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    I'm stuck on perception. I just can't figure it out.
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    I like to read classics and bask in envy. I wish I could write but I can't.
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  1. I'd like to raise 3 what-ifs, if you don't mind. 1) theres a power play here, and plenty of potential if things go right. Don't be naive in thinking that he has ignored your position at work. Due to the power play here, he has no choice but to respect you. I'm sure after your relationship has developed all this stupid stuff has gone away, but don't ignore it because it is always present and always will be. You have the influence to make or break his career. 2) due to the your power he could have possibly convinced himself that a relationship with each other could be impossible. On top of the age difference reinforcing that idea. With those circumstances his confidence with you may be really high. Its always married chicks that are easy to flirt with, its fun too because you know they're married and it'll never happen. 3) He may actually really like you and would wish to further things but your power can get in the way of things. He will most likely never initiate stuff or a date or anything because it puts his work or anything at risk.
  2. Well now. My intention was never to offend you. I don't wish to battle you. Call me weak minded or not knowledgable enough, I don't care. my frustrations with all this unclear theology stem In my current little world right now. Some of my friends whom I considered to be strong willed and deeply faithful are completely lost and confused. A couple of them turned atheist and realized the comfort of what a sound logical structure can do for them. here I am trying to "battle" with them before on their terms and next thing I realize is it's pointless. People are in a constant struggle to find purpose and some greater meaning in their lives. It goes even further than theology. Those people are using theology to help rationalize things. Calling it truth. Then when things go sour in their lives, they get angry at God, then people. Then When the new atheist does go another direction they convince themselves that other people are lost and confused and dont get what Christianity is, telling themselves they were at it's innermost depths.

    Nope. Their own pride wouldn't even allow them to realize that they don't know, and they can't apply the concept of "all I know is nothing" in their daily walk of faith. Why? Because they are too uncomfortable with the idea of not know jack about any of this stuff. A social position won't allow them for instance.

    It happens.

    But if you do wish to "battle" then I'll lay out my own beliefs. Create a common ground.

    -I don't believe in sola scriptura. I believe the bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was assembled by men along with tradition. I believe it's a solid reference that is used for edification but it shouldn't be the only source for where Christianity stands. Historical tradition should play a strong role too.

    - I don't believe Martin Luther was right. I believe that he had very legitimate positions to be angry at Rome at the time cause yes it was filled with corruption. That doesn't make his word divine truth though.

    If you do wish to argue then scripture alone will not convince me. You'll need to use a little more worldly knowledge too, along with clear sound reason. For instance if we take your original thought of a new paradigm in what God meant by "light." Please make sure an everyday layman can understand, including nonchristians and people of every faith.

    Let the games begin. Email me if you want.

  3. I see this shift or paradigm switch you're talking about. Yes. In the context of your world of Christianity I get it. I just don't see the necessity of understanding or fixating on words hoping that they may have some more meaning or there's something deeper! Im all about the basics.

    Am I going to heaven? I don't know until I get there. Stuff like that.

    The deeper I go the more questions there are. More questions=muddy logic and foolish assumptions. People are building castles on clouds. Working off of logical assumptions. That's a no no. I question assumptions a get rid of as many as possible, then move forward. It's all about clarity for me.

  4. Sure, doesn't anybody when they get a crush? We're human too goddammit. So what kinda gushiness is this? My problem is I run. I'd consider myself an attractive dude but I run still lol
  5. You're an interesting individual. I'm Christian myself but I'm Russian orthodox. my parents came from the evangelical side of things as well. Four square has a few branches that are local to where I live. you're hitting lots of buzzwords lol. The legalistic stuff was what got me coming to orthodox as well. Lots of legalism, and theological mush. Most of that stuff stemmed from the reformation and stuff like that. It seems when Martin Luther came around it gave everyone a courage to speak up and voice new perspectives on theology. Determinism with John Calvin and so forth. :) so I can understand the frustration. My problem layed in everything sounding logical but none of it making any sense, if that makes any sense. So I went about to look into theology before the reformation and so forth and that brought me to orthodoxy. :) It just makes sense, the areas that aren't very logical shouldn't be logical; Areas that should be logical are and so forth.

