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  1. I enjoy scents - natural ones as opposed to synthetic or 'processed' ones, mostly, although I've discovered a few exceptions...but most perfumes and colognes are way too harsh, and give me migraines. My favourite 'proper' perfumes are 'green tea' scented and my mum's Chanel No. 5, which she used to use whenever she went out with my father (and because anything associated with my mother is cherished). I never really use scent, though, because both my mother and my husband are allergic. So the scents live in a drawer and are indulged in on the sly.
  2. Yep. No idea about personality type - I'd say most of them were extroverts of one kind or another, given the fact that most of them had some kind of 'group' to back them up. I didn't cope very well with the bullying I received in school, in that it did me a lot of damage. Walk away, if possible, that's my advice.
  3. How to sum it up? Um. Counter-narrations something-something postcolonial literature something-something undermining imperialistic impulses colonialism validating agency of indigenous something-something mumble mumble liminality something something something with a side-track of ragged-trousered philanthropists and that guy Orwell, with lashings of my Homi K. Bhabha and Edward Said and yeah, Fanon.
  4. Not a vegetarian, but we eat very little meat. We keep things extremely simple. I don't like using a shit-ton of ingredients in my cooking, if I can avoid it, because I don't like muddying the flavours or overwhelming my palate, which is quite sensitive. We eat a lot of raw fruit and veggies for snacks - mangoes, avocados, apples, oranges, tomatoes, other salad stuff (lettuces, mixed greens, kale, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, etc...the list is nearly endless). I love veggie lasagnas....they're superior to meat-based ones, in my view. More flavourful and 'bright', light and zingy, and without that heavy baseline of ground meat, which just deadens everything else. It's a dull undertone in an otherwise joyful dish. When I include meat (or fish) in a meal, it tends to be surrounded by plant-based dishes - salads, cooked veggies, rice and veggies - and serves as an accompaniment to the veggies/fruits, rather than is usual/conventional, which is to view veggies as side-dishes for the meat. I've noticed, as we've gradually reduced our meat intake, that we crave vegetables and fruits, and not meats. Even steak is taking a back seat to vegetarian dishes. Until recently, I would always make a steak dinner for us once a week, but now, more often than not, I opt for something else - an egg and salad dish; homemade veggie soups, pasta and veggies. Fish is slowly going the same way, although I love a bit of haddock or salmon once a week. So, there aren't any 'rules' or 'philosophies' associated with our gradual shift towards plant vs. meat eating. We simply find that we prefer not eating meat. I've been noticing that I feel a bit grossed out when cooking and then eating a steak now, whereas I don't feel that way after eating an omelette with a salad, or some other veggie-based meal. I cannot for the life of me buy chicken, never mind prepare, cook, and eat it. The thought of touching it makes me want to barf.
  5. Mads...

    I saw this article, relating to the Handmaid's Tale and thought you might like to take a peek.

    I'm on the "edge of my seat" engaged in the TV series and already looking forward to next week's episode :thumbsup:


  6. Inconsiderate, disrespectful, and unreliable people? Don't waste any emotional energy on people like that.
  7. INFP, for sure. I see a few reputed INFJs in there too, however (Leonard Cohen, Annie Lennox, Prince, Florence Welch, Virginia Woolf).
  8. Marinated striploin steak, with an asparagus dish and oven-roasted portabella mushrooms.
  9. "About Madden Currently Viewing Topic: What book are you reading right now? Enneagram: 5w4" That's what this particular 5w4 is thinking about right now. I don't have any opinions on '4's' at all (so far). What are they like?
  10. The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon and The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu
  11. Regarding the bonsai (the species I linked in particular)...just to note that I'm no bonsai expert, and I managed to keep my little plant buddy going with very little upkeep. Until I knocked it off my fridge, that is.
  12. I don't shop at any particular store. In fact, I don't do much shopping at all for clothes. I will have a clothing binge every couple of years (usually in Glasgow and Edinburgh), and will also shop at the other end of the shopping spectrum - at charity shops and Goodwill stores (I often find good-quality skirts at those places....). At the beginning of each season, I'll buy new bits and pieces if I need to replace anything. Otherwise, clothing stores might as well shut down completely for all I care. I don't pay much attention to fashions, never have. I wear what pleases me. The stuff I tend to be attracted to seems timeless. I have skirts that I wore in high school, for example, and they're still 'in style'. I tend to wear short skirts of various patterns and colours (mostly dark, muted and simple), black opaque tights, black or burgundy leather mary-jane heels, long tops (thin tunic sweaters, or tank tops, with long light open sweaters). A mid-length black pea coat in the winter. I have some simple close-fitting dresses for going out. A long woolly scarf, gloves. Black boots (I have knee-length ones, and ankle-length, for trousers/jeans). Summers I tend to wear simple long tank tops, athletic shorts, shortish summer dresses, light summer trousers, open-toed sandals, thin-fabric skirts (both long and short, depending on mood), and sunglasses. Always sunglasses when I go out. I'd say 'my style' is classic, leaning minimalistic, and understated.