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    Achiever 3
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    Midwest by way of the East Coast. I'm consistently described as "quirky" and "nerdy.&
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    Kansas City
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    Biomedical Librarian
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    travel, medicine, fashion, science, technology, papercrafting, cooking, gaming, biostatistics, tea
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  1. We are planning on cooking Chile Rellenos, Mexican Couscous and salad.
  2. Coke Zero Vanilla
  3. Tonight I will have the left over pasta I made. FYI, fiddlehead ferns can be ordered HERE
  4. The Neighbourhood- "Sweater Weather (Little Daylight Remix)"
  5. It was so nice on Wednesday (85), then the temperature dropped yesterday/today (41) and it snowed! No more spring dresses, at least not until mid-May. Pants (Skimmers) in "zig zag" Shirt (White) Flats (Black) Scarf (similar to THIS) On the way in I definitely wore my wellies though.
  6. Since it is finally warm enough: Dress Black heels
  7. Sprite
  8. Coffee :)
  9. I have had to do that so many times. I just need a sign on my office "Do Not Enter. Repairing Garments," as it is always so awkward to tell someone through the door, "Sorry, you can't come in and I can't really open the door to talk to you..." Also, your dress is super cute :).
  10. I love it. I have both the iPhone and iPad apps as well, they are wonderful in meetings.
  11. For work, I like to have a lot of projects going or I get bored. I am currently working on 10-12 projects (all in different stages of completion). For work, I use Trello to keep my projects organized and I love it. As for personal projects, I prefer to focus on one or two. I like to have a little down time.
  12. I have always liked this song, probably my favorite by them. "Amsterdam" by Imagine Dragons "Feel It All Around" by Wash Out
  13. Being surrounded by books with my cat curled up next to me (though that is rare).
  14. Black top Skirt Red heels
  15. I have found that the MLIS process is more about networking, though some of the courses have been interesting and informative. If you have worked in libraries for any length of time, the courses seem repetitive, as they appear to be designed for students who have never worked in a library. Even with a MLIS degree, most libraries won't look twice at you without experience. It's an odd combination. You have to have your MLIS in order to "move up" within a library system, but most require you to have 5-8 years of experience before they would consider placing you in a reference or director spot. Sort of like a paid internship I suppose. After leaving medical school and completing my MPH, I assumed it would be easy for me to find work in a medical library. My assumption was that, library experience + science degrees would win out over a MLIS. I was wrong. Every place I interviewed asked me if I was going to get a MLIS. I finally relented and went back to school. With all that said, there actually are scholarships though, especially if you are going into special libraries. There is a Federal Student Loan Forgiveness program that applies to library science students as well.