    So what kind of ministry were you called to if you don't mind me asking?

  6. I'm actually a respiratory therapist. I work at a big university hospital that deals with a lot of lung and heart transplants. It's fun work. Plenty of SJ's to go around. :) personally they drive me nuts but whatevs.

    ENFJs are alright. Ive met some cool ones, mostly guys though. The ones that are cool are usually the ones that are comfortable in their own shoes and dont care much about what everyone thinks. With the Fe people, everyone thinks that they are all about people pleasing and wanting to be liked but nope that's not the case. That's just some misconception. Usually Fe peeps are just really aware of social expectations and they either live them or navigate through them. That's it really. Whether you're insecure and crap is a whole other issue people have.

    Anyways I got lost. So theology then huh? If you don't mind me asking, do you consider yourself someone of faith? And what do you subscribe to? Lol poor word choice but you get the jist.

    And yes you're right. If you do find em there's a catch, spot on!

  7. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to find.

    It seems my lifestyle doesn't jive with that particular type of person. I'm surrounded by SJ's.

    So you're a nurse huh? Is there a particular specialty RN you are?

  8. Thanks for this. It was a good read. :)
  9. I'm a little disappointed to see other INTJ's half-assing their information gathering out of laziness. If you're not gonna read this shit why open the thread? Anyways, I just wanted to throw out the hedgehog dilemma: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog's_dilemma On a more related note, you're a tough chap. Hang in there. Why not you be the one to direct the things you want to hear? Tell him you'd like to hear all those things you mentioned... Relationships can be tough, and he has clearly expressed that he's willing to fight tooth and nail to figure this shit out with you. That means he's an open book for suggestions. That also means you need to open up and you guys need to learn how to fight and wrestle with this relationship. Let it get bloody and brutal and emotional, but don't give up keep coming back. Those hard times soon become anchors to your relationship. Heres another deal, get rid of the emotional bullshit. Sure relationships make you get all EMO and stuff, and you feel a lot of good stuff too, but they shouldn't direct you. Sure you experience them, but don't lend them too much credibility. Say mean shit back, and fight. Seriously, learn how to freakin fight. Even with fights don't over think it. Just because you fight doesn't mean your relationship doesn't meet the standards. Hello, everyone fights. Come down to earth lady... you can't achieve a perfect ideal relationship. Idealism sure can kill a relationship too with unrealistic standards. Check yourself in that stuff too.
  10. I'd like somebody who can my boring stuff with. Book store visits, getting involved in random phases with me like trying to find exotic tea or trying to learn a new skill or something. Maybe we can take dance classes together or hit up random comedy clubs or small local concerts and get drunk. I'd also like a girl that has a spiritual side, somebody who asks the big questions in life and wishes to discuss them. Somebody who enjoys philosophy as well. With our combined observations we can become more understanding better people. I'd like to have agreeable observations too, not exactly agreeable but something that can contribute to my own perspective, and mine hers. Most of all chemistry. Somebody who I can be myself with, joke around with, play pranks and push her into snow on a snow day and give her a white wash. LOL i'd like to be able to bully her and tease her while she can do the same. Sarcasm is nice. Somebody who's emotionally intelligent and can trust me completely. It may be too idealistic but whatever.
  11. I'm Russian myself. So if you ever need practice feel free to talk. :)

  12. Yes, I am three quarters of the way to my bachelor's in Russian Language and Literature.

  13. I'm an 8 mate, now lets see some boobies!! Prove your worth!
  14. Artists. People who possess a creative muse. Creative, passionate, open-minded people who have somehow been humbled by life.
  15. is your name a reference to fathers and sons by tergenev?