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    A 19 years old female, loves astronomy, physics, J.R.R.Tolkien's mythology and Sir Doyle's works :)
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    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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    Reading,gaining knowledge,and in the future,teaching,researching and adventuring around the world :)
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  1. I don't tend to think that any type is superior to the others, however, I believe that all introverts and thinkers (i.e: all types with an "I" and a "T") are somewhat privileged, for unlike the types with an "E" and "F", they find happiness alone and needn't anyone to "complete their lives" and it's more likely that they make the right decisions; following what their pragmatic thinking tells them instead of following their "feelings".
  2. One thing that hasn't ever changed about me since I was a child is that I LOVE pranks xD And your room mates deserve to be pranked since, as you've described them, they're just mean, irresponsible and inconsiderate. I suggest that on the day you move out, you sprinkle some yucky, smelly peeled fish scales all over their stuff loool :p (eg: pillows, clothes, maybe even in their shampoo containers hahaha xD) they'll just smell something veeeery bad everywhere but I don't think they'll really notice where it comes from (given that they smoke pot hahaha xD). Good luck, and be sure not to get in any trouble :p
  3. Great to see all your replies; and it's interesting to read all the differences in the strength of introversion among different INTJs :) Lol I loved this one xD And yes, I am like this too, if my flatmate was chatty and clingy, I'd be dead by now lol. From the beginning I made things clear and told her: "my nature is not to make friends, I'll help you when you need help, I'll be as nice to you as I am with everyone, but I just don't wanna be friends, we're just flatmates" and she completely understood :)
  4. Other than the MBTI test results regarding the "strength" of your introversion, how would you describe it? I.e: what are the things that you do and that tell you and the people around you that you're an introvert? And what are the thoughts that you have regarding social interactions? To what extent and to what level of intimacy would you let your relationship with someone get?..etc, just feel free to describe how you're an introvert; I'd like to read all your answers and compare them with mine; seeing how other introverts are like :) _______ *How I describe my introversion: My introversion started when I first became passionately interested in science for some reason (and I believe that at that point, I *became* an INTJ, for I completely changed!). I started to drift away from my friends who were quite many before I changed, and until now, I only have one friend remaining; and the only reason she remains is because she makes the effort to stay in my life. And my other friend is my older sister. Even though I call them my best friends (while it's more accurate to call them my only friends), they're not at all close to me; my world, my thoughts, what goes around in my life is almost completely separated from theirs, both while me and my sister shared the room and right now, when I'm on the other side of the globe, away from both friends. And once I made my transition to Canada, and now live on my own, my introversion has become even much stronger. I won't be lying when I tell you that I spend whole weekends without speaking a single word to any human being, and I've absolutely no problem with that; I actually love such weekends! I've been here for nearly 6 months now and haven't made a single friend; not because I can't, but because I honestly don't want to. I now consider my own "world" to be "sacred"; no one should ever enter it but me. I love to have my own space, for myself and only myself, all the time. I can't bare the thought of letting any human being be so close to me to the point that I'd let that person into my world. My individuality and my independence are the most important to me; for when I have them, I can breathe, dream, live happily. Whenever have any sort of a social relation to someone, I feel *obligated* to contact that person, and this is one of the things I hate most! What made me realize how strong my introversion is, is when my best friend whom I haven't seen for over 9 months, told me she wants to visit me (traveling from Dubai all the way to Canada) and I didn't really like that she'll visit :/ it's not that I don't miss her, or don't care about her, she's my best friend since childhood, we're practically sisters, but it's just that I feel that if she came, she'll enter "my world" and become closer to me, which I would really hate, for it'll somewhat interrupt with my individuality. __________ I can write more, much more, but I believe that you'll just get bored, so introverts, feel free to express your introversion here :)
  5. Watch/read the lord of the rings or read any of the other Tolkien books Meditate, think deeply about my life at the moment; make deductions about it, come upon realizations and conclusions and write them down *Shopping can sometimes help as well xD
  6. I just watched it and loved it! :D Thank you so much for sharing ^_^

  7. Good to have you here on the forum, welcome and enjoy your stay.

    Here is an inspirational video about introversion if you haven't seen it yet.

  8. Shopping, of course! :D
  9. Hello bear xD My name's Asma, from Dubai living in Canada, currently a student :)

  10. Well, hello there. Who are you?

    I'm The Bear.

  11. Having lunch while watching the big bang theory
  12. I think it's really rude to point out such a thing in front of a large crowd; knowing that the person who says it means that it's a bad thing. I honestly don't understand why most people see those that are always alone as "outcasts" or "miserable"; those people may simply prefer being alone! I've been in university since September and I haven't made a single friend, I sit alone, walk alone, rarely ever seen talking to anyone. If I wanted to make friends, I'd be having a dozen by now, for I've already been "introduced" to a bunch of students. But the thing is, I'm never interested in talking again to any of those whom I've been introduced to, neither intiating conversation with anyone else. No one has ever pointed out that I'm always alone (because I rarely ever talk to anyone, probably) but I know that some think it, for I often notice a number of guys staring at me frequently during classes (which creeps me out, but I always ignore). Just forget about what happened, don't be embarrassed that many people heard him say this to you; be proud of who you are, and happy that you're not like those who can't be happy without having social connections and that you're happy and content while being on your own :)
  13. Only chrome on my laptop, and safari on my ipad.
  14. Color: White <3 pastel colors, navy, red. Music: None, I don't listen to music. (Lol, some may think I'm inhuman for not liking music, but really, it's just noise..And no I haven't been "listening to the wrong artists" xD). Car: Not a big fan of them, not even planning on ever driving lol, but I know I like Porsche 911, looks cute.
  15. I'd do lots of shopping, and travel to almost every spot on Earth with the least light pollution; to get to see all the beauties in the night sky + travel to the far north and far south to witness both northern and southern lights (along with the Magellanic clouds in the south <3 ) + go to all the awesome places I've always wanted to visit (the grand canyon, death valley, all ancient Egyptian sites, ..etc!). I'll then save whatever's left from the money for the future :p