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  1. I sleep naked. The feel of the sheets, and everything...Ah, it's so much nicer. Arbosis seems to approve.
  2. This made my day so much better. Thank you

  3. I'm saying I understand the primitive motivation, not that it's OK, holy crap that's the last thing I would ever say.
  4. Yup, I'd say it's evolutionary. Other animals take rather drastic measures to ascertain paternity. Well, not as drastic as the human custom of killing non-virgins, but still.
  5. I think once or twice I came to understand a part of myself that I hadn't seen before, due to dreams. I honestly don't know how they work though, or if there is any significance to them at all. This hasn't been proven either way. Freudian psychology supports that there is. Also, there are many who support the theory that some part of memory consolidation happens during sleep or while dreaming, but even in that area the results are inconclusive. There are others who support the theory that the sole purpose of rapid eye movement is to take blood to the cornea and prevent it from suffocating. So, scientifically speaking, the hell if I know :)
  6. If they were to suffer from something like major depressive disorder/episode, that could explain it. One of the most common criteria is having an unrealistically negative view of oneself, feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt, etc. It can happen in any personality type, regardless of how logical they usually are. That's just my two cents, maybe they're not depressed at all and the other posters are right, I've no idea.
  7. I know, I was just being silly I do know how bacteria and antibiotics work.
  8. I'm sure that when it becomes a real problem, people will put enough effort and money into pharmaceutical companies that they'll manage to create a new antibiotic, and then we'll be their bitches. Picture related
  9. What, because of the comments he made? I don't really care about his opinion, I just want him to make clothes :P That is beautiful! I must look for more!
  10. I dress very simply, I don't consider myself stylish or anything like that, but I like seeing wacky fashion :P at an art museum I once saw a man with a white curled moustache, a waiscoat, and a freaking lorgnette. It was so amazing. At that moment I said to myself, 'I must be like him when I grow up.' Minus the moustache, of course.
  11. I just googled Nick Knight and holy moly he has some awesome stuff. I think Galliano was also a divine representative when he was in Dior. It's awesome how he appeared in a costume at the end of each fashion show, dressed like Napoleon, a pirate, an astronaut, etc.
  12. OK I learn spanish and then I pm you :D

    Oh btw, I want to get the DMS too. The new version. I have a diagnosis too. I got interested in psychiatry only lately. But I think I am getting a hang of it. It is not so hard to understand certain things.

  13. Ice cold water :S why am I drinking this healthy liquid
  14. Absolutely not, that would be terribly dull! Existing and then ceasing to be is much more interesting than never existing at all.
  15. I find massive parties considerably less stressful than parties with fewer people like the one you described. I've been invited a few times to parties with just a few people and they mostly just sit around and chat about their (extremely dull) lives, and I hate them so much. It's incredibly boring. The other type I've actually enjoyed. Let me explain myself. Clubs are massive, there's people everywhere, and that actually makes it safer socially speaking. I haven't gone clubbing in about a year, but it was fun to see how people are so very involved in the social ritual of pairing up or picking mates, which has more tiny (but vital) subtleties that you can believe, and they're not even aware of it. It all culminated with a female friend almost crying because she was having less success so to speak, and she thought she was ugly. That's strange, because she's actually better looking, but I understood the rules and she hadn't even thought about their existence. I'm serious, it's not that dumb. It's a big social experiment that is always roughly the same, and yet very complex. The advantage is that at the same time it's not social, because you're treating everyone like objects. How you move, where you look, your facial expression, who you are close to, how many people you are close to and what gender they are, energy levels...The impression you give can be very detailed, and a result can be expected that is independent of who the person is. It's all hardwired in their brains. Er, I don't mean to sound predatory, I actually wasn't and I'd never even consider leaving with some guy. I know it's not the outlook most people have for partying, but it worked for me. I did have to have one drink in my system though, enough to stop feeling fear, but not enough to cloud my thoughts. I find it curious how so many INTJs demonise the whole affair. I've read that INTP's blend in more easily, but I don't want to generalize. I recognize what is socially acceptable, and when it's not bothersome to me and there's some advantage to be had, I follow it. Usually I don't, I'm a notorious loner among my peers.