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  1. I am a 5w4, an "Iconoclast". Being a wing 4 ("artsy") is not what most people expect in an intj.
  2. Bottle it up until some poor unsuspecting fool shakes me...
  3. I still consider myself to be generation y, you know, the group that felt special when they could go visit a friend with dial-up internet. Either way I guess we have been lumped into the group that is now called "millennials". Generation z is what, 20, or 21 at the most? Not old enough to make their way in the world. There really has been no defining person or persons of gen y that I can say have had an obvious tangible impact. I don't count social networking as a tangible impact, but its definitely a waste of time and brain potential. On the other hand, we are particularly quick to adopt new technologies (I don't mean smartphones). If there is something we perceive as an improvement, we tend to believe ourselves to be savy investors in that improvement. Quick, easy, convenient, money back guarantee, limited time offer, free shipping, mail in rebate, buy one get one free, 10% off, 0% APR for the first 12 months, and a lifetime of consumerism misery for all the things that none of us need. Thats what we're good at.
  4. Tested as intj when someone asked me to take the test, didn'nt think much of it at the time. About a year later I suppose, I took the test again, then started studying the functions and descriptions and it seemed like someone was trying to describe me. Even after answering questions a little differently I still get the same result. Ever since I've found it inspiring on the path of self awareness.
  5. Angel's Envy cask strength finished in port barrels.
  6. Striving to be Creative: 14
  7. I don't I have ever complimented someone before on their avatar, but yours is awesome!

    1. artiste


      *laughs* Thank you. :)

      It's not my creation, though. I took it from the "Neuromancer" PC game.

  8. Eh, its pseudo intellectual categorization. I wouldn't put too much stock into what other people think. You know what your passions are, so feel free to pursue them, because you have no less chance of being creative than the next personality type. As INTJ's we can do anything we want to do, but you already knew that.
  9. Some of these people may simply be trolls... Let's not forget how popular trolling has become. I'd imagine a 5:1 ratio of troll to sjw. Why not take advantage of something they find humorous?
  10. Hopefully this person was not emotionally or otherwise abusive. Perhaps the INTJ had some maturity issues that need to be resolved (some Fi focus and refining is probably needed). Why are INFJ's attractive? Intj's and infj's share the introverted intuition dominant function, and that usually means someone else that can relate to the weirdness. The other 3 NT's also have dominant or secondary intuitive aspects, but the Ni dominance isn't there. Also, INFJ types tend to be the most "thinker" like, of all the other types that are not NT. What do NT types want? Likely, someone to relate to, despite the stereotype of "no feelings".
  11. My implication is, people should be free to make a choice...
  12. There will never be a study to correlate "genius" with "adhd" because the correlation will put those who advocate the diagnosis in an awkward position to explain why mind altering chemicals are being given to young "geniuses".
  13. Welcome to the club ya'll.
  14. Its not necessarily a bad thing to have a negative experience, its just that a certain percentage of those people are not prepared for it. It teaches an important lesson: Psychedelics demand respect, just like the thorns on a rose, or the bee's stinger when extracting honey. I wouldn't say I've known more than a few who have lost track of themselves and fell into the proverbial mental deep frier.
  15. A oneness, a sense of interconnectedness and therefore a greater understanding of other sentient beings (people animals). A deeper capacity for retrospective reflection. In summary, I was already a HSP, but I gained a heightened peripheral awareness. Still, I don't want to paint an unrealistic picture. I've had a few bad experiences as well that were quite unsettling. Even so, I learned from the bad experiences too. It makes a person confront the dark corners of the mind. I DO NOT recommend that or wish it on anyone though. It's really a double edge sword. A trade off for certain advantages that comes with a cost.