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  1. "Thanks, Harry" "Bosco, I'll be heading down to court house to see what I can dig up on William Corbitt" *leaves to go to the Boston court house"
  2. Talking to Bosco on the way out. "Sounds like a good idea, though we should probably check out at the court house or police department regarding this William Corbitt." *Exiting the library*
  3. After going through the clippings decides to head to library hopefully to link up with Bosco and aid in research on the house with his new found information. *closing of notepad* [i would like to make a library use check] "Thank, you Ms. Irema you have been quite helpful." *While head out of the building back into the foreboding weather.*
  4. "Thank you, Miss I knew we could reach an agreement eventually."
  5. In adamant defiance Sam elects to bribe Irema if nothing else will work then maybe cold hard cash will change her mind. "I'm willing to pay $50 to see those clippings."
  6. [i would like to attempt a fast talk roll] "Come on Miss I'll be in and out in no time."
  7. /roll 1d100 ( Result: 73, Total: 73 )

  8. [i would like to make a persuade check] "Ms. Irema it would be of great help if I could see those news clipping's kinda at a dead end here and need something to further my search."
  9. [Also may want to edit his profile pick's name as well still has Bertrand thought we were only call him Rupret as matter of some nickname.] "hm hm well I usually don't bother calling up anything usually just put things down permanently if there's an issue. May have to discuss these strange things in the future (not quite believing connotation attached to it) never been one for mysticism. Thanks for the help Rupret. Give my regards to missus and your son." *Pulls his cane and duster of by the nearby coat stand* *Checks his 1911 in the chest holder holster* *puts on Duster begins to walk out of the building waving good bye on the way out* *Puts free his hand in the pockets as the wind begins to pick up a snow flurry has begun to occur* *Utilizes his Ford Model A" *Arriving at the Boston Globe clippings morgue* "Hello, Ms. Shrew *putting out his hand to shake* I'm Sam Lux I'm apart of Dunton Detective Agency. I would like to look through a few articles of yours in relation to a case that I have undertaken." *pulls out the notepad with the address*
  10. *Before Leaving* Though small talk wasn't Sam's thing he saw glint in the mans eye when engaging in the practice so out of respect and care for an old friend listens. "Sorry to hear about the car wreck at least your ok. Though maybe you should consider retiring now and spend some time with your family as it where I'm sure your wife would be happy with you not straining your self here *in a joking manner with a bit of laughter*. A couple of questions before I head out do you know anything about this address and have a you seen keys like these before. Would mind getting your opinion on the matter either."
  11. As Sam notices Bosco leaving for the library he decides that he will head to the Hall of Records then the Boston Globe to check on the address he has written down on a notepad. Though before leaving though he decides to study the key (I would like to make a history check to see if my character can discern anything unusual or its make and type of key.) to Rupret: "Neh, I think we will do just fine. Glad to see this disease hasn't gotten to you yet. *giving a cheerful smile(or at least the best that he is capable of)* How are your wife and son Rupret?"
  12. Strong Agnostic (100%) Ethical Culturist (92%) Rationalist (92%) Secular Humanist (87%) Objectivist (81%) Weak Agnostic (81%) Ignosticist (77%) Deist (70%) Iconoclast (70%) Strong Atheist (70%) Implicit Atheist (66%) Freethinker (62%) Transhumanist (62%) Unitarian Universalist (48%) Naturalistic Pantheist (40%) Taoist (37%) Theravada Buddhist (37%) Atheistic Paganist (25%) Confucianist (14%) Strong Agnostic: Strong agnosticism or positive agnosticism is the belief that it is impossible for humans to know whether or not any deities exist. Strong agnosticism is usually justified on the epistemological grounds that humans can only experience the natural world and thus cannot know about anything, which may exist outside it, including deities. One criticism is that this justification is only valid if deities are viewed as exclusively supernatural beings, but to support such a view one must have at least some knowledge of the nature of deities. The agnostic reply is, as the natural world can be explained by science, the defining feature of any deity must be supernatural. Ethical Culture: is premised on the idea that honoring and living in accordance with ethical principles is central to what it takes to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to creating a world that is good for all. Albert Einstein said, "Without 'ethical culture' there is no salvation for humanity." Individual Ethical Society members may or may not believe in a deity or regard Ethical Culture as their religion. In this regard, Ethical Culture is similar to traditional religions such as Buddhism and Taoism, about whose practitioners similar statements could be made. Key to the founding of Ethical Culture was the observation that too often disputes over religious or philosophical doctrines have distracted people from actually living ethically and doing good. Consequently, "Deed before creed" has long been a motto of the movement. Rationalism: You believe that human reason, unaided by divine revelation, is an adequate or the sole guide to all attainable religious truth. In principle, all knowledge, including scientific knowledge, could be gained through the use of reason alone, though they both observed that this was not possible in practice for human beings except in specific areas such as mathematics. Socrates, René Descartes and Immanuel Kant are a few of the famous Rationalists
  13. I, nA, L, I You scored 83 Introversion, 21 Attachment, 63 Logic, and 75 Intellect!
  14. was able to find 12guage ammo cost (though gave precedence to the other two lists) with this source : http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-call-of-cthulhu/wikis/equipment-and-services
  15. Coffee with a little bit of cream.