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  1. Actual organization would being quick condemnation (tea party) or rapid destruction (early American community party). No, the best idea is to not organize, but to chip away at the system. slowly. A killed politician here. A brutally tortured bureaucrat there. Car bombs. IEDs. Basic lone wolf terrorism. The filthy American people can not be united for peaceful resistance nor can enough be gathered for all out rebellion. The only possibility is to fracture the fucking nation. to the NSA- HI GUYS! ..|.
  2. Oh god I hope Ebola devastates the American population. Oh god I hope Ebola devastates the American population. Oh god I hope Ebola devastates the American population. I doubt it will but, oh god I hope Ebola devastates the American population.
  3. as an American, its my civic duty, and the national pastime, to be a whinny little bitch. :P
  4. Holy shit. you can really use a lot of words to say absolutely jack squat. Ever thought of being a politician? substandard intellect and content-less speech are two of the primary hallmarks of the job after all. ---------- Post added 09-21-2014 at 01:38 PM ---------- lol.
  5. How cute, you're trying to discredit an opposing view point by claiming incoherence on their part. What a lovely tollerent and accepting person you are (not). The point was quite clear for those with IQ points over 82. ---------- Post added 09-21-2014 at 03:21 AM ---------- just the childish bullshit persudo-arguing most grown men and women do when they cant peacefully discuss anything. this is especially enjoyable for INTJs who, some times, have brains and have a habit of being sarcastic assholes. oddly enough, it probably is.
  6. lol. it was either The Simpsons or the National Bolshevism flag http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Bolshevism
  7. You sound normal to me. I know women who thought they were fat in high school. ten years later they feel they were too thin back then. some times i even look and the mirror and think "damn i look good." only in my case, its 100% delusional. in yours, your likely just having a bad day when you think you look bad.
  8. oh boo hoo. the liberal cesspool that is Europe is having some blow back from the natives who are tired of being pushed around. now if only they could pull their heads out of their asses and realize the government is the problem, not the migrating people. the next 40-60 years (god i hope i dont live that long) could be very interesting here in the US and Europe. i grew up with liberal bullying and demonizing and now i get to see the conservatives do the same. anarchy is looking so much better everyday. fuck government. fuck government. FUCK GOVERNMENT!
  9. Most people know what feminism CLAIMS to be about. I can support the original intent of feminism. i cant support Modern feminists whose whole unspoken, yet very clear goal, is to subjugate men. modern feminists, like other supremacists, need to be exterminated. so in other words, diversity in opinions is not acceptable when said opinions do not agree with your beliefs. yay tolerance and acceptance! Now if only libtards could figure that out! fucking pathetic filth make conservatards seem slightly intelligent. no there's a disturbing thought! ideas/concepts often misinterpreted... homophobia assault hate crime islamic progressive multicultural diversity ---------------- if ya cant tell, im in a bit of a pissed off mood and i like giving displaced aggression. sorry.
  10. They are wrong because people want them to be wrong. Plain and simple as that. The current social contract in the west currently states "i dont want to be enslaved or raped and i will do neither one to you as long as you agree to do neither one to me." i could make it much more complicated, but iam too damn tired right now.
  11. well shit. their staying with the UK. Was hoping for them to leave. Would have sent a great prescident for other nations to start breaking up. create smaller more homogeneous units. I see that being better fore peace than then this disorganized multicultural bull shit. let people do things their own way without having others, whom they don't identify with, bossing them around.
  12. Why does it have to be rage. I think shes very pretty.
  13. Those women are technically whores. whats wrong with that? i fully support legalizing prostitution. a service i would likely never use.
  14. Most people dont know how to kick and most fights are far too close for a kick to be effective. They also have a habit of ending up on the ground. personally, i prefer knee and elbows sense being that close reduces their punching ability, but again, being on the ground will soon follow.