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  1. It's up to you if you end up alone or not. If you want friends then try to make some. It's not that hard, but it'll take some time obviously. You're just 18 don't sweat it. Just tell us if you want advice on making friends. There are more than enough experienced INTJ's here to give great advice for you. Honestly just googling it would have done the job.
  2. I don't agree that it's the most destructive, but it's up there. I'd need some more examples to prove that it's the most destructive. I feel hate can easily top it. Just look at the Mexican Cartels and gangsters in general. They'll kill someone simply for wearing a certain color let alone requite for any type of offense. Kill a member of Zetas and they'll decapitate your family. Did Hitler have so many Jews killed because of shame or embarrassment?
  3. I remember reading that when most people argue they don't argue on what's the truth. They argue on being right no matter what. Edit: well not no matter what, but you understand what I'm saying.
  4. Thanks for reminding me to get some tomorrow at the grocery store. Haven't had that stuff in quite a while. I remember it being great on pizza.
  5. Why would they put on two price stickers on it?
  6. Thank you kind sir or madame

  7. I like your name and picture combination

  8. Anyone want to tell me how other men prefer it? For some reason I'm interested in how non-INTJ types prefer things in life.
  9. Yea she sounds arrogant. If it needs to be addressed you should talk to her about it. Try to tell her that she should be more humble because being so arrogant makes her look bad. If I were in your situation I'd be playful about it since it needs to be said although it's not that big of a deal. Honestly I can't even imagine any other way to get your point across without it being a bit awkward.
  10. Use some of the money for the necessities of the moment. And then this for the rest of the money.
  11. teach me how to hack or I hack you
  12. Who ever said anything about refusing to see his side of the story? Showing your anger is better than simply seeing it from his point of view.I'm not saying she should simply get angry and ignore what he has to say about it. I'm saying she should let him know she's angry because she doesn't really make it seem like it's worth getting angry for. When she's obviously pissed off about it. I just think she should really let him know he fucked up and he shouldn't get away with it(by getting a little discussion about why he shouldn't post nudes of her online) if he intentionally did this to her. And I would love to hear what this guy has to say once she confronts him. Do you have a better reason as to why he did what he did? It was either an accident or he's an inconsiderate prick.