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  1. There is absolutely no commonality in the people I have chosen to date. However, the ones who were my complete opposite went down in flames. Attraction is unpredictable and some people choose to turn a blind eye to something that just isn't working... for whatever reason. I think it is best to choose someone who compliments your shortcomings. The answer is there is no answer.
  2. I don't think there is anything that could offend me. That may be the reason I don't place limits on humor. Don't take it personally... better to laugh than cry or be angry.
  3. Sometimes I show love in odd ways... like telling her to get a jacket or just grabbing one myself because I know she will get cold. I have even given a girl my jacket though I was freezing; I'd rather her be comfortable. I give very thoughtful gifts because I listen to wants and needs and take mental note. I fix things that aren't working properly or streamline a process to make it easier. I take her car while she's still sleeping to get the oil changed/tires rotated/ brakes checked. I actively look for nearby concerts of her favorite bands. I check the traffic and tell her the quickest way to get home to me. Mostly acts of service is how I show my love. BIG BIG tip: If you show your INTJ that you are trusting and autonomous, you will reap massive rewards of appreciation. Let us do our thing... we are always happy to come home to a relationship like that!
  4. My ex-girlfriend used to get so angry when I would come home from work and say hello to my dog first. How could I resist?? He is always so happy to see me, he doesn't make demands, he doesn't force me to have a realtionship with his mother.... Dog stays, girlfriend goes. It is MUCH easier to be affectionate with an animal because it doesn't involve words; it's all energy and touch.
  5. INTJ's have a love of words and being able to speak properly with any person. We like to be thought of as intelligent and witty. From 5th grade all the way through college I carried around an electronic, pocket dictionary/thesaurus. I wanted to know everything. By 6th grade I was reading Jane Eyre and had a 12th grade reading level. My love of words and writing has gotten me very far, especially in the English class department. I even had a teacher in college that would let me leave class because I "looked bored". There is a fine line between intelligent conversation and channeling Nathaniel Hawthorne. I agree with being concise and choosing the appropriate words; otherwise you come off as an asshat proper.
  6. It seems, to me, that physical punishment is more for the parents' ease than the child's benefit. I have worked in early childhood education and there is rarely a problem that cannot be solved using other methods (taking away priviledge, time-out, hard labor - hah). I was an extremely defiant child and I was spanked with a belt, tiny tree limbs, a wooden shoe, a remote, hands, etc. I think it takes much more patience and gumption to figure out the root of the behavior by talking with the child as an adult. Hitting just reinforces that impatient behavior and promotes getting physical when angry.
  7. Definitely cremation... we don't have enough space for burials!!! Which sounds better: Being reduced to ash in an incinerator at minimal cost to your surviving family OR an expensive funeral and death encasement where your skin will rot away from your bones and maggots will crawl over evry inch of your body eating your decomposed flesh. Pick. ---------- Post added 04-16-2013 at 10:00 AM ---------- After I've been sold for parts, of course! When I don't want to live anymore, I'll just put all my functional organs and my soul on ebay (make the family some money) then call 911 and off myself in an ice bath.
  8. I think we can all agree we like our personal space. Coming from someone who has had to sit beside very large people on more than one occasion, I say make them pay more and get more space because they are taking all mine!!! **When it is impossible for you to remove your huge arm from a quarter of my seat space, it's time for a regulation change.
  9. Not when you are gay :) The problem lies with trust. If you trust your partner then let them make their own decisions about their life outside of you. If they wrong you somehow, never speak to them again...hah! My most recent ex never gave me space of my own because she was so co-dependant. INTJs need their space and trust, otherwise we will be pushed far, far away. I now believe the only viable relationship options are serial monogamy and polyamory. We be love nomads. Lastly, confidence is super attractive and desirable. Be confident in yourself, your partner and you relationship and that kind of thinking will only bring about positive feelings.
  10. Some people just don't have a clue how to market themselves or how others perceive them (maybe they don't care enough)...especially in a professional setting. Corporate actors - Some people can't act. Would you like fries with that? I'm not making fun of the lovely fast-food workers. I wish everyone had more respect for those who work the blue-collar jobs. Not everyone can be a doctor, lawyer, CPA, etc. We all need to respect eachother as contributors to a whole.
  11. INTJs... controlling and unapproachable, yes, but passive-aggressive?? Not usually something you hear when speaking of an INTJ. More like rude or mean haha!
  12. This is going to sound strange and implausible.... I do have a job where I have to leave-off/resume projects constantly. The human brain can only focus for something like 40 minutes at a time. SO, my idea has been to simultaneously multi-task using Spotify, Netflix, whatever projects I have going, Outlook, this forum, etc. By mixing in things I actually care about, I break up the monotony and am able to produce more work.
  13. All Bell and no Tesla!
  14. Intellectual Property Assistant. Patents, trademarks, copyrights...oh my!