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  1. My tulips started poking up I saw a loon in a slough on the way home from work Found out I'd be more involved in the gravel pit reclamation project at work this summer
  2. Buy rotisserie chicken, devour drumsticks in the car on the way home from the store. Serve the rest with green salad or as chicken salad over the next two days (save all bones). Throw everything saved from chicken into pot with celery tops, carrot bottoms, half an onion, salt and 1-2 bay leaves in a pot, cover with water. Boil the shit out of it (usually over two days). Strain, pick off all meat to include in soup or for sandwiches. If making soup immediately, add carrots, celery, onion, and barley (pre-gluten free days :-( ) Add oregano, pepper, and salt to taste in the last 15 minutes.
  3. The weather has finally broken and the snow is melting I brought home my new fridge today. My husband and I fixed the roof.
  4. I think that revenge is amoral, as opposed to moral or immoral. I would not necessarily have thought that way had I not heard a documentary on the CBC regarding how "revenge" is built into people. Toddler A hits Toddler B, Toddler B hits Toddler A back. They have yet to develop the cognitive thinking skills necessary to differential between right and wrong and instead act on pure instinct. However, once a person develops the mental capacity to differentiate right from wrong, that revenge begins to take on a vengeful quality, and it is no longer "revenge".
  5. The Sens / Leafs game.
  6. Putting freshly washed sheets on the bed.
  7. I tend to feel suffocated if I am in a group of people that I know because I feel like I'm pressured to interact with them (i.e.: sitting in the crowded lunch room at work). I usually will comment on how it's getting crowded and leave. That's it, I don't need to explain myself. I'm sure I come across as a bitch, but c'est la vie. When I am out alone in public in a crowd I don't usually feel that suffocating feeling, because I don't feel I have to interact with strangers; I can just go about anonymously. I also know that I can go home whenever I want, where my nearest neighbour is half a mile away. I guess I start to feel really suffocated when I am stuck in camp with 200 people I don't know, and know I can't go home.... that's hard for me. You can only spend so much time in your room, and if you can't go for walks because bears and wolves have been sighted, it's hard to keep your cool.
  8. I've been, and it did open my eyes to how people perceive me, and how I project my thoughts onto others. It did help. I think that some people will sell themselves short if the first therapist they visit doesn't solve their problems immediately. Sometimes they need to see more than one therapist to find that one that clicks with them. I found out that I have to see someone older than myself in order to get things done. I just don't trust and/or respect those therapists that are younger than me (ie: I need someone that's gone through LIFE). Or, if it doesn't work, the patient just not be ready.
  9. Vampire in Brooklyn - Eddie Murphy - well, I don't need to say anything else.... The Death of Mr. Lazarescu - slit your wrists at the end... (Romanian) The Cell - I thought it was terrible. Whoever told Jennifer Lopez she can act should be shot. O Brother, Where Art Thou? - some may disagree with this one, but I actually walked out of the theatre.
  10. That's interesting that so many of us have experienced this throughout our lives. When I was in grade 6, the bus driver asked if I was going to the high school. Old soul has been used numerous times to describe me, and I've ALWAYS felt older than my peers. I still prefer the company of people older than myself to people the same age. And I found my first white hair at age 16! I'm going for the Bonnie Raitt / Stacey London swoop... :-) ---------- Post added 03-15-2013 at 07:35 PM ---------- I feel this way also. Like I'm nostalgic for something I never experienced... whether it be the hardships experienced in the '30s and '40s, or the reform of the '70s, I just feel as though I was born at the wrong time. I think the '30s (or 1880s) seem to speak to me the most because I think that the busy-ness would warrant me less time to think (which tends to be a problem) and I would be more content. I believe the conveniences of the modern day are more detrimental to people's mental and physical health than a help, because we now have time to brood, time to be depressed. Yes, I know, some of you love living in the world we do now, and that the progress we've made in areas such as healthcare allow us to live to 120, but..... why do people want to live to 120? What do we get out of a life that long?
  11. In my personal experiences, when people come to me (or when I go to INTJ hubby), it's for a cold dose of reality. If you want sympathy, we're not the people to go to!
  12. I enjoyed your comments on Keystone. I think we may work in the same sector (environmental consulting). Not for, but not entirely against, either.

  13. I am 30 and do not have children. No plans on them either. Had big scare a little while ago, and it opened my eyes to what would exactly change in our lives. I could picture that 2-8 month mark, but not the pregnancy, first couple of months, or anything after that 8 month mark. And that's probably something you should be looking forward to if you are planning on having a kid. Thank goodness nothing came of it. But bringing another human onto the planet.... is that responsible? I mean, the world is screwed whether we choose to procreate or not, because there's always that majority that will go right ahead and have one (or two or three... or what is it? 19 kids and counting?). People need a license to drive, or practice law, or design buildings, but any ignorant asshole can pop out a kid, and raise it to be another ignorant asshole. These are the same reasons ecologically conscience people end up backing out of environmentally sound operating procedures (for life), and just treat the world like one big garbage dump - because we're jaded! You just reach that point where you come to realize "Hey, my doing (fill in the blank) isn't going to make one lick of difference, because 99% of society is doing the complete opposite, so why should I continue?" And don't get me started on the consumerism, pessimism, lack of financial stability, lack of sleep, lack of experiences, planning trips around Disney World, and general sucking the life out of you that kids tend to do to their parents....
  14. At work, talking about how I don't have work to do. After a 1.25 hour lunchbreak. But still collecting a paycheque!!
  15. Watering my plants while waiting for the French press to do it's job.