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  1. I dont like reactive decks til much, red, green and blues tempo in legacy is my favorite deck
  2. People are people, as in irrational beings with strange ideas about things, based in no evidence or logic. Other than that, I have no clue why.
  3. Does being told I am too serious count?
  4. I have been told that I am very "serious", whatever that means
  5. In various social situations I often begin to doubt if people are acting in a certain way because they like me, don't like me, are flirting, want to get out of the conversation or something else, I am also doubt if I am actually noticing things or just over interpretating. Then suddenly I realize I didn't hear what they said. I have become better at not really caring about potential non verbal communications.
  6. Is it actually possible to get a relationship going with online dating, and in that case what to do? So far it has been a waste of time for me.
  7. If one wants to be sure that the INTJ gets the correct message, the only option is to tell the person. I have no ideas besides that, regular flirting is not guaranteed to work.
  8. I'll have a go. How selfish of you to not respond just because you were a bit confused. Getting suddenly ignored feels terrible, at least explaining to them that you don't know how you feel is better than sudden silence. I don't want to do online dating anymore, girls that seems interesting never replies when I message them.
  9. I didn't choose to be single, I just can't lower my standards. Should I start dating someone I actually don't really like, just to not be single? I think not.
  10. All I am looking for is beautiful intelligent girl with an open mind and a dry, sarcastic kind of humour. Seems like all the good ones are taken.
  11. I have some female friends. I am not interested in any of them really, however I suspect the reverse case to be true for a few of them.
  12. Color: Green Music: Experimental and progressive rock Car: Don't have a car
  13. This so much!
  14. Well that was to the point! LMAO!

  15. Dear crush, Dump him, be with me. Hugs and kisses from Christian