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  1. well if that what you go for...luck to you buddy. ---------- Post added 05-04-2013 at 10:55 PM ---------- as an inxj female, I hate the games played. seen through and wondered wtf? why? who needs to be staunch to not show something 1st? what does it matter? flirting shmirting, honesty and being up-front has worked for me. but I am a female, and probably guys appreciate a woman saying hey...
  2. tactical panda has said it all. nice post.
  3. practical application and theoretical knowledge - no brainer. both needed. there shouldn't be a division
  4. the term 'animal' is more than accurate for woman. I have to take offence to. a sex object? she sees you as that too right? then you are just fulfilling an animalistic need for her too - it goes both ways ---------- Post added 03-23-2013 at 10:15 PM ---------- fuk the 'progressive' sexual beliefs - nothing progressive in continuing to be a sexist wanker. there is a pervasive attitude that still continues; that women are sex objects to be used and abused (ie: emotionally taken for a ride because i understand your basic biological intentions) that is bullshit.
  5. you guys are forgetting it is a visual language firstly. lines can create a jaggedness visually, regardless of vectors and order in that language. colour can recede or advance - you can play with that to create order or chaos. ^ever hear of synaethsesia? a disorder (lol) that causes the person hearing music to see colours - can be incredibly nauseus at times apparently
  6. chiaroscuro is tonal gradation - very ordered & systematic. not chaotic at all as posted above. curved/jagged was referred to in line drawing. neo-classical architecture could be contrasted with neo-gothic or such like for the calm/jagged analogy. nice post, there are many many principles of Art.
  7. no way would I void it! but I am an infj. all of those heartbreaks, disappointments, unrequited whatevers just lead to a better development of who you are, and what you want. absolutely agree with above post - life would be lifeless without it.
  8. energy, or 'passion' for a subject of interest is intensely appealing
  9. you just know - the 'n' is at work
  10. a mature infj of course
  11. I am an infj and do understand a lot about the intj personality. currently have a 'sex' thing with an intj. whilst this is great & almost impersonal (which is ok right now because I am super busy with work & study commitments), I would be completely and unequivocally responsive to something more serious. The intj's personality perfectly complements mine, in that I am given my own space, honesty/bluntness is a total plus, & the sex is great. was in a relationship with an 'f', and I hated the demands of my time and constant reassurances that 'we' were ok. my 2cents worth as a non-intj
  12. are you serious? i just want to laugh at your arrogant ingrained sexism, which you have taken as fact. i wonder how many 30-40 year old women you know ---------- Post added 02-16-2013 at 11:50 PM ---------- .-I don't believe in the valuation of people anyway. my god judgements abound in the young & arrogant
  13. yup unconditioonal love exists, but it usually only one sided