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  1. "Contemplation does not rest until it has found the object which dazzles it." - Konrad Weiss Ya, the "truth" can set you free from an obsession.
  2. I'm having trouble understanding your OP
  3. Dave Brubeck - Unsquare Dance ...... added to this post 36 minutes later: I'm wondering if my Doc Severinsen record was a little much for my 17 year old sister. I guess I'm hoping she'll grow into it. Henry Mancini and Doc Severisen - Theme for Doc
  4. I don't judge most philosophical perspectives. When it comes to philosophy, I take more of a deterministic and naturalistic (often times, fallaciously so) perspective. Now, personally, I find some derivatives of those perspectives to be unsettling. Particularly those involving sex. I think it's my conservative catholic upbringing that gave me "traditional" family values. Clearly, I don't see alternative types of relationships as being necessarily "wrong." Although, I have my personal values that do not allow for cheating, manipulation, or other "immoral" behaviors.. even though they are evolutionarily advantageous behaviors.
  5. Don't grow your bell peppers to close to your hot peppers. That's all I learned from my year of gardening. *reads thread for future use, when I can afford property.
  6. omg that is awesome! Funkadeliic - Maggot Brain ...... added to this post 6 minutes later: But I'm a huge fan of your Madelyne Peyroux shit Madelyne Peyroux - between the bars
  7. Ya, I'm going to take the naturalistic perspective and say that it is what it is. No need to fret over what the "correct" way of conversing is. Ya, the tides are changing. Leave it to the sociologists and historians to figure out the change in conversation style over the decades.
  8. Ya, I'm not going for the fishy smell.
  9. I think your meds are water soluble, so you should be fine in your 3-5 days if you drink a lot of water. If any are known for getting stored in fat, then you should exercise a shit load for a couple of days to burn as much off as you can. Drink as few fluids as possible. Then overload on carbs for 2 days before the test, On the last day, you should continue eating carbs and high fat food, but you should start drinking a lot of water again. No alcohol. Take vitamin B supplements to turn your urine yellow. But don't take the metabolism boosting vitamin B supplements.. just the ones that make it look like you're fine. If you take the metabolism boosting ones, then you'll burn the fat that contains the chemicals. The purpose of this method is to burn most of the fat that holds the chemicals, then layer new fat on top of it. The piss will consist of water and chemicals (vitamin B) that make piss look more natural than it actually is (it should be just water at this point). Any chemicals from fat should be from newfound fat (the carbs you overloaded on that do not contain the chemicals) and not the underlying fat.
  10. I've never had a failed exclusive relationship that couldn't be recovered from after a few nights of binge drinking with friends. Granted, my exclusive relationships haven't lasted more than a couple of months. It's the friendly relationships (maybe sex once or twice) in which I fall for a girl that really get to me. It takes much longer for me to get over them. If "healthy" means correct or appropriate, then I have no opinion. People deal with things in their own ways. No method is better or worse than another. Some people lash out.. if that calms them, then so be it.. Some people ignore it and move on to the next victim.. if that calms them, then so be it. Now, as for cheating, I'm not for being with someone else when you're already with someone exclusively. That's just my perspective, though. There are plenty of valid reasons to do so (for both sexes). A man wants to spread his seed.. a woman wants to have a kind and caring man help her raise an alpha male (who will be better able to continue to replicate her genes). This is getting off topic...
  11. Nice Blissey. I bet that pisses off a lot of people. I'm holding off on raising my 1600s through low 2000s. I have a 100% totodile that I want to max out when I get enough candies. Also, I'm torn between powering up the mid-range CP pokemon and keeping them where they are so that they can help take down rival gyms (and take down more xp). My plan is to keep 6 to 10 or so at max for putting up at gyms. I realized that the Alakazam was low IV, so I'm going to try to get a new one. I may get impatient and just power it up, though. Still waiting for more dratini candies to get my newish Dragonite up there! There's this woman named "Profesor42" who seems to hang around where I do. Right now, we're at the same gyms. I want to meet this person lol. I love the name. I was close one day. She was the only person at a gym, but when I got there, nobody was around.