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    Neuroscience, reading, making INTP men talk about their feelings (apparently its a talent of mine)
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  1. I wouldnt count on it

  2. I guess that is somewhat of a good way to go about it... have the bar set low.. so if I did ever come across your path, I would be BLOWN AWAY.

  3. Probably wise. You've never met me, and im speaking satirically therefore I am unconvinced of my own awesomeness. Wouldnt want you to have too high an expectation of me.

  4. Eh... I'm not sure you are THAT awesome...

  5. Probably not, no. Atleast you didnt question my awesomeness.

  6. Pfff. Mystical? There is nothing mystical about you! Or at least I am not aware of it. It is not something you reveal if it is true. Since you are stating you are mystical... leads me to believe that you are lying. Yep. No other explanation!

  7. Maybe about a nine. But unfortunately, my boyfriend and I are not so compatible in that regard, so with him, its lower. When I am around other men who I think I would be more sexually compatible with, then its higher. Its all a bit mis-matched and confusing for me.
  8. I do seem to exert a weird control over people. Its my INFJ-ness. It makes me mystical and awesome.

  9. Decided to go to Portland. Your vote played a role. (not really!)

  10. Hey, stranger things have come true.

  11. Quite a few so have their MPH, mostly along side their MBBS. Im assumming BME is bioengineering? Thats what I know it as anyway! Dont know anyone with that qualification, but its a really interesting area with excellent job opportunities.
  12. But he also sings and dances and does theatre and stuff! ---------- Post added 02-24-2013 at 02:04 AM ---------- Oh, and yes, absolutely would date him, despite the fact that he is Australian.
  13. I fear its a sort of doomed-from-the-start situation, but at least one day it will make a good story

  14. That's rather sweet. Good luck with this.

  15. Dear person I met randomly on an international flight I had no intention of falling for you when we started talking, but its been seven months now, and I have thought of you everyday. Talking to you was so natural and comfortable, and I never knew I could have such an amazing intellectual and emotional connection with anyone. Sleeping in your arms and waking beside you was beautiful, not to mention the only interesting thing thats ever happened to me. If circumstances were different maybe I could wake like this everyday, but for now, all I have are our phone conversations, and my silly daydreams where I relive every moment we spent together.