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  1. acoustic plethora susurrous imbroglio love :)
  2. Opinions? That is not true. ---------- Post added 03-04-2013 at 02:30 AM ---------- A psychologist might argue with you here by saying that what you see there are students motivated towards performance. That does not mean they are more motivated generally. Motivation varies beyond just strength. It could very well be that those attracted to the social sciences have a different motivational orientation.
  3. Interesting discussion! I think that based on cultural background, some women are more tolerant of persistence than others. I'm not American, living in the US, and have found strong cultural differences when dating here. I'm used to men being persistent; so much so that I use it to gauge interest. I'm not interested if there isn't some persistence and it's not a game of 'hard to get'. Like Causa Mortis said above, it displays admirable traits.
  4. If you don't love him you should suggest he seek help and move on with your life. Dealing with depression is an extremely difficult experience both for those experiencing it themselves as well as people trying to offer support. If you aren't committed you'll have a heart-breaking experience sticking around. If you love him, know that it gets better with the right help. If he's willing to accept support, you can help him find the resources he needs. Depression requires professional treatment and the experience is unique to each living it. There's no 'cookie-cutter' solution for helping someone you care about. It's difficult but try not to take his response towards you too personal. His behavior, to an extent, is beyond his control.
  5. It's a good icebreaker. That is all. (waits for it...)
  6. Greetings, smart and doctorly person! Welcome to the annoying world of online introversion...

  7. Impressive!
  8. So apparently I'm an introvert. That was fun. Introverted (I) 100% Intuitive (N) 50% Thinking (T) 65% Judging (J) 59%
  9. I haven't decided what I believe intelligence is. So, no.
  10. Yes. Yes I'm generally very curious and enjoy the process of conceptualizing and asking research questions. I also get very excited about analyzing data and watching the story numbers tell and I want to be better at all these. No.
  11. Interesting. I know you are new to the company but are you in a position to ask why this is being done? I'm really curious.
  12. Sometimes it does. Quick thinking is good for better decisions in some contexts but lengthy deliberation is more useful in other cases. Making a decision about a business merger, for example, isn't a case for quick thinking.
  13. Funny. This reminds me of a story a friend shared with me some time ago. She has an intense fascination with a well-known basketball player (Derek Rose). The one time she sees and makes eye contact with him, she slips on ice and falls on her butt. This happens to me all the time as well, I usually drop something.
  14. I think we each have a passion (passionS if we're lucky). It's the desire we have to consume or be consumed by something we get some sort of pleasure from. Passions keep us going but can sometimes be unhealthy. Having a passion is extremely important to me. So much so, I'm drawn to others more passionate about something (anything) than I am. They're inspiring people.