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  1. Hmmm. Do they ask you when you realized you were straight? ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: In casual conversations, however....in some contexts such questions would not be innocuous. You didn't indicate in your list of questions (the original list) that you were posing those queries within contexts where they would not be perceived as intrusive and ill-mannered. Being asked if you're gay at a gay bar is different from being asked the same question in casual conversation.
  2. Not at all, no. That's an observation. Your questions regarding a person's sexual orientation are indeed intrusive and personal. Do people in your context go around asking this of folks?
  3. So your particular context, then. Do you all actually go around asking all of these probing and intrusive personal questions of one another (I'm referring to your other questions here regarding sexual orientation, etc.).
  4. So in which contexts would asking your questions about the racial differences between a person and their SO be anything but ill-mannered?
  5. Nope. It's simply what you posted yourself, Major Chord.
  6. Asking if someone attended university (or what they studied at university) isn't ill-mannered. What is ill-mannered is asking someone questions as you phrased them in your list about the racial differences between the addressee and his/her SO, or about private and very personal information about a person's sexual orientation. Very intrusive.
  7. Some of your questions were rather ill-mannered, Major Chord. C'mon, surely you know that. Right?
  8. I tend to think of myself as a loving person (towards those I love, that is), and generally well-meaning (or perhaps benignly indifferent?) towards those I don't love. As for feeling 'lovable' (or its opposite), I don't think in those terms about myself at all.
  9. It has nothing to do with anyone as a person. It has to do with the fact that some people differentiate between ideas/concepts/etc. on the one hand, and art (including music, stories, topiary sculptures, and fingerpainting) on the other.
  10. I think it needed saying, because of the references to specific types of texts in the discussion (in particular narrative texts, which are art forms).
  11. So there you go. You believe that there is meaning 'behind' the phenomena, beyond human comprehension, but which comes through to human observers (that thing you feel gratitude about). But you also seem to believe that you, the human observer, invest phenomena with meaning. Laugh it up and play golf, if it please you, vertie.
  12. According to your system of beliefs, that is true for you, yeah. You are referring to something outwith the system of signification, is that right?
  13. I must be missing the same something too, since it's pretty clear that nothing - from scratches in the dust to rocks and sunsets - has 'meaning' unless it has first been 'processed'.