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  1. Yes. I usually end up acting on it to get answers. When things are clarified, then all doubt is washed away. Until that point comes, I maintain doing whatever is needed to solve the situation. In those time periods, I'm usually on edge, waiting for anything to happen, and I don't trust whatever is going on. I had one of these situations recently at work and I still don't completely trust who was involved even after it was talked about.
  2. No other in ones entire life will ever truly "know" them. They may see patterns and common reactions. Maybe a few habits, but that is only the smallest fraction of any person. Depending on what is personally believed, one may never know themselves and thus, it equally relates to those around them. Perhaps the best way to have people know another, is to pick one of two things. Either spend time in the company of your own self and figure out who and what that is, or spend time in the company of others. When with others, genuinely make the effort to truly get to know them. They will often times return that kindness and get to know you.
  3. Made a blueberry cobbler this morning. I just finished eating it tonight.
  4. A friend only becomes one after much time and experience has been involved. There must be trust and openness along with having it be mutual, not one sided. If this hasn't happened, then I simply know of the person, but I won't be talking or hanging out much. I would also not refer to them as a friend. I know of people who throw that term around loosely, and for them it may be true. Mine happens to be of a different nature and is also true.
  5. Trust and privacy go hand in hand with me. The more I trust, the less private I am with someone. It's all in proportion.
  6. Complete and utter acceptance.
  7. I don't see this as being a problem.
  8. I like how this has been thoroughly thought out and analyzed. Sharing your findings was the bonus.
  9. You know what your sister is like and what she is capable of. She is not going to change because she doesn't have a reason to. The only thing that you can change is your part in it. It's your life and what you allow to happen in it is your responsibility. No one else is to blame. Do what you know will work, and stop doing what clearly is not. if you need time to formulate a plan for what you want your future to look like, then don't answer the phone or door until it's completed. When you are satisfied with how you would like your life to proceed, follow through with it.
  10. For the most part, the doctors I have seen have been nice and helpful. But there have been two instances where I wish they could have had the tables turned on them to really get a feel for how they were treating me. The most recent one, I left the office pissed and in tears. It takes a lot to get me to that point and she was being a total bitch. Hopefully life will handle her and I won't feel sorry about it.
  11. It's hit or miss with me. Either the interactions go well, or right from the start, there is friction. I have a hard time with poor me, victim types. Or ones that have nothing better to do than tear others down all of the time. If neither of those characteristics present themselves, then we usually get along just fine with whatever differences we have. There's one other personality that grates on me and those are the controlling types. There's a great variety to them though, so it depends on the extent of it.
  12. Look at the consistencies if a handful of diets are collected. There are little to no grains or dessert options, and the meal portions are smaller. Overall, anything that is done in an extreme manner won't be helpful for the long run and not likely to continue after a few weeks. Variety, balance, and portion size are the keys to success.
  13. Only if it's after something that left me feeling uneasy. Examples~ waking up after a bad dream, after watching a scary movie, or walking by myself in the dark hours outside. (usually the wee hours of the morning or later hours of the evening)
  14. Pesto pizza, cashew salted caramel ice cream, and a tall glass of water.