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  1. I got an up grade, too. Only 22 candies, though. It seems that you get the evolution items on your long streaks. At least, you are more likely to get them. Getting close to another 10k egg. The last 2 were mantines. Better not get another.
  2. has this ever happenned to you? You go into the store looking for paper towels, but end up with another 9 rolls of shit tissue. i'm actually using it this time
  3. Soaked that sirloin roast in Cabernet Sauvignon for a bit. Put it in the slow cooker with 7 cloves of garlic, a white onion cut in half, most of a jalapeno pepper (sliced), a sliced tomato, salt, garlic powder, pepper, red pepper, water, and a Killian's Irish Red beer (I like this beer for Italian beef. Gonna wake up to the best damned smell in the world.
  4. It was Rolling Stones day on a radio station, so I'm expanding on it. Rolling Stones - Time Waits for No One
  5. A few more glasses of wine and I'll be ready to start making the Italian beef.
  6. Wobbuffet and Sudowoodo added to the list.
  7. Absolutely not. She sounds horrible for you. Well, if you MUST. Then the next time you two are chatting, you should tell her that you want to visit this restaurant/bar and invite her.
  8. Chikorita Bayleef Totodile Sentret Furret Hoothoot Ledyba Ledian Spinarak Ariados Crobat Chinchou Natu Bellossom Marill Hoppip Skiploom Aipom Sunkern Yanma Wooper Murkrow Snubbull Teddiursa Slugma Remoraid Octillery Mantine Stantler Blissey All of the babies Can evolve the two Eevee evolutions, but I'm waiting for the right Eevees. Also, I got my first Kabuto at a park today.. I stayed there for a while and got more than enough candies to get a kabutops. I wish I would have known about nests before.. and joined the facebook page.
  9. That might be because I read the book. I wasn't sure if what I said here was from that book or from this book called, "How Real is Real: Confusion, Disinformation, Communication."
  10. I like to hold out fingers for each idea I get when somebody is talking for a while. It helps me remember what I had to say. I'm not sure that worrying about interrupting people is an introvert thing. I think that both worry about the same. The difference lies in what each type considers to be an interruption. Introverts have a slower conversation pace than extroverts do. They require a longer pause after an idea before they think that it is their turn to talk. In conversation between the two, the extrovert will often 1) assume that the introvert didn't have anything to say because they didn't speak within the window they deem appropriate, and 2) will often start talking before an introvert has finished their idea because the introvert paused and the extrovert thought that the pause meant that it was their turn to talk. Introverts will think that extroverts are constantly interrupting them and each other (when extroverts are in a group talking together). This is a common miscommunication between introverts and extroverts and it can certainly explain a lot of what people think is rude behavior.
  11. I read there's a kabuto nest at a park. I'm borrowing a vehicle, so I may just check that out today.
  12. Just looked at the facebook page for my town.. people are killing it. God I want to go out right now, but I'm on my last beer and some sleeping shit. I'm not a patient man. Oh shit.. somebody from my team took over the gym 2 blocks away from me. I can go that far!
  13. rewatching Lost, drinking beer, and training "hunter" on Runescape. Lol I'm awesome.
  14. Before I have company. But, if it's a dude I've known for a while, I don't bother if it's not all that clean (I do if it's gross). If it's a woman, then I thoroughly clean it no matter what. Occasionally I'll clean it for myself if I find that I'm brushing my teeth and the sight grosses me out.