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  1. My father is ISTJ, as well. We're not particularly close, but like you said, everything is polite and positive (small talk or abstract talk) since I've been an adult. I'm male, though, so it might be a little different. I'd say that most men have this sort of relationship with their fathers.
  2. Lol one time I called a friend to google maps my intersection and tell me which direction I should walk to get home. It was dark, though, so I wasn't sure which direction I was facing.
  3. Ha, I was battling a gym outside the university basketball stadium. A reporter slowly approached me. I was hoping it was going to be an interview about the new gym system in Pokemon Go. Apparently the stadium is undergoing a $75 million remodeling project.. boring. Me: "I have no opinion." Reporter: "blah blah blah 40 years blah blah 75 million blah" Me: "Again, I have no opinion." How do you like the new gym setup? I think it's kinda cool. Defending the gym makes a lot more sense now. Before, you would have to slowly power it up, but half an hour's worth of work would be taken down in a few minutes by an attacker.
  4. All characteristics can be used. The only way to avoid being used is to be cynical and stubborn.
  5. Eh, I've entertained the thought of being without a partner forever. It's caused me some distress. I'm no longer afraid of it, though.
  6. Ya, I don't like it when the woman tells me how to cook. As a man, I should be the bread maker.
  7. How do you do it? How do you deal with the frequent and sudden mood swings? How do you constantly reassure someone that you're fine when they think that the way you touched them means that you're abandoning the relationship? Can this work? Can someone be happy in a relationship with someone with BPD?
  8. Listening to music while the girlfriend talks on the phone with her father. Trying to make her laugh.
  9. I swiped right and a few hours later I received a notification that I had a match. Probably the most beautiful romance story of our time.
  10. Fresh out of the shower. Sunday. Italian Beef. John Mellencamp - Hurts so good
  11. Coffee! From home! I haven't had a coffee maker in so long.
  12. 1. make sure that the "vibes" you're picking up on are real and not just your own interpretations of the social situation.. better yet.. don't even think about it. 2. Work out. If it's that important to you, that is. But, believe me when I say that there are sexy and amazing women out there who don't care about a man's definition or abs. 3. You'll find the right one. And when you do, you won't feel the need to make threads about your dating life. Take it from someone who made a shit load of threads about dating (me) a few years ago. I cook for my girlfriend almost every night and every morning. I sing love songs. Then, I talk about my nerdy research and statistics dilemmas. She still respects me as a man. She loves it. Just today, she spent 5 minutes "secretly" watching me cook her breakfast while I played love songs on the speakers Stop worrying about it and just do what you like to do. Knowing how to cook helps.
  13. I don't know. One woman told me that I'm gandhi.. Another left me because I don't listen.
  14. My song for the day. Woke up, played it on repeat, started cooking breakfast. Then, she came out of the bedroom and watched me from the hallway as I cooked breakfast. I pretended not to notice until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to kiss her. Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing