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  1. Have you talked to her? She may have the hots for you and is shy...or think you're creepy if she sees you looking at her all the time. I know I look away when guys look at me because I am shy.
  2. She has the hots for you. Some girls think it's a good idea to act dumb around guys.
  3. I found my roommate freshman year to be terrible, but in her defense she likely thought the same about me. She told some of the other girls on the floor that I was weird. I take school seriously and like to work hard to get good grades whereas she didn't feel the same way. Her parents were really nice, but I think she was just spoiled. I think she would go through my chemistry binder for the homework. She just wouldn't study for an exam, fail it, and then complain. She also did things like not locking the door and trying to microwave silverware. She was messy and never cleaned up her half of the room. She would cry a lot because of her boyfriend or parents and that just made me uncomfortable. One time I woke up early to go to soccer and there were four girls, from a different school, sleeping on the floor and my roommate wasn't there and the door was unlocked. That kind of pissed me off. The only time I was in the dorm was at night to sleep, otherwise I was in class, the library, or working. I went home every weekend to get away, not just from her, but from the whole dorm environment. My second year I lived at home. I should have spoke to her sooner about cleaning up or having people over all the time, but I'm not good at confrontation and I knew I would come off as a bitch and I didn't want her to take it that way. It was easier for me to stay away from the room. I sort of moved out a month early because she was getting worse and I didn't want to deal with that around finals.
  4. I just wake up with it on.
  5. You live in the same neighborhood and you see her about four times a week? And she doesn't want to say goodbye? Sounds like she wants to do it.
  6. Color: Purple and green Music: Everything except country and rap, but I guess the majority might be classified as "indie". Listening to a lot of Little Richard and Black Flag right now. Wheels: 2002 Camry with one hubcap missing and one gold, one black side mirror
  7. Double major? Major and minor?
  8. That sounds delightful. The reviews on the Philips site are really good for the sunrise lamp. The price is a little much for me right now, but it's certainly something I will look into. Thank you for the recommendation. I just hate getting out of bed. I always have and I always will.
  9. I generally just try to avoid people like that, but occasionally you just have to put up with them. As others mentioned, complain once and try not to dwell on it.
  10. I understand how you feel as I have the same problem with guys. I initially have a very difficult time talking to guys the first time I meet them, but if I see them a lot or have to work with them a lot (like in a lab or for a class project), I find I become a little more comfortable around them. Do you work with a lot of women? Could it be the atmosphere of a date that makes you nervous? If you and the women you meet have mutual friends, could you arrange a group thing so there isn't so much pressure?
  11. Foals new album
  12. Sometimes when I'm running or walking to school if my allergies are acting up. I don't do it around people.
  13. Sales.
  14. You're right. I should just get over it and with the extra 45 minutes of sleep I should wake up refreshed with a smile on my face to butterflies and bluejays flying around my room as glorious rays of sunshine beam in.
  15. Most likely because I am shy and look pissed off all the time. I guess men don't find that attractive.