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  1. This is way too common. I'd say most parents who show this attitude are really unaware of it, but it's extremely harmful to their children, and to the relationship between both.
  2. I suppose on my earlier years of life my old brother was the favorite one for my parents...but when he became lazy and rebellious they shifted their favoritism towards me, since I had good grades, was more calm than him, and I shared their religion views (my brother made it clear very early that he had no interest in god). ...Then I failed a couple of courses in university, and also became an atheist. Now my younger sister is the favorite one, for my father at least :P. My mother gets pissed at me for those 2 things but she doesn't care as much, since we are very similar in terms of personality. I don't really care about who's the favorite and who's not, I love my mother regardless of what she thinks, and I don't care about my father since I don't really love him...I feel like my interaction with him has always done more harm than good, I do try my best at tolerating him though, since I know that in the end he cares about me, it's just that his own family was/is kinda crap and he was horribly raised, so he became a very "flawed" person, I don't blame him for being the way he is.
  3. I like attention, but not being the "centre" :p
  4. I've never understood all the social feature fest gaming companies have been engaging in lately, is it really that popular/profitable? I barely use any of those...it bugs me that they spent so much time on that.
  5. Come on, that's just overthinking shit. Every race has certain genetic traits that makes them more prone to show certain anatomical features, I guess this is because same-race couples (therefore, reproduction) is much more common than interracial, which ends leading to each race having a distinct range of features... this is changing slowly due to globalization/multi-cultural societies, which allows for more "mixing" and therefore allowing for these "stereotypical" features to be less consolidated through reproduction, but the tendecy exist nonetheless, so it's pretty normal if you don't like a certain "race", considering most members on said race have a certain set of distinct facial/anatomical features that you just don't find attractive. What do you feel attractive to and why is a whole different issue I think (I guess it relates to what stimuli is presented to you more consistently through life or something, I don't know).
  6. I'm not surprised with the poll results, I kinda expected those results in such a forum :p, Anyways, I honestly think most people would find me average...I guess it's up to my personality to make an impression (that's not good!)
  7. I'd actually expect that sort of reaction from my father, not my mother. He's obsessed with me marrying a "good, catholic, virgin" girl with blonde hair and blue eyes...I've had enough problems with him already because of the women I dated previously, and even though I have made clear I'll date whoever I like, he's a shadow that I cannot completely banish from my thoughts...it's really frustrating.
  8. I do it a lot, it's a guilty pleasure...I try to contain as much as possible if I'm not around my family or close friends
  9. I've never understand dick picks, or vag picks for that matter. How can anyone get turned on by those things. Also, feet...silly fetish.
  10. 136, 18 out of 19 with around 2 minutes left (I think, maybe less). I guess it's kinda accurate? I did a bigger test like 7 years ago and I got 135 or 134, I don't remember exactly. ...I had the worst time for the first 3 or 4 minutes though, I think doing maths regularly helps "mental swiftness" A LOT (something I haven't done in 3 years).
  11. If he's really depressed I guess he should try looking for professional help (aka therapy), even if you are the most supportive girlfriend in the world he won't just snap out of his condition because of love. I don't know how to convince someone with depression in going though .
  12. I think it's recommended to use a dose of albuterol before starting exercise in order to prevent the collapse of the air pathway. Warming up also prepares your cardiac and respiratory systems beforehand and reduces the chance of having an asthmatic crisis during exercise, so it's always important to do it. (I guess you already know all that, but it doesn't hurt to remind :P) Anyways, regarding OP's friend...I agree that controlling her obesity and doing exercise would help her, I doubt it would make the asthma disappear completely, but at least it would be much easier to control. It's weird that she claims there's no way to control her asthma though... as far as I know, conventional medication for asthma is really successful, unless the patient itself is not following the usage instructions properly, or the doctor didn't made a good estimation of how severe is the patient's condition. Be careful with being too condescending with her though, she'll just keep raising her shields that way. Maybe if you offer her to exercise together she would feel more motivated in trying (I know it means more work for you, but I really can't see a good solution that doesn't involve spending a good amount of time helping her)
  13. Isn't this another way to ask "are you happy with your life"? anyways, no, I enjoy existence.
  14. Uh...I don't know, I see myself as a really slow thinker, pretty average or mediocre in terms of analytical intelligence. I do think I have good common sense though
  15. I guess there's a tendency. I'd say most INTX people hold their intelligence on high regard, which tends to a make them a bit arrogant, if you couple that with how most INTJ/P people see themselves within society, it's no surprise that many end turning misanthropic. I was really misanthropic when I was younger, but being able to understand that people have certain backgrounds which shape who they are, in ways that they cannot control, helped me to be more tolerant and empathetic.