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  1. knowledge,improvement and ambition
  2. Desire is the key. also break your plan into manageable pieces because the more complicated the plan is the more it is susceptible to procastination
  3. fear itself
  4. Illogical people shitty backstabbers blabbermouth arrogant people people who feels that they know all in fact they do not
  5. Very cool and awesome games thanks guys. as for the game TETRIS
  6. Read the book think and grow rich by napoleon hill or working with emotional intelligence by daniel goleman
  7. According to Carl Jung It is called persona or public mask
  8. Black/Blue Metal mustang
  9. Leader Test Results Einstein
  10. You Scored as Impenetrable skin usually coincides with super strength, with this, you can have stone or metal skin which makes you almost invincible. massive stature and weapons optimize this power. Impenetrable skin 83% Hydrokinesis 71% Healing ability 71% Teleportation 67% Telekinesis/mind control 64% Self Duplication 56% Animal morphing 50% Florakinesis 50% Pyrokinesis 33%
  11. classical,jazz,bebop,heavy metal,rock n roll,thrash metal,blues,death metal,metal core
  12. @Zombicide according to Robert Sternberg high IQ can predict the academic success of a person. that is why good grades sometimes attributed to high IQ. But you are right man there is a lot of factors that can affect academic success bullying,professors,environment etc...
  13. Is there any average IQ INTJ in this forum? Intj's usually perfectionist when it comes to grades so how did you cope up if your grades are not high as other people? or did you get any failing remarks before? how did you handle it?
  14. @DarkWaters It depends how you perceive failure. Successful people usually perceive failure as a fuel to success. They are always hungry until they achieve their goals no matter what happens along the way.
  15. I'm wondering INTJ's what are your most scariest dream?