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  1. Well, I've already joined the Imperium fleet. Good luck with your fleet!
  2. I have spent a few years looking into both. A resource based economy CAN work but we would have to reeducate the population. The problem is that we are so tied up in the monetary system. Governments, education, everything is tied into it so changing will be supper difficult because people hate change. There are some flaws in the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement but the main idea will work. We won't be able to automate everything like what they want but we could put in a system where we work only 2 hours each day and have the rest of the day free. If you work an extra 2 hours, you get a day off.
  3. I sooo need to find a place to hangout at. I seem to be spending all my time in front of my computer if I'm not at school or working.
  4. Social skills I would say also.
  5. For me, I don't really care about holidays. I think they are just pointless.
  6. I have a couple that I have gotten from experience... Don't trust anyone. Even if you can trust them now, they can change and will. Stuff don't go as expected so expect the unexpected. Always think through everything before doing it and question your actions so you understand why you are doing it. Always learn from your mistakes. It's okay to make mistakes if you learn from than because it's going to make you are stronger person. And lastly, enjoy life. This might be the only life you will have so go out and have fun! Don't keep on pushing stuff off saying that you will do it later. If you get the opportunity, do it.
  7. I can so agree with this. I can think up all these awesome ideas but when it comes to saying them, I have a difficult time and sometimes it doesn't come out in the right way which is frustrating.
  8. Is there anyone playing Planetside 2?
  9. I've actually had people tell me that I'm way too serious. I've tried lighting up but that just felt weird.
  10. Video was good but I also liked the top ten myths! Myth #9 relates a lot to me, I like to have fun but my version of fun is totally different from other people.
  11. I still have my facebook but I was pressured into getting it. I am never going to get a twitter, even if every bugs me to get one. I feel like twitter is pointless from people twitting about pointless stuff.
  12. I enjoy scuba diving. There's a lot of stuff you can do with scuba diving. One can go into technical diving and dive in wreaks, caves, dive deep, etc. There is a lot of possibilities with scuba diving. Also it gives you the excuse to go travel!
  13. That is the best answer you can have.
  14. I find it interesting to observe nature and people and try to figure out why they do the stuff they do.
  15. For the whole entire human race, that is very unlikely but there is always the possibility. People are always going to have a way of survival if the Earth is still here.