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  1. I don't know that she necessarily needs constant reassurances...maybe. But I'd suggest figuring out her love language and applying it. You can beat your head against a wall applying the wrong one, and she'll just be asking for more. But if you apply the right one, she will be loved and satisfied and she may not need as much quantity.
  2. Is this a focus issue? That's what I thought of from the way you describe it. I don't think it's such a horrible thing to get your racing thoughts out before you need to sit down and get work done, whether that is pacing or running or biking, etc. Another thought if you don't want to pace...have you tried writing/journaling all your thoughts? Another suggestion is maybe when you sit down to work, try listening to a podcast or other various types of audio while you work.
  3. That's a bit of a bit of a black and white question that won't have an absolute answer. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. It depends. Maybe these two are noncommittal. Maybe they don't want to settle down. Maybe they just wanted to be friends and feel awkward telling you or aren't mature enough to be direct with you. Maybe they had an interest, but as they got to know you, something didn't mesh with what they're looking for. ENFPs are known to be inadvertently flirtatious with everyone. If you're observing one and you like her, see if she treats you differently than she treats everyone else. That's how you'll know. Hope that helps.
  4. Thank your for your message.


    At least I learnt a lot about npd and bpd and developed my fi a bit too.

  5. Sorry to hear this, but glad you got out of it. It's a bad place to be.

  6. Narcissism as a personality disorder (Narcissistic Personalty Disorder or "NPD") has nothing to do with personality type, as it is a disorder of the person's natural personality. It is deep ceded self-hate developed in childhood, supposedly by an overly complimentary or an overly critical parent (or a combination of the two). They cope by surrounding themselves with positive people who compliment them and make them feel special to feed their ego because this covers their self hate. They think of themselves as optimists because they aren't capable of facing their darkness. When they encounter it, you will see a completely different side of them. Their actions are always for the purpose of lifting themselves up even though they may seem to be helping others, the true purpose is to get something (praise) in return.
  7. A perfect mix.

  8. A little bit of both. :)

  9. Yup.

    You staying out of trouble....or causing it?

  10. Lol. My thoughts too.

  11. I'm giving you an enfp opinion/perspective. Take it or leave it if you want to assume you know better.
  12. Maybe she just senses how shallow you are. ENFPs also aren't shy. No need to be more forward. You're being way too forceful. She probably senses it. Any FP will run.
  13. Feelers can also be very logical. Maybe you're mistaking yourself for a thinker if you find you're actually internalizing the emotions of others. Have you tried evaluating your type by functions?