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  1. Hey yea lots and lots have changed I don't even know where to start xD

  2. Hey Dast. I just popped backed onto the forum and a lot has changed for me... holy shit. I saw that we talked and I thought it'd be nice to talk again. How is life treating you?

  3. Hey, did a google search for INTJs in Omaha and your post popped up. You still lurking around these forums?

  4. I suck at love. I get way too excited way to easily, which leads to disappointment. The natural optimist learning to be pessimistic. I indulge in wishful thinking, but the flip side is I won't settle for someone I'm not attracted(personally and physically) to.
  5. Yeah, I thought the same thing at first, but then I realized MBTI was only scratching the surface. I really wanted to understand my own and others thoughts. The examples where only apparently observable to those close to me or acquaintances under stress (short/long term). I was curious if anyone looked into it. No shame in asking I guess.
  6. Teleportation is my #1 Go anywhere, do anything. Telekinesis/mind control #2 I love being able to interact with and manipulate things mind control would be a little scary to have... I would read peoples minds all the time, not a good thing Teleportation 100% Telekinesis/mind control 93% Healing ability 86% Self Duplication 81% Hydrokinesis 64% Florakinesis 64% Pyrokinesis 56% Impenetrable skin 42% Animal morphing 33%
  7. I have ADD but I have never had more than 6 or 7 tabs but that is only if I am juggling alot of info at once like cross referencing and comparing info. someone in my family always leaves the 20 tabs on their tablet but they are a J and older
  8. I was wonder if how many other people have looked into Millon Evolutionary Theory. I am an ENFP classified as Exuberant/Hypomanic If observed this in a few other types I have come into contact with: -ENTPs (Sociable/Histrionic), (Pessimistic/Melancholic) -ESFJ (Capricious/Borderline) -INTJs (Confident/Narcissistic);), (Shy/Avoidant) -ISFJ (Cooperative/Dependent)? Is anyone else aware of these? Do you know what you are? Can people change based on confidence?
  9. Thanks for the input. my mind just naturally goes all the Happy go good possibilities. Sometimes I need that down to earth person to grab me, slap me across the face and say "snap out of it man!". I mentioned the emotional roller coaster because some "INTJ" mentioned it with an ENFP over on some other forum. Would it be rational to guess that the other INTJ I dated said she was busy bc she didnt want to be around me any longer? this happened in the second half of the relationship, all though her friends say shes impossible to find time with because she keeps herself busy. I wish she would have just told me but I can't worry about it now. (she a soph, I a senior) Schedule was an idea for an/any-other established relationship. Not something that just started up. Its an idea. -Parental wisdom used to tell me "you should make sure, when your married, to go out on a date once a month at least" I wondered if an idea like that would hold in any LTR (Like if after 3/4 months,& still going strong) with INTJ just for future reference. ---------- Post added 02-22-2013 at 01:54 PM ---------- yeah that is why I only said my first name so she would do the same and didn't inquire into her schedule for that very reason. ---------- Post added 02-22-2013 at 02:05 PM ---------- lets go with strange and brilliant
  10. A lot of this is for future reference also
  11. I recently met an cute female INTJ in a study lounge at my collage using tips from a INTJ on this forum. I used my personality typing skills to identify her from a distance. I sat across from her and after a few minutes I got the courage to speak up. I asked her if she'd mind if I asked questions about herself. I told her pretty quickly that I guessed she was INTJ, (but didn't elaborate). I continued ask her questions about how she thought about things, using process of elimination and my knowledge of the how the functions work to be certain of my first guess. Once I was certain I pulled up her personality description on my computer and showed her. I watched her eyes move back and forth across the screen. She smiled, smirked and nodded as she read it and confirmed my conclusion. We continued to talk, she asked if I was taking a psych class, I explained that I always find my self studying new subjects for fun and that studying personality types helps me understand and read people. She asked if I use that "power" for good or bad. I said mostly good because I like to understand others perspectives but said that I can use it to assess someone elses thinking and identify the flaws in their argument or thought process. (wasnt sure if that made her a lil uneasy that I would use it on her) I commented on the book she had out which was on speaking Japanese, I said something in garbled made up eastern talk and asked what it meant in Japanese. She said it didn't mean anything in Japanese and informed me I was speaking in Chinese She asked me about my history book and I bushed it off saying I liked understanding how things happened but history wasn't something I was perusing She inquired about how you could read a person, and figure out something from their persona from afar. I told her about how people talk, walk and dress all are clues. How they interact with people they know and don't know. I said she probably knows some people who wont stop talking about gossip and the day to day things, and she laughed out loud over some of my humorous imitations of what this looked like. She told me she had to go soon and mentioned she usually studies here at this time. I told her my first name and she told me hers. As she started up and said bye I gave her I huge exaggerated wink, her face became a mix of bewilderment and little bit of amusement. I'm told its is a good Idea to be honest with INTJ and I like that. Something I'm worried about doing with any potential love interest is going to quickly, I want to be up front if we start talking but I don't want her to pull back and be scared that I'm making her deal with emotions if she doesn't understand them. I'd like to take it slow, but be honest about what I want. I don't want me and her (or any future person) to get swept up in some emotional roller coaster where I build my expectations up to a standard we can't meet. If I meet her again soon and its going well should I tell her if I have feelings and that I want to peruse a relationship? If I'm flirty without making my intentions clear that confuse her, Right? I was wondering if laying out a reasonable standards of time that can be spent together would be a good idea with an INTJ or if that would be confining and feel controlling? Its just that I did have an INTJ and she never knew weather or not she'd be available. I don't enjoy getting may hopes up to see some one only to be let down. I'd rather know "yes Ill be able to do this then" Or " no sorry Im busy for the next...etc." This mite just be a convo between you and me Dasty
  12. Yup yup. Sounds great ^. ^

  13. I'm going to start a thread about pursuing the INTJ female some time tonight. That way we don't have to go back and forth via profile and others can chime in.

  14. Oh...the suit I'm wearing in my pic is one the ENFJ helped pick out for prom She wore a black dress decorated with giant pink Lips