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  1. Let's go Preds! ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: Hockey is about the only sport that's still cool (pun intended ) to me. With a 4-2 series win over Anaheim as of tonight, this is Nashville's first time as western conference champions!
  2. Antarctica would be a one of a kind experience.
  3. That reads like anxiety. Definitely not intuition.
  4. Societies perceptions, and averages don't take you as an individual into account. "Healthy" BMI is an over simplistic average of height and weight, nevermind skeletal structures. A person can have "normal" bmi but still have many issues obese people experience. Research: "Skinny Fat" (use the quotations). I'm in favor of skinny, and proper nutrition for everyone-no one should starved into an early grave, but skinny shouldn't be shamed either. If you understand nutrition, you can be quite skinny, and perfectly healthy. Some eat to survive, some survive to eat. To each their own.
  5. Intuition gets a bad rap because most people don't understand it. Its description is often filled with misinformation, speculation, and hyperbole. You can't compartmentalize intuition from other functions as some would have you believe. They are really a part of the same process that makes you unique. Scrutinize when necessary, but most often, have confidence in what you 'just know'.
  6. Poetry Lyrics
  7. Statistics vary, but somewhere around 5% of the (U.S.) population no longer eat meat. With 37 participants, about 1/3 of people on this forum are vegan or vegetarian. This is a bit speculative, but many on the forum are in their 30's or younger. It seems there is a correlation of youth and adopting plant based diets.
  8. You feel at home? Not only is this INTJ central, there are plenty of INTP's here, and southerners too.
  9. As another 5w4, I think most 5w4's would at least consider dating a 4w*, just like @justpassingby implies. It may be a tall order to find an elusive 5w4, but if you can find one that you click with @ButterflyPsyche, it might reduce some of the potential concerns associated with a 4 and 5 relationship. That way you could get the logical side you seek, but that person will probably relate to, and need a certain amount of emotional depth as well.
  10. Thats excellent info about algae, and really what should be common knowledge. "Take your fish oil!" "No thanks! I'll skip that, and go right to the source... mmm fish food."
  11. I believe you. That's great. So.... mostly rabbit food then? Avocado alternative suggestions? I always hated the fat in meat, careful to avoid it, and after learning about gelatin... It was a simplicity consideration. I considered the poll being herbivore (vegan), herbivore (vegetarian), omnivore, and carnivore, but that would have invited other criticisms as those terms relate to jaw and digestive physiology. Pescetarians are out there, but less common. I don't know what would you call an occassional meat eater. Any suggestions?
  12. That's my point. I'm simply advocating an agreed definition as ground rules in an effort to avoid that discussion. Threads like this, that start off with a lack of context, without fail, skew out into tangents real quick. Certain aspects may be a social construct, but the idea that the entire topic is a social construct seems to lend credance, and reify entrenched views. More specifically, social constructs change (dress grooming behvaior roles etc) and are generally subject to local tradition, but some read "gender is a social construct" and then reason "well that means that identity is a social construct, too", thus leaving it open for debate in their minds. All words are social, and a construct of vocal cord vibrations, but unless sounds are strung together properly, the meaning is lost. Even then, our words and beliefs are defined by what is intended, but often open to the intepretation of the one reading or hearing. I can believe whatever I want about what you write, but my interpretation may not be what you intend. Being on the same page is important if there is to be constructive discussion. Ambiguitiy leads to long winded replies (such as this one). In experiments, expectation of certain results can indeed produce results that reinforce beliefs. Well said. Context is important, and without it, people will not understand the discussion, and start attacking groups of people they don't understand. Most of the pop "science" is not well understood by those touting it for an argument. Perhaps, but careful understanding of components leads to a better understanding of the whole. The bank statement doesn't change based upon society's perceptions or the value placed on the numbers reflected, but I see your point. Although, with such a convoluted discussion, I will refrain from delving into metaphors which will easily result in my point being lost in traslation. My point is this: Who can deny that traditional views are being seriously questioned? Many, no longer support those traditional views, and therefore there are an increasing number of people rejecting belief in gender as a social construct. My second point: Gender role, gender identity, and gender (sex), (as you know) are not the same, but some want to roll them up into one neat little package with a bow on top. I am under no illussion that the context of this thread is regarding society's expectations of gender role, and its implications, but not everyone understands that. Why not have that delineated from the start?
  13. Thank You. I was hoping to prompt clarification, because often times people want to bring ALL of aspects of gender to create a convoluted discussion. I don't want to be redundant, but it seems that there are multiple concepts of what gender is. I simply want to ask, which one are we talking about? If we can't define some parameters on gender, some agreed definition, then how can their be a real discussion? So many times people tend to bring up physicality by referencing chromosomes to establish a foot hold for their arguments. Others speak about clothing, and traditional roles. It becomes a shooting gallery of intractable viewpoints when there is no way to keep people on task. If I understand correctly, you're saying the discussion centers on the ebb and flow of appearance, behavior, and interaction, but not biology, or identity? Y/N? Perhaps a more nuanced answer?
  14. I can picture you in a 15th century English castle banquet carefully tearing flesh from the bone. Those are wise choices to limit intake of certain foods. I have a couple food allergies myself. Not cool. Icognito. The "other" option is cannibal, but that technically falls under "meat eater", and you might want to keep that to yourself if that is the case, Mr. Dahmer. Since when does a tiger subscribe to lion logic? Aren't lions your competition? Still, I suppose willingly or unwillingly, we all concede to the cycle. I have heard that blood type can play a role in dietary choice. I have only glanced at the subject though.
  15. With so much focus on gender, it might be time to define the social construct aspect. Social Construct: an idea that has been created and accepted by the people in a society In this thread or otherwise, has society created, and accepted a unifying concept of gender? If society has not accepted a unifying concept of gender, what then, is implied as a "social construct"?