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  1. thank you. I will try that tomorrow or when he asks to do something next time!
  2. Yes, thats what I am worried about too. Do you have any advice on how I can make it slow down? Should I make up excuses on why I can't go? Or should I tell him to slow it down?
  3. Thank you for the great advice. I am absolutely going to do the lists and the article was very interesting! The bolded parts was really something I needed. Thank you for your advise. It is hard to know where the smart suspicious thoughts end and the crazy ones start. I will try and make my self more busy! I wish we weren't on a break right now or else I would have a bunch of school work to do.
  4. When your secondary function gets suppressed and your teriarty takes over. In this case my Te gets suppressed and my Fi steps up to do the job, but Ni and Fi don't work to well with each other. I wish I could link you to an article that explains it way better than I ever can but my post count isn't high enough. Everything from him turning out to be a dick in the end, him being a player, me falling to fast and me me being stupid. My thoughts are going crazy and in every direction, there are thousands of them and I can't get a piece of calm.
  5. this guy added me on Facebook on the seventh. I, as usual when I don't recognize a person who adds me, asked who he was. His answer was that his niece (he is 19, I am 18) is in my class. And I got a bit annoyed as I thought that was no reason to add me but as I asked a few more questions I learned that we went to the same maths class last year. In the end I added him. A few days later we had a short 'hey, what are you doing?' conversation. On the 14th I got chocolate delivered to my home which I found a bit weird but I thanked him for it. The next day he asked me If I could meet him so we took a long walk around town talking and when it cold we took a ride in his car instead. We had a very nice time and I got home after four hours. And on wednesday we are going to meet up and watch a movie. The thing is since friday I have had quite a few paranoid thoughts and I can't get them to stop. I know they are unreasonable but I still can't let them go. My stomach hurts and I just want to hide somewhere for a week or two. I am afraid of my feelings, my self and him. I have had rather paranoid thoughts and feelings before but not like this so I suspect this to be a ni-fi loop and I am looking for some advice on how to get out of it. I like to add that this is the closest I have ever gotten to dating someone and I have never even gotten close to kissing someone.