people would agree that the sky is blue, but just because most agree to anything doesn't make it correct. Very interesting.