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  1. I would still keep my job, but it would be part time. Throw a huge party with friends and coworkers. Buy some land and build a simple home on it. Travel the world. Give a bit of it to some of my family. Donate to some worthy charities. Put some of it into a retirement fund for future fun.
  2. Only if the first line in their post is worth the rest of the explanation.
  3. Depends on how much I won and how much would actually be given to me after taxes were taken out.
  4. Oh yes, they are definitely here. I interact with them each and every day.
  5. Junk mail. For as much as they advertise, that could be used to support their needs. Cat toys. They play with trash items more. Funeral stuffs. It's seems more for the living.
  6. Totally agree with this article. Well written sir, well written.
  7. No, but I do change my shirt so that it doesn't smell like the food I'm about to cook.
  8. I just finished eating the last of my homemade avocado ice cream. noms!
  9. A cheery one. The first couple of weeks I started using it, I was humming it for quite some time after I was awake.
  10. My body. Nervous system disorder that will always be a chronic thing.
  11. My MBTI tests go all over, but as of now, I tested INTJ-A 1w2 Libra/earth horse Big 5- Conscientiousness
  12. Age doesn't make a difference. It's what surrounds it that does.
  13. Mirrored reflections covering partial recognizable memories.
  14. A little, but it depends on the situation. I generally don't trust people, so if they come across as liking me, I question what their angle is. Usually within enough time I can get an idea of it. Not often, there are those few people that are genuinely nice and we become friends. For the most part, I don't get close to people because of not only their behavior, but a hunch/vibe a get that's beyond their seemingly nice exterior. I work with someone like this and although she seems very nice, my gut literally gets me to remain distant and cautious.